Discovery Health Medical Scheme review 2023

Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS) is one of South Africa’s largest medical schemes. It was founded in 1992 and has since […]

Discovery Health Medical Scheme

Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS) is one of South Africa’s largest medical schemes. It was founded in 1992 and has since evolved to serve the medical needs of over 3.3 million members. As we near 2023’s midpoint, it’s time to take a deeper look at how DHMS is functioning and what it has to offer its members.

Packages and benefits:

Discovery Health Medical Scheme provides a variety of packages to meet the medical needs and budgets of its members. KeyCare, Smart, Executive, Comprehensive, and Priority are some of the packages available, each with a different degree of coverage and advantages. KeyCare is the least expensive plan and provides basic healthcare services, whereas Priority is the most comprehensive and covers a wide range of medical services and procedures.

KeyCare is popular among lower-income earners since it provides a limited variety of services at a lower cost. The Smart package, on the other hand, is the most popular among Discovery Health Medical Scheme members because it strikes a compromise between affordability and comprehensive medical coverage. It covers limitless hospitalization, chronic medication, and day-to-day medical expenses.

Executive, Comprehensive, and Priority plans provide more comprehensive coverage, including as high limitations for medical services and procedures, as well as access to private hospitals and experts. These plans are designed for people with higher incomes who desire more comprehensive medical coverage.

Discovery Health Medical Scheme also provides its members with extra benefits such as access to wellness programs, chronic illness management, and emergency medical assistance.


Discovery Health Medical Scheme provides competitive pricing for various packages, with prices ranging depending on the quantity of coverage and benefits requested. The KeyCare plan is the most cost-effective, with monthly contributions beginning at R558 for a single member. The Smart package costs a little more, with monthly contributions starting at R1,215 for a single member.

Monthly contributions for a single member range from R2,295 to R5,960 for the Executive, Comprehensive, and Priority programs. These packages, on the other hand, provide more extensive medical coverage as well as access to private hospitals and specialists.

Overall, DHMS provides fair pricing and a variety of packages to meet a variety of budgets and medical needs.

Customer satisfaction:

Members have routinely given DHMS great feedback, with many applauding its comprehensive medical coverage, low pricing, and excellent customer service. Based on member satisfaction, the 2021 GTC Medical Aid Survey selected DHMS as the top medical scheme in South Africa.

DHMS has also been recognized for its digital capabilities, such as its mobile app, which lets users to access medical information, view claims, and schedule appointments. This has made it easier for members to manage their medical coverage, contributing to improved levels of member satisfaction.

Procedure for filing claims and receiving payment:

Discovery Health Medical Scheme has a streamlined claims and payment process that guarantees members are compensated for medical expenses as soon as possible. Members can file claims online, by email, or via the Discovery Health Medical Scheme smartphone app. Claims are swiftly handled, and money is provided immediately to the member’s bank account.

DHMS also has a specialized customer care team that assists members with claims and payment issues. This has resulted to increased levels of member satisfaction and has made the claims process simpler and less stressful for members.


Finally, Discovery Health Medical Scheme is a well-established and recognized medical scheme in South Africa, with a variety of packages to meet various budgets and medical needs. Its competitive pricing, comprehensive medical coverage, and exceptional customer service have all led to high levels of member satisfaction.

Discovery Health Medical Scheme has also invested in digital capabilities, allowing members to manage their medical coverage and claims more easily online. Its streamlined claims and payment procedure, as well as its specialized customer support team, have all contributed to higher levels of member satisfaction.

Overall, DHMS remains one of the top medical plans in South Africa, offering its members good medical coverage at a reasonable cost.

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