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Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in South Africa | Rateweb
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Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in South Africa

Food delivery has become a big business now valued at $323 billion worldwide ( South Africa also holds a significant market share of worldwide food delivery. Food delivery in South Africa is estimated to reach $807 million in 2022. 

The service is still growing, and it is expected to reach $1 billion by 2027, with a 7.38% annual growth rate. In South Africa, restaurant-to-customer deliveries dominate the business, which is expected to reach $549 million by 2022.

The numbers are definitely large, and just a few businesses thrive in the country. Uber and Takealot have the largest market share in the country for food delivery services. Due to their prominence, restaurant chains such as McDonald’s have outsourced food delivery to these food delivery giants.

Food delivery apps are extremely popular and have filled a previously unmet need. The service has been long overdue to the South African public. Below we look at the top 10 food delivery Apps in South Africa. 

1. Mr D Food

In terms of market penetration, Mr D Food is the most popular food delivery app in South Africa. Mr D Food has always had an advantage over the other food delivery Apps in South Africa since it is part of the Takealot Group. Mr. D Food controls 30% of the South African food delivery industry.

The delivery service provider has received over 5 million downloads and has over 1 million active users. Mr D Food’s sales have been growing. In the fiscal year 2021-2022, the App’s order volume increased by 51%. Furthermore, Mr D Food increased its sales by 62% between 2021 and 2022.

It’s revenue is expected to rise in the fiscal year 2023 as a result of its partnership with Pick N Pay. Mr D Food App now has on-demand foods, groceries, and alcoholic products from Pick n Pay.

On the App, Mr D Food provides a range of food from various food chains. The App features over 8000 eateries that are listed on the app. The most popular restaurants on the App include:

  • Chicken Licken, 
  • McDonald’s, 
  • Steers, 
  • Wimpy, 
  • Pizza Hut, 
  • Spur, 
  • Debonairs Pizza, 
  • KFC, and 
  • Nandos

Mr D Food gives its first-time customers a R50.00 discount on purchases of R100.00 or more. As a first-time shopper on the App, simply enter the coupon code ‘DEAL50’ when checking out.

Mr D Food also offers ‘happy hour bargains’ from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The service provider also provides customers with customized bargains based on their preferences.

2. Uber Eats

UberEats has a 25% market share in South Africa and is only second to Mr D Food as a food delivery app. The company has over $200 million in revenue in South Africa, and its revenue is expected to increase by 40% by 2027.

UberEats has some of South Africa’s best eateries registered on the App. The App offers the following restaurants:

  • Steers, 
  • Stur, 
  • Paul’s, 
  • McDonald’s, 
  • Mythos, 
  • Fish and Chips & Co, 
  • Debonairs Pizza, 
  • Sausage saloon, 
  • Chicken Licken and more. 

Customers can purchase alcoholic beverages through Uber Eats. The App sells a variety of alcoholic beverages, including spirits, beer, and others. The alcohol selection is determined by the restaurant’s inventory.

Customers can get up to 80% off their orders with UberEats coupons. Some of the best prices on the App are available around Black Friday and the holiday season. On the App, discounts of up to 50% of the transaction value are available with no minimum spend requirement.

Uber Eats provides a promotional code to first-time users. New users receive a R96.00 voucher that may be used against any order of R120.00 or more. Customers can use the promo code for their first two orders on the App.

Active users receive promotional codes as well, and UberEats notifies users of promotions from restaurants or food that they generally order. As an existing client, you receive 30% off your purchase when you introduce a friend to UberEats.

For orders over R80.00, UberEats offers consumers unlimited free orders with its Eats Pass. The service is offered for R30.00 per month and includes other benefits. When ordering through this subscription, you will not be charged a delivery fee.

3. Pick n Pay ASAP! 

Pick n Pay’s ASAP! is one of South Africa’s most favored apps for food delivery and has a presence countrywide. The app is one of the top 5 apps for food and beverage delivery services. It also has an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to buy by department or search for specific items.

On some days, the Pick n Pay ASAP! app offers free delivery. To receive free delivery, enter a promo code on the App when checking out. When using the Pick n Pay ASAP! App, the standard delivery fee of R35.00 applies.

ASAP! app has the following departments:

  • Fruit and vegetables, 
  • Bakery, 
  • Milk, dairy, and eggs, 
  • Deli and party, 
  • Ready meals and desserts, 
  • Meat, poultry, and fish, 
  • Frozen food, 
  • Snacks, 
  • Beer, wine, and spirits, 
  • Household and cleaning, 
  • Personal care and hygiene, 
  • E cigarettes, 
  • Baby, 
  • Health and wellness, 
  • Home and outdoor, 
  • Pet care, and
  • Stationery and toys. 

Pick and Pay ASAP! provides a diverse selection of foods and household products, including alcoholic beverages, foods, and household supplies. This makes the App very appealing to anyone who wants to shop for their home and immediate supplies.

Pick n Pay ASAP! seldom gives away vouchers of R100.00 on purchases of more than R100.00 on the App. The promo code is only valid for the first 500 customers who redeem it. Shop discounts are also available on the App, making it simple for buyers to shop and compare products without leaving their homes.

4. UCook

UCook is one of South Africa’s most unique food delivery services, providing chef-prepared craft meals and more. The food delivery service is available in some of South Africa’s largest cities, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and other smaller towns.

