Santam Home Contents Insurance Review 2022

The contents of our homes are precious, and we spend the majority of our money on them. You may lose your home contents as a result of a natural disaster or a man-made event. That means your TV, refrigerator, and all of your belongings can be gone! A person could become depressed as a result of this.

However, by taking out home contents insurance, you can avoid all of this. There are several home contents insurance providers in South Africa, but Santam Home Contents Insurance is one of the best. Despite the fact that Santam Home Contents is one of the best in the country, it is not without flaws.

Santam Home Contents Insurance protects the contents of a home against a variety of perils. Policyholders can cover as many home contents as they choose with the Santam Home contents insurance. This insurance policy can cover items like lounge suites, beds, clothes, kitchenware, and more.

Natural disasters such as fire, storm, flood, and lightning will be covered by the policyholder’s home contents insurance. The insurance policy covers theft and burglary. Many extra benefits are included in the Santam Home contents insurance policy at no additional cost.

Santam Home Contents Summary 

Santam home contents insurance is a protection plan offered by Santam that assists customers in safeguarding their personal belongings. The contents of your home are safe from theft and damage. Floods, lightning, storms, and flames are examples of covered natural disasters.

The Sanlam home contents insurance also covers theft and burglary-related damages. If any of these incidents occur, Santam will either repair or replace the home contents insured.

The Santam Home contents insurance covers B & Bs as well. B and Bs are protected for the same types of incidents as regular houses. Furthermore, B and Bs have particular perks such as paying guests’ medical expenditures, trauma compensation, and damage to outdoor signs, blinds, and canopies.

Santam Home Contents Insurance can be combined with Santam Buildings Insurance to provide comprehensive coverage for your home and belongings. Policyholders who have multiple insurance products can use this method to negotiate lower premiums.

Santam Home Contents Insurance makes every effort to ensure that all home content policies are properly covered. As a result, policyholders must either keep up with inflation or get insurance for the appropriate amounts. Use of an evaluator is advisable when taking out a home contents insurance so that you don’t get underinsured or overinsured. 

The Santam Home contents insurance comes with extended benefits that can be claimed at any time should an insured event take place. These extended benefits are discussed below. 

Santam home contents insurance extended benefits

The loss or damage of money in a dwelling of a registered address is covered by Santam home contents insurance. The sum insured for money loss or damage is R2500.00. The Santam Home Contents Insurance does not cover money that has been stolen.

The cost of debris clearance is R5000.00. If the contents of a car are taken, an insurance claim can be filed. Santam can replace the contents, but the cover price of this product is R5000.00.

The product covers the harm to guests and domestic employees. The protection is for 2% of the contents covered, or R5,000.00; however, when claiming, the amount that is the highest will prevail.

The Santam contents insurance covers the contents of the freezer and refrigerators. The cover for R5000.00, or 2% of the contents insured, however, the highest amount of cover prevails when making a claim.

Other extended benefits on the Santam contents insurance include:

  • A death cover of R10,000.00;
  • Trauma treatment of R5,000.00;
  • Medical expenses of guests and visitors of R5,000.00;
  • Medical expenses of domestic workers of R5,000.00;
  • Veterinary expenses of R5,000.00 or 2% of the contents insured;
  • Cost of fire bridge; and 
  • Accidental damage to mirrors and certain glass 

Advantages of the Santam Home Contents Insurance 

  • Premiums of the Santam Home Contents Insurance are relatively low. 
  • Theft and burglary are covered by the insurance product. 
  • Natural acts are covered by the product. 
  • The insurance can be applied for online
  • B&Bs are also covered by the insurance product including guests at the B&B. 
  • Domestic employees are partially covered. 
  • Guests are partially covered. 

Disadvantages of the Santam Home Contents Insurance 

  • There is no entry to a rewards program with the Santam Home Contents Insurance. 
  • Policyholders cannot get their cash back since there is no cashback benefit that can be added to the product. 


Santam home contents insurance protects against a variety of events that are likely to occur, ensuring that one’s personal belongings are protected in the event of natural disasters. The product can be combined with a Santam Buildings Insurance policy to protect the structure of the building in the event of a natural disaster or theft or burglary.

The Santam Home Contents Insurance includes a number of additional features that are not included in the base price, making the product more appealing. The insurance plan protects the personal effects of domestic employees and guests, providing even more coverage that extends beyond the policyholder.

Santam Home Contents Insurance Review 2022

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