Metropolitan Life Insurance Review 2022

When it comes to experience, Metropolitan has been providing life insurance since 1898, accumulating more than a century of experience in the supply of long-term insurance. Metropolitan and just a few other life insurers can claim substantial expertise in the South African life insurance sector. Given Metropolitan’s longevity, you may be certain that you will not receive subpar service from the organization.

The company offers competitive life insurance, with monthly rates starting at R120. When it comes to purchasing life insurance from Metropolitan, your budget is critical. Metropolitan offers two distinct types of life insurance products to meet the demands of individuals with modest and high life insurance needs. There are two types of life insurance: basic life cover and comprehensive life cover.

With comprehensive life insurance, you may customize your policy to meet your specific needs. The choice is adaptable, so it meets the life insurance demands of everyone. Additionally, you can supplement your comprehensive life insurance with critical illness and disability coverage. On the other hand, the basic life cover option is for those seeking life insurance coverage of up to R500,000.00.

The policies have some of the most affordable monthly rates available in the life insurance business. We shall go over both the Metropolitan comprehensive and basic life insurance policies in depth. Additionally, we shall discuss the dread sickness and disability coverage.

Metropolitan basic life cover

The basic life cover option is for people looking to insure their lives for less than R500,000.00. This is one of the best covers since it addresses South Africa’s low-income earners. The majority of life insurers need a minimum of R1 million in coverage. Yet a large proportion of South Africans cannot afford such a high level of life insurance. The minimal cover ensures that even the poorest citizens of the Republic can obtain life insurance. This demonstrates why Metropolitan is one of South Africa’s top three life insurers; the company caters to the country’s poorest citizens.

Here are the highlights of the basic life cover:

  • The plan covers accidental death or natural death.
  • Accidental and natural death are both covered immediately.
  • Can get up to 10% of your premiums back after every five years.
  • You can get up to 50% of your cover should you become terminally ill. This is only applicable if you are extracted to live for less than 12 months.
  • You can increase your premiums to keep up with inflation.

The basic life cover comes with a number of benefits considering the maximum cover amount that one can take. When choosing the basic cover amount there are a number of considerations that you need to make. These include but are not limited to:

  • Seeking financial advice: an advisor will help you choose a cover amount that will benefit your family. The advisor will make sure that all your financial interests are considered when taking out a life cover.
  • Family needs: study the needs of your family so that your life cover can fulfil its purpose. Consider things like school fees, living expenses, medical expenses etc.

Metropolitan Comprehensive Life Cover

Metropolitan’s life cover helps South Africans to invest in their family’s future. The comprehensive life insurance policy allows for coverage amount flexibility. Due to its versatility, it is ideal for anybody. You may assure that your legacy will survive you with Metropolitan’s comprehensive life insurance. A tiny cover charge can make a significant difference. For example, your insurance policy may be adequate to cover all loans and other liabilities collected over the course of your life.

You can then increase your cover by a sufficient amount to ensure that your family has enough money to survive. Comprehensive life insurance protects against accidental death and natural causes of death. If you want to add critical sickness and disability coverage, you can do so for an extra charge. The following are some of the features of Metropolitan’s comprehensive life insurance policy:

  • Covers accidental death and natural death.
  • Should you become terminally ill you can get up to 100% of your cover in advance. This is only if your life expectancy is less than 12 months.
  • Can get back 10% of your premiums back in cash every five years.
  • The maximum cover amount is R5 Million.
  • You can increase your premiums so that your cover amount can keep up with inflation.
  • Can get up to 20% of your cover in advance upon death to cover funeral expenses.
  • On retrenchment, you get a premium waiver which will pay out your premiums for 12 months.

Taking out a critical disease and disability cover

Metropolitan offers critical sickness and disability insurance. These are optional coverages that can be added to your life insurance policy at an additional fee. Critical illness and disability insurance policies include a variety of advantages that can be extremely beneficial to you. This is because disability and critical illness benefits cover payments made while you are still alive.

If you become incapacitated or suffer a serious illness, you will receive a lump-sum payment. The amount payable is determined on the amount of coverage selected.

Metropolitan Life critical illness cover highlights:

  • Should you suffer from a critical illness, Metropolitan will pay out a lump sum to you.
  • The cover covers a number of critical illnesses.

Metropolitan Life disability cover highlights:

  • This offer pays out a lump sum should you become disabled.
  • The cover offers both occupational disability cover as well as comprehensive insurance.


Metropolitan provides easy and reasonable life insurance. Metropolitan offers life insurance policies to those with low, moderate, and high incomes. Metropolitan is one of the top three life insurers in Southern Africa in terms of clients due to its inclusion. The brand enjoys a high level of confidence and keeps some of the most devoted customers. This demonstrates that Metropolitan is knowledgeable in its field and provides clients with good services.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Review 2022

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