UCook fills a void in South African cuisine by offering raw ingredients that can be prepared at home. Customers can order meals based on the number of servings and the food delivery service caters to those with special dietary needs.

Those who prefer pre-cooked meals can place their orders through the platform. UCook offers a wide variety of cooked dishes, including but not limited to gluten-free, dairy-free, high-fiber, vegetarian, high protein, and meat-based range.

UCook also provides frozen meals such as craft pizza, kids’ meals, and baby food. A variety of wines are also available, with some offering discounts for purchases of three or more bottles.

UCook provides a subscription service in which customers select the meals they want to eat on a weekly basis. The customer can choose how many people will be served and how many times per week. 

5. KFC

The KFC app is one of the most popular food and beverage apps in South Africa, ranking fourth and third in the food and beverage category for Android and Apple users, respectively.

What distinguishes KFC is its presence in South Africa, where it has over 900 stores, making it the most well-represented restaurant in the country. KFC’s app, among other things, offers daily specials and discounts of up to 50% on selected items.

The KFC app is simple to use and navigate, with categories based on what you like, what’s on sale, exclusive offers, burgers, and more. KFC provides free delivery on orders of R70.00 or more.

6. Checkers Sixty60 

Checkers Sixty60 is taking South Africa by storm, delivering groceries and alcoholic beverages to the Africa’s metropolitan areas. The app is one of the most popular in the food and beverage category, competing directly with Pick n Pay ASAP!

Checkers Sixty60 guarantees the delivery of orders within 60 minutes of checking out on the app. The App has successfully developed a working strategy that ensures orders are delivered on time.

Checkers Sixty60 arose in the aftermath of Covid-19 (November 2019), and it has grown in strength since then. The App now has over 220 Checkers stores from which buyers in South Africa can order.

Checkers Sixty60 has created 4000 new jobs since its inception in 2019. Furthermore, the App has grown steadily; however, orders increased by 250% in the fiscal year 2021, forcing Checkers to add more locations to the App.

The Checkers Sixty60 app has received over 2.2 million downloads on Google Play, the App Store, and the App Gallery. There are over 15 000 groceries to choose from, as well as various store departments. Extra savings card holders can use their extra savings card to save money when shopping on the Checkers Sixty60 App.

The following departments are accessible via the Checkers Sixty60 app:

  • Baby products, 
  • Fruits, 
  • Vegetables, 
  • Bakery, 
  • Meat, 
  • Deli, 
  • Ready meals, 
  • Frozen foods, 
  • Personal hygiene, 
  • Stationery, 
  • Toys, 
  • Liquor, 
  • Beverages, and more. 

7. Daily Dish

Daily Dish is a food delivery service that specializes in fresh ingredients that have been pre-portioned. Customers can select a dish for a family of two or four from a menu. There are also bachelor ingredients available. Customers may order up to four dinners per week.

The menu options include express, carb-conscious, and vegetarian options. Daily Dish guarantees that the menu will always change within 10 weeks. Daily Dish subscriptions have no contractual obligations, so a customer can cancel at any time.

The Daily Dish dinner box includes up to four recipes to prepare; the number of servings is determined by the number of people to be served. The box includes pre-portioned food ingredients and recipes in insulated kitchen boxes.

Prices start at R425.00 for an express meal with three recipes per week. The most expensive meal is R1,400.00 per week for dinner for five people, which includes four different recipes. All subscriptions include free order delivery.

8. McDonald’s 

McDonald’s South Africa is one of the country’s leading fast food online stores, as well as one of the top five food and delivery Apps. As a food outlet, McDonald’s is available on most South African food delivery apps, including the country’s two most popular, Mr. D Food and UberEats, which helps widen its influence.

The company sells some well-known deities, such as the Big Mac. What distinguishes McDonald’s is its ability to delegate delivery services to companies such as Order In and Mr D Food. The chain is available throughout South Africa, and it’s South African-based food offerings are making history.

9. FitChef

FitChef is one of South Africa’s best online stores for healthy foods, offering healthy foods and beverages. The online store encourages its customers to eat healthily in order to live a healthy lifestyle. FitChef offers organic meal kits for sale.

Customers can order meals and drinks for up to 180 products in one food basket for 21 days. Couples can also purchase diet packages that range from 21 days to one month.

FitChef also provides the following meal kits:

  • Keto diet, 
  • Anti-inflammation kits, 
  • Gluten-free packages, 
  • 1-month challenge kits, 
  • Flexitarian kits, 
  • Lunch @ work, 
  • Smoothie kits, 
  • Snack kits, and 
  • Juice cleanses

10. Nandos

Nandos is a multinational fast-food chain based in South Africa that operates in 30 countries worldwide. The chain is still well-liked in the country, and its mobile app is one of the best in the country, ranking among the top 15 best food and delivery apps.

Nandos’ menu is one of the best in South Africa for any restaurant that serves a variety of foods. Nandos can also be found in other South African food delivery Apps, demonstrating how popular the restaurant is among South Africans.


Food delivery has been booming in South Africa since the late 2010s, and the industry has yet to peak. The food and delivery market in South Africa is expected to expand over the next ten years, with new entrants expected to enter the market.