OUTsurance Car Insurance Review 2022

OUTsurance has been providing auto insurance solutions for decades. The company has long been at the top of the auto insurance sector. Because of their expertise of South African communities, OUTsurance has produced automobile insurance policies on which South Africans can rely. Making an insurance claim with OUTsurance is simple. Claims can be submitted online and responded to within hours.

You can acquire auto insurance rates on the Outsurance website. After obtaining OUTsurance Car Insurance, you can create a profile and register as a user. This will allow you to modify or add new products to your vehicle insurance policy.

OUTsurance Car Insurance Summary

OUTsurance Car Insurance offers car insurance for new and older vehicles that are more than 5 years old. The solutions are tailored to the car and what it transports, including passengers and trailers. South African car insurance premiums are moderate and competitive. Good drivers might get up to a 10% discount on their insurance payments. Discounts are determined by the type of auto insurance purchased.

Women are particularly emphasized, as they can obtain customized extras tailored to their needs while traveling or at home. Women can benefit from baggage protection, free handyman calls, and increased security while driving or at home.

OUTsurance Car Insurance products 

Individual car owners in South Africa can choose from three insurance products offered by OUTsurance. OUTsurance sells car insurance products such as comprehensive car insurance, essential car insurance, and motor warranty insurance. These products are discussed further below.

OUTsurance Comprehensive Car Insurance 

Comprehensive OUTsurance car insurance protects policyholders against loss or damage caused by a variety of occurrences. These include both man-made and natural occurrences. The product covers theft, hijacking, accidents, flood, hail, and intentional damage, among other things.

The OUTsurance Comprehensive Car Insurance allows for the addition of additional covers to enhance one’s coverage. The following coverages can be added to a comprehensive car insurance policy:

  • Car Hire – car hire cover provides a policyholder with hired car cover if their car is involved in an accident or is hijacked. The rented vehicle will be available for 30 days. When purchasing this product, customers can select the vehicle they want to use in the event of a claimable accident or theft of their vehicle.
  • 4×4 insurance – This coverage is designed for 4×4 owners who frequently travel to neighboring African countries. The customer’s four-wheel-drive vehicle is insured against loss and damage.
  • SmartDrive – SmartDrive lets comprehensive car insurance holders share their driving behavior through the OUTsurance app. Smart drivers are rewarded with a 10% discount on their premiums. 
  • Legal and Medical Assistance – provides 24/7 advice over the phone. Customers get legal assistance and documentation, medical support such as emergency response, medical transportation,  hospital transfers, and Credit Shortfall – this cover pays off in the event of the total loss of a vehicle or when a car is totally written off. The cover pays the outstanding vehicle finance amount. 
  • Sound Equipment – this cover is for car sound equipment. The product covers sound equipment against loss and damage. 
  • Bicycle Insurance – covers your bicycle against theft and damage during racing. 
  • Watercraft Insurance – this is a comprehensive cover for watercraft. Watercraft will be covered when transported or ashore or on the coast or inland. 
  • Personal Accident Insurance – the cover is for the policyholder and his/her family. OUTsurance covers the policyholder and family members between the ages of 14 to 70. Death or disability that results from an accident gets R25,000.00 cover. 

OUTsurance Essential Car Insurance 

OUTsurance Essential Car Insurance is a car insurance product designed for car owners with vehicles older than five years. The product is intended for cars that are not financed and have a market value of less than R125,000.00. Customers are covered for up to R1,000,000.00 in damage to a third party’s vehicle. 

If your car is stolen, OUTsurance pays the full retail value of the car under the essential car insurance. However, R1,000.00 will be subtracted from the retail value. If your car gets involved in an accident, OUTsurance will pay the value of the damage in cash, however, only up to 40% of the vehicle retail value can be paid.

OUTsurance Motor Warranty Insurance 

OUTsurance motor warranty covers the cost of repairing the vehicle insured following an unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown. Vehicles must meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • The vehicle must not be older than 15 years, 
  • The vehicle must have full-service history,
  • Mileage on the vehicle must not exceed 300 000 km, and
  • The vehicle must not have a warranty from another insurance company. 

The executive plan and the standard plan are two types of motor warranty insurance plans. The executive plan includes a higher level of coverage. For example, on an executive plan, the amount covered for an engine is R60,000.00, whereas, on the Standard Plan, the amount covered is R38,000.00. Before selecting a plan, you should become acquainted with the plans and the advantages of selecting one over another.

Advantages of OUTsurance Car Insurance

  • The insurance products available cater to a variety of vehicle owners.
  • There are various product types available.
  • The policyholder can tailor the amount of coverage to their specific needs for car insurance.
  • If you drive well, your premiums will be reduced by 10%.
  • The product includes accidental death insurance.

Disadvantages of OUTsurance car Insurance

  • Older car models cannot be insured with motor warranty insurance.
  • There is no third party only car insurance in OUTsurance products offering


OUTsurance Car Insurance solutions are a preferable way to protect any type of vehicle or watercraft. The solutions are tailored to frequent travelers, long-distance travelers, and those who travel infrequently. The insurer was able to provide coverage for those who own older vehicle models and provide them with an insurance product that protects them against loss or damage in a variety of situations.

OUTsurance also insures vehicle parts for varying amounts. This gives motorists peace of mind in knowing that their vehicle’s parts will be repaired if necessary. Overall, the company’s automobile insurance offerings are among the best in South Africa. This is due to the fact that the products provide all-around protection for one’s vehicle.

OUTsurance Car Insurance Review 2022

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