Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance Review 2022

Prime Meridian Direct (PMD) has car insurance products that are there to cater to the needs of different motorists. The company prioritizes quality service delivery and holds a 9.6 trust index rating calculated out of 10 on HelloPeter. The company ranks number 4 on the Hellopeter platform when it comes to the best insurance companies in South Africa. 

Prime Meridian Direct Car insurance solution comes with guaranteed premiums. Premiums on the car insurance product you choose remain unchanged for a 24 months period. Comprehensive policies are subject to a 6 months additional early claims excess and a basic reduce- to-zero excess. 

Car insurance products can be customized. This gives policyholders the opportunity to create an ideal car insurance product that they need. Claims on car insurance products are fast. Claims can be made from the Prime Meridian Direct website and are attended to as soon as they are sent to the insurer. 

Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance Summary

Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance has solutions that are industry-specific and allows customers to have some add ons on their car insurance products. The car insurance solutions offer a diverse range of products that can be accessed by anyone with a motor vehicle and a driver’s license in South Africa. 

Car insurance quotes from Prime Meridian Direct can be made in 10 minutes or less. Quotes are quick as they are done online on the PMD website. Premiums on the car insurance solutions are fixed for a 24 months period. 

Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance Products

PMD has 3 types of car insurance products that are available to South Africans. Car insurance products include comprehensive cover, customized cover, and third party plus cover. Products are discussed in detail below. 

Comprehensive Car insurance 

Prime Meridian Direct comprehensive car insurance covers a broader range of occurrences. The product is able to reduce the excess amount to zero. Premiums on the comprehensive cover are fixed for at least 24 months. With the comprehensive cover, customers get a write-off and accident cover. 

National occurrences are covered by the product. Therefore, things such as hail storms, floods, earthquakes, etc are covered by PMD. Other occurrences that are out of your control such as theft and hijacking are also covered under this cover.

Comprehensive Car insurance covers the policy holder’s car up to 100% of its value. The retail value cover can be reduced if the policyholder reduces the amount of their monthly premiums. Third-party vehicle liability protection also forms part of the cover. Customers are protected should they damage third-party property. Third-party vehicle liability covers up to R1,000,000.00.

Customers also get to enjoy roadside assistance and towing. This service is available 24/7. Not all cars can be insured with comprehensive car insurance. Only vehicles that are 15 years old or newer can be insured under the comprehensive cover. 

Customised Car Insurance 

Prime Meridian Direct customized car insurance is a car insurance product that protects the policyholder in the event of a write-off with excess that reduces to zero. Write-off should be by accidental write-off, natural fire, natural disaster, or through theft and hijacking. The premiums on the customised cover are fixed for a specified time frame. 

Third-Party liability cover is also part of the customized car insurance. Protection of up to R500,000.00 per incident is available for third-party liability. One gets covered if they accidentally damage someone’s property or vehicle. The market value of the car insured is insured up to 100% of the value. 

Customers get to choose their minimum cover. The minimum cover is guaranteed based and will affect premiums when selecting the minimum coverage amount. Small accidents are covered up to 100% of the market value. Furthermore, the customized cover comes with 24-hour roadside assistance and towing. 

Hail damage to your vehicle is covered. Hail damage cover can go as high as R20,000.00. In addition. glass is covered with Customised Car Insurance. PMD will cover the replacement of the glass if your vehicle’s glass is accidentally damaged or requires replacement. 

Third-Party Car Insurance 

Prime Meridian Direct third-party car insurance covers one’s car if they have been involved in an accident. Third-party car insurance comes with fixed premiums. The cover has its own limitations and offers the lowest benefits of any insurance product offered by Prime Meridian Direct. One can expect to pay lower premiums for third-party car insurance when compared to the rest of the insurance products. 

Accidental third-party liability is covered by third-party car insurance. The cover is capped at R500,000.00 protection for third-party liability. Furthermore, the R500,000.00 protection cover is for a single incident. Hail damage to your motor vehicle also forms part of the insurance product. A Hail cover damage of up to R10,000.00 is available. 

Smaller incidents are covered under third-party car insurance. Small accidents cover is on a growing benefit basis up to 100% of market value. 


The Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance Solution provides insurance covers for newer and older vehicles. The products available are satisfactory, however, the company can do better by adding more car insurance products. Catering for special car owners and their accessories can be a great way to extend the company’s business. Overall the company issues satisfactory services and this is evident through the positive feedback from customers over the company’s services on the Hellopeter platform and on Google reviews.

Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance Review 2022

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