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One Day Only review 2023

One Day Only

One Day Only is a 100% online shop that offers discounted prices on items. The online store rotates its offerings on a daily basis, therefore, what is available today may not be available tomorrow. One Day Only offers up to 90% off the original purchase price.

One Day Only has taken South Africa’s online shopping by storm and its presence has been visible, especially in 2022. Different payment methods, such as adding the likes of PayFlex as payment options, have made it easier for people to make purchases on the website or on the mobile app.

What does One Day Only do? 

One Day Only provides daily exclusive deals that are only available for 24 hours fully online. Deals are available from 00H00 to 23H59 each day and are refreshed every 24 hours to market new discounted deals. Deals are available for up to 90% off, with some items discounted to 100% off.

Every day at lunchtime (Monday to Sunday 13H00), One Day Only offers a 60-minute deal that runs from 13H00 to 13H59. The deal at this hour intends to further decrease the cost of an item on the website to encourage people to buy it in masses.

One Day Only also has an “Another Day Only” campaign that brings back past deals for one more day. “Another Day Only” sale is usually every last Thursday of the month. The best deals for the most will be brought back, and if you missed out on a purchase, you can wait until the last Thursday of the month and hope that the item will be brought back for retail.

What departments are available on One Day Only? 

One Day Only has a variety of departments from which to choose. Some departments may be removed if no items are sold within them for a day or more. Furthermore, a department may be removed from the website or app if all items in the department are sold out.

Shoppers at One Day Only can choose from the following departments:

  • Home and gardening, 
  • Apparel and accessories, 
  • Food and beverages, 
  • Health and beauty, 
  • Electronics, 
  • Furniture, 
  • Toys and Games, 
  • Hardware, 
  • Sporting goods, 
  • Animals and pet supplies,
  • Coupons and discounts, 
  • Luggage and bags, 
  • Art and entertainment, 
  • Vehicles and parts, 
  • Office supplies, and
  • Baby and toddler departments. 

Items from each department change per day including supplies from each department. Some of the most popular supplies include:

  • Tefal, 
  • Skechers, 
  • Cielo,
  • Apple,
  • Samsung, 
  • Balega, 
  • Nevia, 
  • Pampers, 
  • KWV, 
  • Berlinger Haus, 
  • Douwe Egberts, and more

What types of deals are there on One Day Only? 

One Day Only offers three types of daily deals. These include “Today’s Deals,” “Everyday Essentials,” and “Clearance” sales. We cover these types of deals in detail below.

Today’s Deals

Today’s deals include items from every department in the One Day Only catalog. Through Today’s Deals, buyers are able to browse what is on offer for the day. Today’s Deals display all items that are on sale between 00H00 and 23H59 every day.

The majority of the items on sale are divided into categories based on their brand or department. Therefore, when shopping, you will find item categories according to their brand, such as “Apple Deals” or “Premium Tech Shop.” By categorising items, it is easy to shop for everyday deals. 

Everyday Essentials 

Buyers can shop for their daily necessities in the Everyday Essentials category. The items on the list of everyday necessities are not time-bound, so they can be purchased at any time.

Groceries are the most common items found on the list of everyday essentials. Health and wellness products, baby products, dog food, laundry products, bathroom products, and other items are included.

The majority of the items on the everyday essentials tab are discounted. However, some items may not be marked down and are sold at their full retail price with no discount.

Discounts on everyday essentials can go up to 30% of the retail price. Discounts on items in the Everyday Essentials tab change on a regular basis.


The clearance category is for items that are marked down and are to be cleared from the warehouse. These items can be sold with a discount of up to 90%. Items sold in the clearance section include a wide range of items from various departments.

How long does it take for One Day Only to make a delivery? 

One day only ships orders from their website within 5 to 10 business days. The company also emphasizes that deliveries may take longer than expected in cases of bad weather and other delays. For such delays, One Day Only promises to contact the customer to raise awareness of the situation.

Advantages of One Day Only 

  • There are discounts of up to 90%. 
  • Daily essentials can be bought at a discount. 
  • First-time customers qualify for a R59.00 delivery discount. 
  • There are different departments to choose from when shopping. 
  • Some of the items that were on sale before can be purchased again through the “Another Day Only” sale. 
  • Items bought can be returned within 7 days from receipt. 

Disadvantages of One Day Only

  • The delivery period is long when compared to that of other online stores. 
  • One Day deals may not come back on the “Another Day Only” deals. 


One Day Only is an outstanding online retailer that can be utilized by anyone. The store offers extremely low-cost products that are difficult to match in terms of pricing by any other store. Looking for day deals is ideal for someone that is looking forward to purchasing a particular product. Failure to search for deals on a daily basis may disadvantage a buyer because the deals on the online store only last for 24 hours.



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