Old Mutual Car Insurance Review 2023

Vehicle insurance is a mandatory for all vehicle owners. It protects the driver, passengers, and vehicle from a variety of […]

Old Mutual Car Insurance

Vehicle insurance is a mandatory for all vehicle owners. It protects the driver, passengers, and vehicle from a variety of hazards. Motorsure is a comprehensive and affordable car insurance coverage that protects against accidents, fire, theft, and third-party claims from Old Mutual Insurance.

Affordable premiums, towing charges covered, replacement of damaged keys, locks, and remotes, access to 24/7 emergency support, and optional car hire are all advantages of motorsure. Furthermore, the policy covers Road Emergency Services up to a total cost of R4 000, or two incidences per year. Assistance with flat tyres or batteries, keys locked inside the vehicle, running out of petrol, mechanical or electrical breakdown (except accidents), towing services, and urgent messages to loved ones are among the services provided.

What Does Motorsure Provide?

Motorsure covers not just the vehicle but also the driver and passengers wounded in an accident. In addition, trauma counseling is provided in the event of a hijacking, armed robbery, attempted or violent theft. If the driver is in an accident more than 250 kilometers from home, the coverage will pay for emergency lodging for the driver and one passenger for up to two days.

Understanding the terminology used in vehicle insurance is critical. At the time of a claim, the replacement value refers to the cost of replacing all belongings with identical brand-new ones. If an item is insurable, the policyholder will suffer direct, measurable financial loss if it is lost, damaged, or destroyed. Under-insurance occurs when insurance coverage is insufficient to cover the full replacement value of the insured assets. To minimize under-insurance and financial loss, it is critical to ensure that the coverage is enough. An excess is a fixed amount or percentage of a claim that is charged to decrease small claims and reduce the loss ratio.


Affordability of rates: One of the primary benefits of Old Mutual’s motorsure vehicle insurance is its low premiums. It offers affordable comprehensive coverage against accidents, theft, and third-party claims.

24/7 emergency support: In the event of an emergency, Old Mutual provides its customers with 24-hour emergency assistance, guaranteeing that they receive assistance whenever they require it.

Optional car hire coverage: Old Mutual’s motorsure car insurance policy includes optional car hire coverage, which can be handy for clients who require a substitute vehicle while their vehicle is being repaired.

Additional perks: Old Mutual offers various additional benefits to its customers, such as trauma therapy and emergency lodging charges for customers who are more than 250 kilometers away from home.


While Old Mutual’s motorsure car insurance covers accidents, theft, and third-party claims, it may not cover other hazards such as flood or hail damage. Clients must ensure that they understand the scope of coverage provided.

Excess fees: In the event of a claim, Old Mutual assesses an excess cost that clients must pay. This can be costly at times and may not be entirely covered by the policy.

Underinsurance: Clients who underestimate the worth of their vehicle and valuables may wind up being underinsured, leading to a claim that does not receive the full amount of reimbursement.

Updates to policy information: Any changes to policy information must be disclosed to Old Mutual immediately. If this is not done, the policy may not provide appropriate coverage.


Finally, Old Mutual Insure’s motorsure offers comprehensive and affordable car insurance that protects the driver, passengers, and vehicle from a variety of dangers. The policy covers emergency help, and the claims process is quick and simple. It is critical to understand the terminology used in car insurance in order to ensure proper coverage and avoid under-insurance.

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