Old Mutual Travel Insurance Review 2023

Traveling can be a thrilling adventure, but it can also be stressful and unpredictable. That is why having travel insurance […]

Old Mutual Travel Insurance

Traveling can be a thrilling adventure, but it can also be stressful and unpredictable. That is why having travel insurance is vital. Travelsure by Old Mutual Insure provides low-cost travel insurance products that cover lost luggage, canceled flights, and unexpected medical bills. In this review, we’ll look at Old Mutual Gap Travel Insurance and what it has to offer.

What exactly is travelsure insurance?

Travelsure is a low-cost travel insurance policy that protects you against unforeseen events while traveling both domestically and internationally. You can obtain a quotation and buy travel insurance online, making it simple to get the coverage you need before your trip.

What services does Travelsure provide?

International travelers can choose from a variety of leisure packages, family coverage for up to 5 accompanying children at no extra cost, and telephonic medical advice and delivery of required medicine. For domestic travelers, the coverage covers unplanned trip cancellation, loss, theft, and luggage damage, as well as one-way, return, and multi-trip travel insurance packages.

Over-70s Travel Insurance

Travelsure provides competitive scheduling advantages and excesses for elderly travelers aged 71 to 81. The coverage includes medical condition monitoring during and after hospitalization, as well as additional assistance services such as telephone medical advice, delivery of required medicine, and medical repatriation arrangements.

Traveling for business?

Travelsure provides comprehensive worldwide travel insurance for business travelers, including extensions such as alternative employee or assignment resumption, coverage for theft or damage to business equipment and property, coverage for participation in non-professional sports and activities, and coverage for cancellation and curtailment for any reason. Other assistance services include telephonic medical counseling, delivery of vital medicines, and medical repatriation arrangements.

What is the price?

Travel insurance policies begin at R25, making them inexpensive and accessible to travelers of all budgets.

Old Mutual Gap Cover Advantages 

  • Old Mutual Gap Cover Advantages  Each member of the family can have coverage of up to R169 000 for as little as R225 per month.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Old Mutual Gap Insurance compensates the difference between what your medical aid covers and what healthcare providers charge. The coverage covers up to five times (or 500%) the medical aid rate on non-group network plans and up to one hundred percent of the medical aid rate for the shortfall in maxillofacial, back, and spinal surgery, or if a non-designated service provider was utilized on a group network option.
  • Flexible: The policy is intended to protect you, your spouse/life partner, and any children under the age of 26 who are enrolled as dependants on your medical aid. There is only one fee per family, which includes you and up to six immediate family members.
  • Old Mutual Gap Insurance covers a variety of medical expenses, including specialist fees, hospital accommodation, theatre fees, and anesthetist fees.

The Disadvantages of Old Mutual Gap Coverage

  • Exclusions and limits: Some exclusions and limitations may apply to Old Mutual Gap Cover, which means that not all medical bills will be covered. It is critical to thoroughly study the policy terms and conditions to understand what is covered and what is not.
  • Not a replacement for medical scheme membership: Old Mutual Gap Cover is not a medical plan and should not be viewed as a replacement for medical scheme membership. To ensure that you and your family are properly protected in the event of a medical emergency, you must have comprehensive medical coverage.
  • Old Mutual Gap Cover gives limited coverage for certain medical expenses, such as dentistry and optical procedures. It is critical to verify with the insurer to determine what is covered under the policy.


Old Mutual’s Travelsure travel insurance is an affordable and comprehensive alternative for travelers who want to protect themselves from unforeseen occurrences while on the road. The policy contains a variety of perks and exclusions, making it appropriate for a variety of travelers, including seniors and business travelers. As with any insurance policy, it is critical to carefully read the terms and conditions and understand what is and is not covered. Overall, Old Mutual Gap Travel Insurance is a reliable and trustworthy travel insurance product.

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