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Medihelp review 2023

By Lethabo Ntsoane
Type Private
Sector Health
Founded 1905
Employees 900
Founders EFE Wright, AJ Frith, RA Eales, R Bourne, C Long
Address 410 Steve Biko Road
Phone 012 334 2000
Products Hospital plan, Medical Aid, Student Medical Aid
Website www.medihelp.co.za

Medihelp is a South African medical scheme with medical aid plans starting from R756.00 to R10,980.00 per principal member. Members have a 25% savings account at the beginning of each year on day to day for a selected number of products. Medihelp has 9 medical aid options for clients to choose from with the most comprehensive cover being the most expensive. 

Medihelp has over 201 000 members as of 2023 and is one of the big 5 medical schemes in South Africa. The medical scheme offers medical aid to students, general employees, managers, executives and other individuals that earn an income. Students pay the lowest premiums as they pay a fixed premium of R756.00 per month. 

Medihelp employs over 850 people as it is responsible for over 201 000 members. Between 25% and 50% of the company’s 850+ employees are black. The company serves a wide range of clients, the most notable of which are Eskom, Volkswagen South Africa, and Murray & Roberts. Medihelp was ranked third in the South African Customer Satisfaction Index of the local medical aid industry by Consulta, with a score of 73.5 %.

Since Medihelp serves some of South Africa’s best employers, we examine the medical scheme’s product offering below to better understand what sets the company apart.

MediHelp Products

1. MedElect Student

MedElect Student is a student medical aid with a monthly premium starting at R756.00. The product comes with day to day benefits worth R3,150.00 per year. Self-medication and network GP consultations are also included in the package for R560.00 and R2,110.00 per year, respectively.

Members who register for HealthPrint, MediHelp’s free wellness program for members, receive a health screening at a Dischem or Clicks store. Screenings include health screenings, preventative care benefits, contraception, and wellness support.

The MedElect Student program offers both hospital and life-saving benefits. MedElect provides hospitalization, standard radiology, specialized radiology, organ transplants, cancer treatment, and other benefits.

2. MedVital

MedVital is a low-cost healthcare plan that starts at R1,776.00 per month and covers minor medical expenses, private hospitalization, and emergency medicals. Members can save 25% when they choose MedElect, a network alternative plan, with this product.

MedVital includes day-to-day benefits such as R475.00 for self-medication following the completion of health tests and screenings. The product includes additional benefits such as maternity benefits, child immunization, and more.

The MedVital program offers both hospital and life-saving benefits. MedVital provides hospitalisation, standard radiology, specialized radiology, organ transplants, cancer treatment, and other benefits.

3. MedMove!

MedMove is a medical cover for health essentials which includes private hospitalization and emergency medical services from R1,254.00. The medical aid provides unlimited private hospitalization at network hospitals and day procedure facilities. Members also get standard radiology, pathology and medical technologist services.

Members get added service with contraceptives injections, implants and pills to the value of R100.00 per month and up to R1,300.00 per year. Ultra uterine device also forms part of the benefits to the value of R1,785.00 every 60 months. 

4. MedSaver

MedSaver is a medical aid program that provides private hospitalization at any hospital with a 25% savings account to cover medical expenses incurred outside of the hospital. When the savings account is depleted, an additional out-of-hospital coverage is unlocked. MedSaver premiums starts at R3,024.00 per month.

The MedSaver program offers both hospital and life-saving benefits. MedSaver provides hospitalization, standard radiology, specialized radiology, organ transplants, cancer treatment, and other benefits.

5. MedAdd

MedAdd is a medical aid from Medihelp with premiums starting from R2,310.00 per month and allow members to get hospitalization outside network hospitals. The product offers flexibility with 15% of the savings account as the money in the account can be used outside a hospital. 

For those that want to save can choose the alternative to MedAdd, which is MedAdd Elect and it is 24% less than MedApp in payable premiums. MedAdd provides day to day benefits, contraceptives, screenings and more.

6. MedElect

MedElect is a medical aid that offers unlimited trauma hospitalization to any network hospital and premiums for this products starts from R2,394.00 per month. The main member can add dependents for R1,872.00 per month and child dependents that are under the age of 21 for R774.00 per month. 

Members of the MedElect benefit from a R3,150.00 day to day benefit. This benefit cover specialist consultations and services for standard radiology, pathology, acute medicine and clinical psychology services. 

7. MedPrime

MedPrime is a medical plan that offers private hospitalisation and also provide out of hospital service for R3,438.00 per month. Members also receive a comprehensive dental and optometry benefits at no additional cost. For lower premiums, MedPrime Elect is available at 22% less of the premium for MedPrime and come with less benefits. 

8. MedElite

MedElite offer a more comprehensive medical cover for a monthly premium of R6,324.00 per month. The main member can add dependents for R5,922.00 per month and child dependents under the age of 26 for R1,716.00 per month. 

The plan includes hospitalization at any private hospital in South Africa. Emergency transportation through Netcare 911 is unlimited in South Africa and most countries in the SADC region. 

9. MedPlus

MedPlus is the most comprehensive medical plan from Medihelp which cover medical emergencies, private hospitalization and preventive care for R10,980.00 per month. The main member can add dependents for R10,980.00 per month and can also add child dependents under the age of 26 for R2,742.00. 

Advantages of Medhelp Medical Aid

  • There are many products to choose from.
  • Student product is available which is can be necessary for those that are attending boarding schools.
  • Premiums are straightforward with benefits fully explained and included in the medical aid catalog.
  • The medical aid is trusted by some of the best employers in South Africa.
  • Claiming process is easy.

Disadvantages of Medhelp Medical Aid

  • The most comprehensive cover is very hi


Medihelp is one of South Africa’s best medical programs, with over a century of expertise in the health field. The Global Credit Rating Company has assigned the company an AA rating. Additionally, Deloitte ranks it as the seventh best medium-sized company to work for in South Africa. It’s no secret that the organization consistently receives favourable reviews.

This is not only from employees and clients, but also from other stakeholders with whom they are related. Medihelp is truly assisting South Africans by delivering one of the country’s best medical systems.

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