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1st For Women Buildings Insurance Review 2024 | Rateweb
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1st For Women Buildings Insurance Review 2024

1st For Women buildings insurance is a specialized form of insurance designed to safeguard the structural integrity of a home. It provides protection against a range of risks such as fires, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, burst water pipes, storms, floods, falling trees, and land subsidence.

In addition to covering the main structure of a home, 1st For Women buildings insurance also extends its coverage to include garages, outbuildings, swimming pools, walls, and gates. There’s an option to add geyser cover, where 1st For Women will handle repairs or replacements if geysers are damaged.

For enhanced protection, homeowners can opt for home owner’s liability insurance, which offers coverage of up to R20 million.

1st For Women prioritizes women in its insurance products, including buildings insurance. This insurance was specifically designed with features to make women’s lives easier. While available to both men and women, women enjoy lower premiums compared to men due to 1st For Women’s commitment to serving women’s needs first.

Getting 1st For Women buildings insurance is straightforward. You can obtain a quote online or request a call back through their website. Once your policy is active, you can access and utilize the 1st For Women app for free, which facilitates claims processing and other related tasks.

Further details about 1st For Women Buildings Insurance are discussed below.

1st for Women Buildings Insurance 

1st for Women building insurance not only safeguards your home but also offers additional support whenever needed. Subscribing to this product comes with complimentary benefits, and you have the option to bundle it with other 1st for Women insurance offerings.

Combining your buildings insurance with 1st for Women Home contents insurance can be advantageous in the event of any mishaps affecting your house. This coverage protects not just your house but also your furniture and other belongings. Buildings Insurance is provided as a comprehensive cover by default.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the specifics of comprehensive buildings insurance and later explore the perks that come with subscribing to this insurance.

Comprehensive Buildings Insurance 

1st for Women’s comprehensive buildings insurance is designed to protect your home’s structure from loss or damage, offering a robust defense against a wide range of unforeseen events and circumstances.

This product shields your home from natural disasters like fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, burst water pipes, storms, floods, falling trees, and land subsidence. It also extends coverage to human-related incidents such as break-ins, damage, and theft, including replacing items like alarm systems if they’re compromised due to theft.

Moreover, the comprehensive coverage encompasses protection against incidents like objects falling from aircraft and malicious destruction to your property, including damage caused by vehicles or animals. It’s not limited to just your main house; structures like garages, outbuildings, swimming pools, walls, and gates are also covered.

With the option to include geyser cover, this insurance safeguards your geyser from theft and damage, with 1st for Women covering the costs of repairs or replacements if necessary. This comprehensive policy offers extensive protection for nearly all aspects of your property.

1st for Women Buildings insurance benefits 

Buildings Insurance benefits offer valuable assistance during challenging times. Through Guardian Angel lifestyle assistance, you can access emergency support for your home, vehicle, and overall lifestyle, all at no extra cost. This assistance is available around the clock, 24/7.

The Guardian Angel program provides five key types of assistance: roadside, home, medical, tax, finance, and legal aid, along with concierge services. For roadside emergencies like flat tires or breakdowns, simply contact roadside assistance, and a Guardian Angel will be dispatched to help you get back on the road.

Home Assist is available for emergencies within your home, providing prompt assistance upon your call. Medical assistance ensures you and your loved ones receive 24/7 medical advice from trained professionals over the phone.

Tax, finance, and legal assistance are aimed at optimizing your financial situation and ensuring legal compliance. You gain access to financial experts who can assist with tax returns, retirement planning, legal document preparation (like power of attorney), and more.

Concierge assistance caters to busy women, offering support in arranging entertainment plans and scheduling appointments, making life a bit easier to manage.

Competitive Advantages

  • Tailored for Women: Customized features and lower premiums cater specifically to the insurance needs of women.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Protection against a wide range of risks including natural disasters and human-related incidents.
  • Additional Benefits: Access to Guardian Angel lifestyle assistance for emergency support across various areas.
  • Easy Access and Support: Convenient online access for quotes, policy management, and claims processing with customer support tailored for women.

Competitive Disadvantages

  • Gender Bias: Male customers may not receive the same level of priority or lower premiums as female policyholders.
  • Limited Target Market: Specific focus on women may exclude potential male customers and limit the overall market reach.
  • Policy Restrictions: Some terms and conditions may have restrictions or limitations affecting coverage and claims eligibility.


The product covers nearly everything on your property, but it’s crucial to understand how to ensure you’re covered for every incident outlined in this article. This means familiarizing yourself with the indemnity documents for 1st for Women building insurance.

Having a clear understanding of what you’re covered for is akin to knowing your rights, similar to a bill of rights. This knowledge empowers you to determine your entitlements under these products accurately and submit successful claims. It also helps you act in a manner that aligns with your home insurance contract, avoiding any contradictions.