Debt Sage Review 2022

Debt Sage is a debt management company that helps South Africans with their debt issues by providing: Debt Counselling services,  […]

Debt Sage

Debt Sage is a debt management company that helps South Africans with their debt issues by providing:

  • Debt Counselling services, 
  • Debt Consolidation services, 
  • Help to combat reckless spending, 
  • Debt solutions for employees, 
  • Debt settlement services, 
  • Checks on debt health, and
  • Debt restructuring services

The company aims to help employees and individuals at large to become debt-free or find a debt solution that resonates with their income. 

Debt Sage has a presence across South Africa. The debt services provider uses social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach customers. The company offers an easy way to communicate with customers. Clients in need of debt management services can request a callback or engage with an agent over the company’s live chat system. 

What is Debt Sage? 

Debt Sage is a South African registered debt management company that is certified by the National Credit Regulator with a registration number NCRDC1295. Debt Sage was founded in 2009 in Cape Town, Western Cape. Since its formation, the company has managed to offer services to residents in all major metros in South Africa. 

Debt Sage has forged relations with specialist attorneys, creditors, and payment distribution agencies to provide fast and affordable services. These relationships are cemented by the company’s 17 years of experience in the debt management industry. 

Who should use Debt Sage Debt Solutions

The Debt Sage solutions are available to all South Africans in need of debt management services.

These include:

  • Those that are 2 or 3 months in arrears on one or more of their credit accounts. 
  • If one feels that they are over-indebted and are struggling to provide for their family because their instalments are high. 
  • If you’re tired of being harassed by debt collectors or creditors’ never-ending phone calls and mailings demanding payment.
  • Those that have income but their income is not enough to pay off their monthly debt instalments.  
  • If credit providers have issued a section 129 directing that one must seek the service of a debt counsellor. 

Debt Counselling 

Those who are over-indebted can use the Debt Sage plan. To enlist the services of debt service providers, one must first contact them. This can be done by visiting their website, which contains all of their contact information. A debt counsellor will then assist the customer by conducting a free debt assessment to determine whether they are eligible for debt counselling.

If you qualify, Debt Sage will place you under debt review and will notify all of your creditors. This step will be taken only if the debt assessment indicates that debt counselling is required. Debt Sage will then negotiate on your behalf with the credit providers for a lower repayment amount by either extending the payment period or lowering the interest rate. A new repayment plan and terms will then be devised.

Debt Sage will make the repayment plan a court order until your credit record is clean. The debt counselling may exist for 3 – 5 years, however, you can pay the debt even before the agreed time. A clearance certificate will be issued to you when you successfully clear your debt. Another copy will be sent to the credit bureaus so that your credit information gets updated. 

Debt Consolidation 

Debt Sage’s debt consolidation solution is for those that want to put all their debts into one affordable loan.

However, those who tend to benefit more from this solution are those with high credit scores, who afford to repay their debt. The solution has its own limitations, therefore, if you are over-indebted you should not go for a debt consolidation solution but rather apply for debt counselling. 

Debt Sage’s debt solution helps customers consolidate their debt into one bigger loan. The company negotiates with creditors to reduce interest rates on loans so that lower interest rates can be paid. Customer credit history matters when it comes to reducing interest rates. A higher credit score will help decrease interest on loans. 

There are two types of consolidation loans available on the market: secured loans and unsecured loans. A secured loan is one that has a customer’s asset(s) attached to it as collateral. The loan has a low-interest rate. Unsecured loans have high-interest rates and do not require any collateral.

Debt Solutions For Employees 

Debt Sage assists employers in implementing debt solutions in the workplace. This is to help employees stay productive while Debt Sage handles their debt issues. Employers can incorporate debt solutions into the workplace by making it a company policy that employees receive debt solutions as part of their benefits.

Employees can access Debt Sage’s debt solutions based on their needs. The services are offered to the employers as well since they are not immune to debt.


Debt Sage provides a variety of debt solutions to South Africans, both private and corporate. There is more to gain than to lose with the company’s experience. When it comes to debt problems, the company has extensive knowledge and expert experience. Furthermore, the company’s founder is still actively involved in the company’s management to ensure that the quality of service is not compromised.

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