Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan review 2023

The Old Mutual Max Investments Optimal retirement plan is a robust retirement annuity that focuses only on its members’ needs. […]

Old Mutual Max Investments Optimal retirement plan

The Old Mutual Max Investments Optimal retirement plan is a robust retirement annuity that focuses only on its members’ needs. As the account holder gets older, the product may adapt to their changing lifestyle demands. Regardless of what life throws at them, account holders can still be able to achieve their retirement goals.

When members contribute to the annuity plan, the product also provides some tax advantages. Account-holders will also avoid paying taxes on the investment’s profits. The capacity to make bigger contributions and get money after retirement is aided by tax incentives.

When purchasing this retirement annuity, investors have the option of investing in a variety of funds managed by Old Mutual. Funds available are invested in a variety of countries around the world and can range from low risk to high risk. The investor has complete control over his or her retirement annuity investment and can transfer cash across funds.

Investors can purchase a premium protection plan to secure their premiums. A premium protection plan is a type of insurance that pays premiums when a person suffers a disability. As a result, premiums will remain up to date, giving security to the targeted retirement fund.

The Old Mutual optimal retirement plan offers an annuity plan that is distinct from traditional retirement annuities, and the benefits provided can provide the investor with desired retirement benefits. To learn more about the Optimal retirement plan, read the sections below for a detailed overview of the program.

Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan summary 

The Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan is a flexible retirement annuity that can help an individual achieve his or her retirement goals. Investors benefit from the plan since it allows them to alter their monthly payments yearly or voluntarily. Premium increases are restricted to a maximum of 20% of the existing premium amount. Additionally, premiums can be increased by up to R7,500.00.

The Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan requires a minimum commitment of R350.00. The plan has no maximum limit on monthly payments and the investor can contribute as much as he or she wants. The optimal retirement plan may be purchased on the Old Mutual website or through the Old Mutual mobile app.

The Old Mutual rewards program is available to anyone who has purchased a retirement annuity. Investors are rewarded for every contribution they make to the retirement plan. Claims for proceeds from the Old Mutual rewards program can be redeemed according to the Old Mutual rewards program’s terms and conditions.

The Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan is a cut above the rest of Old Mutual’s retirement offerings. The plan includes a booster, which reimburses a portion of the premiums paid to the retirement annuity by the investor. For the first five years, the retirement annuity will be a booster, and after that, the retirement annuity will receive annual boosters. The booster is restricted to a maximum of 2.5% of the total investment value.

You may secure your premiums while obtaining some of your premiums back in your retirement annuity. Premiums can be safeguarded by purchasing premium protection insurance. Should the investor become handicapped, the insurance will cover the remaining premiums.

How the Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan works

Through the Old Mutual online platform, you may acquire the Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan. The product application is simple and may be completed in a matter of minutes, provided the necessary information is readily available. When submitting an application, personal information will be necessary, and only individuals over the age of 18 will be considered.

You get to pick the sort of investment you wish to invest in when you apply for the product. This will be accomplished with the assistance of an Old Mutual representative, who will guide you based on your planned retirement income. In addition, the sort of investor you are will most likely influence which investment choice is appropriate for you.

As a result, Old Mutual will provide a shortlist of investment funds suitable for the sort of investment you want. The applicant has the option of selecting one of Old Mutual’s advised funds. However, to take advantage of the market, one might switch from one fund to another at a later stage.

Your retirement plan will be activated once you submit an application. Contributions to the retirement plan will be debited from your personal account. The funds contributed will be placed in the investment fund selected by the investor.

The premiums you pay into your retirement plan must last until you reach your desired retirement age. After the first five years of making the initial contribution, the account will receive a 2.5% increase. Following that, booster contributions will be made once a year.

The money invested, plus interest will be accessible to the investor when he or she reaches the desired retirement age.

Advantages of the Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan 

  • The product is available for purchase entirely online.
  • The retirement plan’s minimum premiums are quite affordable.
  • Cash back rewards are available in the form of Old Mutual boosters, which provide cashback for a portion of the premiums paid.
  • By giving Old Mutual reward points, the program compensates investors for making payments to the retirement plan.
  • Investors have the option of selecting the amount of money they wish to receive when they retire.
  • Contributions to a retirement plan are deductible up to a specific amount.
  • Premiums for the plan can be changed at any moment.
  • There is a premium protection plan that you may purchase to ensure that you don’t have to pay your premiums if you become incapacitated.

Disadvantages of the Old Mutual max investments optimal retirement plan 

  • There’s no certainty that you’ll be able to retire with the income you want.
  • Those who do not purchase the premium protection plan will be unable to meet their retirement goals if they become handicapped.


The Optimal retirement plan offers a one-of-a-kind retirement annuity that many people may benefit from. Because the product is flexible, concerns about inflation may be addressed by increasing premiums as necessary.

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