Pineapple Car Insurance Review 2024

Pineapple car insurance offers car insurance policies with monthly premiums starting at R231.72. They also provide discounts of up to […]

Pineapple car insurance

Pineapple car insurance offers car insurance policies with monthly premiums starting at R231.72. They also provide discounts of up to 30% on premiums for drivers who cover fewer kilometres each month. Customers who drive less than 300km in a calendar month qualify for Pineapple car insurance’s cashback benefit. To activate this benefit, the insured vehicle must have a Pine-Telematics device installed by the tracker.

Policyholders of Pineapple car insurance enjoy complimentary access to the Pineapple mobile app. Through the app, they can manage their coverage, including cancellation and updates, and benefit from automatic auto crash detection.

In South Africa, Pineapple car insurance stands out for offering comprehensive coverage options. Further details about their insurance offerings are elaborated below.

Pineapple Car Insurance

Pineapple car insurance provides one of South Africa’s most comprehensive car insurance products. The insurer offers coverage for a substantial number of occurrences in a single product. Policyholders can choose between full coverage or paying an excess fee when claiming. The car insurance is also adaptable because policyholders can add extra benefits to their coverage.

We’ve listed all of the components that come with Pineapple car insurance below.

Theft Cover

Pineapple car insurance comes with theft cover. Through theft cover, the insured motor vehicle is covered against theft and hijacking. The insurer makes a payment if the car gets stolen or hijacked anywhere in South Africa. The policy also includes coverage for attempted hijacking and theft. Pineapple will cover any damage caused by theft or hijacking to the vehicle covered.

Accidental Damage

Pineapple’s vehicle insurance covers accidental damage. Accidental damage is covered up to a certain limit; however, Pineapple insurance can make provisions for policyholders who want full accidental damage coverage. When filing an accidental damage claim, the depreciation of the vehicle and/or vehicle accessories is taken into account. As a result, the claim will be based on the vehicle’s value less the depreciation of the vehicle and its accessories.

Weather Damage

Pineapple car insurance protects a vehicle from weather damage. This includes storm, flood, water, wind, hail, or snow damage. These damages are considered natural disasters and are beyond the policyholder’s control.

Third-party Vehicle Damage

The Pineapple car insurance product provides third-party vehicle damage cover. This coverage applies if the insured collides with another vehicle and is held liable for the incident. Pineapple insurance covers damage caused by driving the insured vehicle up to a certain limit. Policyholders can select no-excess coverage for third-party vehicle insurance.

Fire Damage

Fire, like an act of nature, is one of the uncontrollable incidents covered by Pineapple car insurance. The coverage is for accidental damage to the insured vehicle caused by fire and/or explosion. The policy also covers lightning damage to an insured vehicle. Fire damage is included in the comprehensive car insurance policy at no extra cost.

Third-party Liability

Pineapple third-party liability cover protects policyholders if they are held liable for third-party damages caused by the insured vehicle. The policy provides coverage in cases where the policyholder is liable for another person’s property damage. Third-party liability insurance also includes accidental death caused by the insured vehicle. Furthermore, injuries sustained by a third party are covered by third-party liability.

The comprehensive car insurance policy from Pineapple covers theft, accidental damage, weather damage, third-party vehicle damage, third-party liability, and fire damage. Other benefits can be added to a comprehensive policy to make it more appealing. These benefits are discussed further below.

Pineapple Car Insurance Additional Benefits

The policyholder must pay an additional premium to receive the Pineapple car insurance benefits. These features are intended to improve the product and provide more comprehensive coverage.

The following additional benefits can be added to Pineapple car insurance:

  • Trauma Counseling: Trauma counseling offers trauma therapy to policyholders and their families in the event of a violent theft, attempted theft, or hijacking.
  • Roadside Assistance: This is an optional coverage that protects a policyholder in the event of a roadside emergency. Roadside emergencies covered by the plan include flat tires, dead batteries, and fuel refills.
  • Windscreen and Window Cover: A windscreen and window cover protects the car’s windows. The cover replaces or repairs cracked or broken glass on a windscreen or window.
  • Key Replacement Coverage: A key replacement cover is an insurance product that replaces lost car keys. The cover will protect up to a certain number of keys.
  • Towing: Towing is a roadside assistance benefit that tows an insured vehicle to the nearest service provider. The cover is for towing in the event of a mechanical breakdown.
  • Emergency Accommodation: The emergency accommodation cover pays for the cost of accommodation if the policyholder’s vehicle is stolen or damaged. The policy pays out if the vehicle is lost or damaged more than 100 kilometers from the policyholder’s home.

Advantages of Pineapple Car Insurance

  • There is a cashback benefit for driving less.
  • Older vehicles with a mileage of 350,000 km can be insured.
  • Premiums are competitive.
  • Additional benefits can be added to the product.
  • A vehicle is covered anywhere in South Africa.
  • The comprehensive cover provides a much broader coverage.
  • Policyholders can choose to get a whole cover and pay no excess.
  • The product provides policyholders with a free mobile app.
  • Claims can be done remotely through the Pineapple Insurance app.
  • The policy can be cancelled at any time. This can be done remotely on the Pineapple Insurance app.

Disadvantages of Pineapple Car Insurance

  • The product does not cover damage caused by a landslide.
  • There is no premium holiday.


Pineapple car insurance is a great insurance to have, especially if you’re looking for a comprehensive and adaptable policy. The product offers numerous benefits that the policyholder can enjoy at no additional cost. Other benefits, on the other hand, can be added to improve the product.

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