1life direct Life Insurance review 2022

1life direct has been offering life insurance policies for ages. The company heavily advertises its life insurance on TV and radio. With emphasis put on their non-discrimination policy for HIV positive customers.

1life direct is one of the first companies in South Africa to allow HIV positive customers to purchase life insurance. It’s remarkable how the company has turned out, insuring hundreds of thousands of South Africans

The 1life direct life insurance offers a wide range of life insurance products that one can choose from. As a client, you can choose to bundle all your life insurance products and save massively.

Let’s look at the life insurance products from 1life direct.

1life direct Life insurance products

1life Direct has different life insurance covers that provide different benefits to the policyholder. Covers have extended products such as dread disease, disability and funeral covers.

Life insurance solutions from 1life direct include Pure life cover, Pure life plus cover and 1life pulse. To have one of the covers, you will need to have a mandatory HIV test.

As an insurance buyer, you can choose one of the three life insurance solutions from 1life direct according to your needs.

1life Direct can accept or decline any application of a life cover policy based on your underwriting results.

Here we will discuss the three life insurance solutions from 1life direct and their benefits to the policyholder.

Pure life cover

1life direct life insurance

The 1life direct Pure life insurance is a flagship life insurance product offering life insurance cover of up to R10 Million.

Not only are you insured for your life with the Pure life cover but you also get a funeral benefit. The funeral benefit covers the policyholder with up to R50,000.00, which is paid out immediately upon death.

With the Pure life cover, there are no medical examinations, however, you will need to do an HIV test.

Also, as a policyholder, you get a premiums waiver if you get disabled and you will receive a lump-sum disability benefit. This offer is only for the main policyholder responsible for the premium payments on Pure life insurance.

The 1life Pure life insurance cover amount can increase by a certain percentage if one of the following takes place:

  • If a legal adoption takes place
  • When a child is born.
  • When you purchase a home.
  • Entering into a business or taking an increased interest in an existing business.

All of the above-mentioned scenarios are only applicable if are performed or happen to the life of the assured.

Here are the highlights of the Pure life cover:

  • You have fixed premiums for the first 24 months after taking the life insurance cover.
  • Immediate accidental cover.
  • Up to R50,000.00 funeral benefit.
  • Suicide is covered after 24 months.
  • You can upgrade your cover without any medical checks after 24 months.
  • The cover amount is up to R10 Million.
  • You can get a quote in less than 5 minutes.
  • If you get terminally ill and your life expectancy is less than 12 months, you will receive 100% of your cover amount.

Pure life plus cover

1life direct life insurance

The Pure life plus cover is an addition to the Pure life cover. With Pure life plus, you can add more family members to the funeral cover benefit.

You can get a funeral cover for your family members on this plan to make sure that funeral expenses are taken care of.

You can add up to 16 family members to this policy. The breakdown of the family members that you can include on this cover is, up to 2 spouses, 5 children, and 9 extended family members.

The plan comes with a repatriation service for the members on the cover. Repatriation services are limited to SADC countries only.

Moreover, each family member gets R 5000 memorial benefit that pays out 12 months after a successful claim. The memorial/headstone benefit is for any family member that is over the age of 14 years.

Qualifying criteria for additional members :

  • The main member of the plan must be between the ages of 18 and 65 years of age.
  • The funeral Benefit also applies to additional members
  • Additional membership is restricted to the age of 75.

This cover will obviously come at an additional cost and will be slightly higher than the Pure life cover. Members can get a death cover of up to R50,000.00.

1life pulse

1life direct life insurance

The 1life pulse cover is for those who are willing to live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying an increase in their life policy.

The policy comes with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 plus a subscription to the VeoSens health management app.

You will also get a bonus of R50,000.00. By making positive lifestyle choices and monitoring your activities on the Samsung Active 2 watch, you can increase the sum of your cover.

This increase doesn’t come with any additional costs. You can get up to R200,000.00 over two years by just managing your activities.

1life pulse wants to make sure that policyholders live a healthy lifestyle that will contribute to them living longer. You can increase your cover amount by R6,560 per month by living healthy.

Wondering how you can achieve better results and increase your cover amount? Here are some tips on how you can grow your cover:

  • Increase your activity duration and intensity.
  • Lose excess body fat.
  • Completely cut off smoking habits.
  • Reduce your level of stress.
  • Follow a healthy diet.
  • Reduce alcohol intake.


The 1life direct Life insurance provides life insurance benefits that can benefit most of the policyholder’s family members. One of the plans ensures that policyholders live a healthy lifestyle so that they can live longer.

It is such benefits that make 1life life insurance a great way to invest in one’s life. The company makes sure that you also benefit while you are still alive and also after you pass on.

1life direct Life Insurance review 2022

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