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It is sensible to cover the lives of important personnel for a company, and it may even be better to use an insurer like Momentum. Momentum key person insurance can help to ensure that a company doesn’t go out of business as a result of a key employee passing away. Using the product does not ensure business success. However, it can support ongoing commercial activity.

Momentum key person insurance offers protection to a company’s important personnel, including directors and members of management. However, a person must work for the company in order to be protected by the insurance plan. The structure of the firm is irrelevant because both private and public companies can purchase the product.

A business can benefit from the product’s tax advantages. Up to a certain amount, premiums paid to Momentum for key persons insured are tax-deductible, which lowers taxable income. Additionally, there won’t be any tax due when a claim is submitted. As a result, the company won’t have to pay taxes on the cover’s proceeds, including estate duty and income taxes.

The amount of coverage required must be carefully considered when purchasing Momentum key person insurance. It will be necessary to specify the purpose for which the insurance is required in order to determine the required cover amount. A firm will pay rates that it actually deserves if it has the right amount of coverage based on its needs.

Numerous businesses can profit from Momentum key person insurance. Continue reading the discussion below as the topic is covered in detail to gain a better grasp of the Momentum key person insurance.

Momentum key person insurance summary

Momentum Key Person Insurance is an insurance program that offers business owners and key personnel protection options in the event of the insured’s death. Momentum Key Person Insurance also provides coverage for additional risks, including severe sickness and disability. For key staff, critical illness and disability coverage are available as standalone policies.

The company may select the cover amount for each key individual it wishes to insure. A cover amount can be chosen for disability, life, and critical illness insurance. Should the insured have an insured incident, the selected sum will be paid out. Since there is no minimum or maximum amount that can be covered, the business can choose the best cover amount for each incident that is eligible for coverage.

The result of the medical underwriting process for the product will decide the amount of the premiums that are due. For the purposes of this product, each key individual will be individually underwritten. Because of the medical underwriting, premiums per person insured may differ even if they are of the same age.

Following a successful claim, the cover amount is paid out. The company receives this money, which it can spend to assure that it won’t face any financial hardships while replacing the key employee. However, Momentum won’t impose any restrictions on how the insurance payout will be used; instead, Momentum will leave it up to the business.

How the Momentum key person insurance works

Momentum key person insurance can only be acquired by businesses. This insurance product is acquired to ensure that a business is compensated for the loss of income should a key person in a business die or become disabled. The business that wants this product can apply by making a call back request on the Momentum website

The applicant will be required to provide the personal information of all key persons to be insured. Furthermore, the information pertaining to the company which seeks insurance for its key persons will have to be provided. The amount of cover per key person will need to be determined by the applicant. 

For the purpose of purchasing this insurance, each key person is underwritten separately. Therefore, even though the cover amount is the same, the premiums will vary. Momentum will provide a premium quote following a successful application that must be paid on a monthly basis. The company has the option of having a fixed cover for each important individual or accelerating premiums and coverage to beat inflation.

As soon as the business accepts the contract’s conditions, the coverage takes effect. Then, monthly premium payments will be required. The cover will be terminated if premium payments are not made. Should the business fail to pay the required premiums, all paid premiums would be lost.

Momentum will pay the business a lump payment in the event that a key person insured becomes permanently disabled or passes away. The funds can be utilized by the business to replace a key employee who was covered by Momentum key person insurance by making the changes that are required.

Advantages of the Momentum key person insurance

  • Tax deductions are available for premium payments made to the policy.
  • Since the cover proceeds are tax-free, they won’t be included in the company’s taxable income.
  • The payout from the insurance coverage will cover the expense of replacing a key employee instead of the company funds.
  • Depending on a company’s needs, the coverage amount can be adjusted.
  • The product can be applied for remotely and underwriting can be done at business offices.

Disadvantages of the Momentum key person insurance

  • For some of the paid premiums, there is no cash back benefit.
  • The coverage will be terminated if the premiums are not paid on time.


Momentum’s key person insurance offers a traditional method of protecting important employees and guaranteeing business continuity in the event that one of them passes away or becomes disabled. This product can be purchased with the assistance of a financial advisor without running the danger of being either over or underinsured. Making pertinent calculations when taking out the product is a smart idea.

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Lethabo Ntsoane