Medihelp review 2022

Type Private
Sector Health
Founded 1905
Employees 900
Founders EFE Wright, AJ Frith, RA Eales, R Bourne, C Long
Address 410 Steve Biko Road
Phone 012 334 2000
Products Hospital plan, Medical Aid, Student Medical Aid
Website www.medihelp.co.za

Medihelp is a South African medical scheme that operates in all of the country’s provinces. Arcadia Pretoria is the company’s headquarters. Not only does Medihelp offer medical assistance to the working class, but it also offers a student medical aid alternative. Medihelp Medical Scheme is one of South Africa’s top five open medical schemes. Over 200 000 people are covered by the scheme.

With so many lives in its care, Medihelp employs over 850 people. 25% to 50% of the company’s 850 plus employees are black. The company serves a variety of clients, but the most noteworthy include Eskom, Volkswagen South Africa, and Murray & Roberts. According to Consulta, Medihelp was ranked third in the South African Customer Satisfaction Index of the local medical aid industry, with a score of 73,5 percent.

Medical plans offered by Medihelp

Hospital Plan: PRIME 1

The Medihelp hospital plan offers access to private hospitalisation and minor day to day medical expenses. Hospital plans come with added benefits such as screenings, immunizations, pregnancy and baby benefits.

Core benefits of the hospital plan:

  • Full cover on 270 prescribed minimum benefit conditions. It includes diagnosis, treatment and care.
  • You are covered for 26 chronic disease illnesses. These are listed on the Medihelp Chronic Disease List.
  • There are no limits on hospitalisation provided you use one of the 120 network hospitals.
  • You receive cover for emergency medical services such as road and air transportation throughout South Africa.
  • For your recovery, Medihelp aids your post-hospital care for up to 30 days after leaving the hospital.
  • In the event that you suffer trauma, you will receive post-exposure prophylaxis.
  • Unlimited specialised radiology when you are in and out of the hospital. You will need to pay R1650 and Medihelp pays the balance.

Added insured benefits for the hospital plan includes:

  • Screenings and immunizations such as combo test which include blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and BMI. You also get screenings and immunizations for HIV, Tetanus, Flu vaccine, HPV vaccine and Pneumovax vaccine.
  • Women and men can get health tests for a pap smear, bone mineral density, prostate cancer, mammogram and FOBT. For those with specific health care needs can get dietician consultation, chronic care programme and back treatment programme.
  • Pregnancy and baby benefits include 12 ante- and postnatal pregnancy consultation, two 2D ultrasound scans, two GP/specialist visits and child immunization.

Medihelp Savings Plan: PRIME 2

Prime 2 plan provides comprehensive hospital cover either at any facility or through a network of 120 private hospitals. The plan starts from R2160 for those that use the Medihelp network and R2772 for those that want to use any other facilities. With the prime2 medical aid, you save 15% on your monthly premiums.

Core benefits of the Savings Plan:

  • Unlimited cover for a trauma that necessitates hospitalization.
  • 100% cover for 270 PMB and 26 chronic conditions.
  • You get R1800 per year for speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy which you can use for 30 days after being discharged
  • Oncology cover of R231 800 per family per year for non-prescribed minimum benefit. 100% oncology cover for prescribed minimum benefit.
  • Psychiatrist treatment of up to R24 400 per beneficiary per year.
  • You get prostheses benefits of up to R61 900.

Added benefits of the Savings Plan:

  • Prostate test for men over 40 years.
  • A mammogram test for women 40 years or older.
  • A pap smear test for women.
  • Child benefits include two additional GP or specialist visits and standard child immunization for children.
  • Maternity benefits include pregnancy and baby program me, 12 ante-& postnatal consultation and two 2d ultrasound scans per family.
  • Routing screening and immunization include HIV testing, flu vaccination, tetanus vaccine and two HPV vaccinations for girls and boys between 10-14 years

Medihelp Savings Plan: Unify

Unify savings account combines a savings account with a hospital cover. This product earns interest on unused funds on the medical savings account for day to day medical expenses. For a primary member, premiums start from R2598. You can visit any private hospital in South Africa.

Core benefits of the Unify savings plan:

  • Full cover for 270 prescribed minimum benefit conditions.
  • Cover up to 26 chronic illnesses. These can be found on the Medihelp Critical Disease List.
  • Hospitalization on any hospital in South Africa with no annual hospital limit.
  • You receive cover on emergency medical services such as road and air transportation in South Africa.
  • Covers post-hospital care for up to 30 days.
  • Should you suffer from trauma you will get post-exposure prophylaxis.
  • You receive in and out of hospital specialised radiology
  • Covers childbirth in hospital and should you want a home birth, the cover is up to R13 000 for a home birth.

Added benefits of the Unify savings plan:

  • Selected immunization and screenings of HIV, blood pressure, pap smear, flu vaccination, tetanus vaccine and cholesterol.
  • Support wellness that includes chronic care programmer, back treatment and dietician consultation.

Comprehensive Plan: PRIME3

The comprehensive hospital plan covers the facility of your choice and has added insured benefits. This product is ideal for families and individuals with more extensive Healthcare needs. With a choice to use Medihelp network of 120 private hospitals nationwide, you can save up to 18% on this plan. For network-affiliated members the minimum amount is R2964 and for non-network members, the minimum amount is R3618 for the main member. The main member can add dependents and children.

Day to day benefits of the Prime 3 plan:

  • GP and specialist consultation, therapy, clinical psychology, supplementary health services and more.
  • For day to day benefits the main member has up to R9 450 to utilise per year.
  • You get optometry benefits such as R1 185 for contact lenses and R800 for a frame or lens enhancements per 24-month cycle.
  • Dentistry benefits include oral hygiene, routine check-ups and X-rays.
  • Chronic medication is 100% funded by Medihelp whether non-network or network-affiliated.


Medihelp is one of South Africa’s best medical programs, with over a century of expertise in the health field. The Global Credit Rating Company has assigned the company an AA rating. Additionally, Deloitte ranks it as the seventh best medium-sized company to work for in South Africa. It’s no secret that the organization consistently receives favorable feedback.

This is not only from employees and clients, but also from other stakeholders with whom they are related. Medihelp is truly assisting South Africans by delivering one of the country’s best medical systems.

Medihelp review 2022

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