Clientele Limited review 2022

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Clientele Limited
Type Public
Sector Financial Services
Industry Insurance
Address Clientele Office Park
Morning Side GT
South Africa
Products Long and short term insurance, legal, and other services
Phone 0113203333
Revenue 2.34 Billion
Number of employees 2390

Clientele Limited is a financial services group headquartered in Sandton, South Africa. The group is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and is traded as CLI.


Clientele Group is one of South Africa’s largest financial services groups with revenue exceeding R2 billion and with employees over 2390. 86% of the group’s revenue comes from insurance, making insurance the group’s focal point.

The group specialises in marketing, distribution and underwriting of insurance and investment products. Clientele operates through 3 segments which are long-term insurance, short-term insurance and others.

The short-term insurance segment covers the sale and administration of legal advice policies.

The long-term insurance segment covers the sale and administration of long-term insurance risk policies and transactions associated with owner-occupied properties.

Services offered by Clientele Group Limited

Funeral Cover

Clientele offers funeral plans for individuals with great benefits. The group has 2 plans that you can choose from, which are the Clientele Funeral and the Ultimate Dignity Plan.

Should anyone covered die, their family is paid within 24 hours of notification. When making a claim you get R200 worth of airtime to arrange the funeral.


Clientele Funeral Plan Key Features

  • Clientele’s funeral cover starts at R205.
  • You can receive up to R100,000.00 per individual on the cover.
  • With Clientele’s funeral cover, you can cover extended family members too. You can cover up to 13 extended family members.
  • Family cover of up to R500,000 includes 3 children at no extra cost.
  • Grocery, unveiling and transport benefits are given to your chosen beneficiary
  • Fast payments are made within just 24 hours of receiving relevant claim documentation
  • Get R200 worth of airtime when you claim to assist with funeral arrangements
  • Get around-the-clock assistance with our 24-hour funeral helpline

Clientele Legal cover

Clientele offers legal services to individuals and businesses. With the legal plan, you get access to lawyers and legal advisors that are available at your disposal 24/7.

The legal plan starts from R200 per month and can go up to thousands per month depending on your needs or the company’s needs.

This cover safeguards individuals and companies against unnecessary expenses and gives legal representation whenever needed.

Clientele Personal legal cover key features

  • You get access to a 24-hour emergency helpline that will assist you with your personal legal needs.
  • Bail benefit of up to R5000 for misdemeanours.
  • Your children can be covered until they are 21 years old, provided they are full-time students.
  • You can cover your spouse on the same cover as well.
  • Premiums start from R200
  • Legal services with access cover civil, criminal, and labour matters.
  • You receive accidental death and optional accidental services on certain plans.

Business legal services key features

  • Civil matters: company gets legal advice in relation to the consumer protection act, the companies act, and the national credit act.
  • Debt collection: company receives guidance on debt collection procedures.
  • Labour matters: assistance with employee dispute resolution, Labour court proceedings and retrenchment proceedings.
  • Commercial contracts: guidance on purchases and sale agreements, commercial lease agreements and employment contracts.

Life cover

Clientele Life plans are only for individuals with businesses excluded from this service. The cover is from R250 per month, with premiums paid back in full after every 60 premiums.

This ensures that your family will receive money should you pass away. Payouts differ and are reliant on the premiums you pay and the age at which you have taken your life cover.

Life cover key features

  • Life cover pays out between R20,000 and R200,000.
  • The cover starts at R250 per month.
  • Your premiums are paid back in full after 60 premiums are paid.
  • If diagnosed with a terminal illness, you receive 75% cash in advance of the benefit amount.
  • Cover includes accidental death.
  • The first payment of R10,000 is paid within 48 hours of the claim.

Investment plans

Clientele offers investment services using Clientele Life investments which is a division of Clientele Life Assurance Company Limited.

The returns on life investments are tax-free and offer 100% guarantees on income and growth plans.

There are 3 plans to choose from, namely the Guaranteed Income plan, and the Guaranteed Growth plan.

The Guaranteed Income Plan is a two-fold investment product where the initial capital is returned to the policyholder after 5 years.

A Guaranteed Growth Plan is an endowment product where the original investment amount plus yield at the guaranteed rate for the investment period is payable to the policyholder at the end of a 5-year term.

Guaranteed Income Plan key features

  • require a minimum investment of R30,000.
  • The term of investment is 5 years.
  • Returns are tax-free.
  • It comes with flexible options.

Guaranteed Growth Plan Key features

  • requires a minimum investment of R10,000
  • The term of investment is 5 years.
  • Returns are tax-free.
  • Comes with flexible options.

Clientel Estate Preservation Plans

These plans are designed to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled and realised.

The plans protect the financial interest of your estate’s beneficiaries from costs associated with the winding up of your estate.

Classic estate Preservation Plan key features

  • The cover is up to R300,000.00.
  • Your family gets a shortfall benefit to cover the costs associated with your estate.
  • Optional liquidity benefit of up to R120,000 lump sum
  • Optional expenses benefit of 12 monthly payments of up to R15,000 per month.

Clientele estate Preservation Plan (Flexi) key features

  • Cover up to R2,625,000.00
  • Optional monthly expenses benefit of 12 monthly payments of up to R75,000 per month
  • Optional enhanced liquidity benefit of up to R450,000 lump sum
  • Your family gets shortfall benefits to cover winding up costs associated with your estate

Clientele Group Limited Executives

Name Position
Basil William Reekie Group Managing Director & Executive Director
Iain Bruce Hume Finance Director & Executive Director
Brenda-Lee Frodsham-du Toit Executive Director & Director-Strategic Operations
Johan L Potgieter Chief Risk Officer
Wilnar Van Zyl Secretary
Dumisa Hlatshwayo Non-Executive Director
Hugo louw Chief Operations Officer
Avesh Singh Group Sales Executive
Ryan Prettirajh Chief Audit Executive
Nazeer Hoosen Managing Director: Legal
Laura Botha Group Marketing & Advertising Executive


Clientele Group Limited has become the fastest-growing life Insurance company in South Africa along with its counterparts such as Momentum Metropolitan Limited. The company has successfully offered South Africans consistent services over the years while growing the company.

Today the company has a presence in all South African provinces helping low-income earners to secure their family’s future.

Clientele Limited review 2022
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