OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance Review 2023


The OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance is an insurance product for building contractors. The insurance product covers some of the business aspects of a company engaged in building.

Contractors All Risk Insurance includes a 10% cashback benefit for being claim-free for three years in a row. If the company remains claim-free for another two years, the insurance company will pay an additional 10% cashback. Following that, the business receives 10% cash back for each year of claim-free status.

Emergency assistance is also included with the Contractors All Risk Insurance. The insured business receives free 24-hour emergency business assistance through emergency assistance.

When filing a claim, the Contractors All Risk Insurance has a low flat excess fee. Multiple claims have no effect on the excess amount, so the excess amount payable is unaffected.

When a business signs up for this product, it provides them with a one-of-a-kind premium. This means that high-risk businesses will pay lower premiums than high-risk businesses.

Furthermore, contractors all risk insurance can be customized to specific contractor businesses. The insurance product further provides contractors with one-of-a-kind coverage.

The OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all insurance product because it can be tailored to different types of contractors. There are certain benefits that come with the contractors all risk insurance and these are detailed below.

What the OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance Covers

The OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance covers a number of incidents. The following are what the OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance covers:

Works Damage

OUTsurance covers the accidental sudden and unforeseen loss or damage to any part of the Insured Property occurring on the Contract Site within the Republic of South Africa during the period of insurance. Damages that are covered include the damages that are a result of works employed by a business.

However, OUTsurance doesn’t cover the following with regard to works damage:

  • Loss or damage to any of the following items:
  • construction plant, scaffolding, equipment, tools, and machinery used in the execution and completion of the contract works;
    • any locomotive, aircraft, or waterborne vessel or craft;
    • refractory linings; and/or
    • cash, bank and currency notes, coins, bonds, coupons, stamps, negotiable instruments, title deeds, manuscripts, securities of any kind, files, or drawings.
  • Loss or damage discovered only during inventory or routine inspection and not associated with a specific incident.
  • Expenses for continuous dewatering following water ingress into the Contract Site.
  • The cost of redesigning, improving, bettering, or changing something as a result of repair, replacement, or reinstatement.
  • Loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by:
    • load shedding;
    • the insured’s or any public supply authority’s deliberate act to withhold or restrict access to electricity; and/or
    • drought or fuel shortage at any power station.

Public Liability Insurance

The OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance covers the damages that the Insured will be legally obligated to pay as a result of:

  • accidental death, bodily injury, or illness; and/or
  • accidental loss or damage to property
  • that occurred
  • during or in connection with the performance of the Insured Contract;
  • on the Contract Site within the Republic of South Africa; and
  • during the Period of Insurance or after the retroactive date shown in the schedule.
  • However, OUTsurance doesn’t cover public liability resulting from the death, bodily injury, or illness of the Insured, employees, or workers of the Insured, or members of their families; and/or loss or damage to the insured’s property.

Advantages of OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance

Businesses can insure against the property on which they work.
Public liability insurance can be taken out to cover the legal risks that the contract may face.
There is cashback of up to 10% when the policyholder remains claim-free.
The premiums of the plan are very competitive.
Optional cover for off-site storage, removal of debris, and more can be taken out to cover specific aspects of a business.
Businesses can choose to cover a specific contract to lower the amount of premium that is payable.
The excess payment is flat and remains so even after making a claim.
The product covers different types of risks.
The product can be applied for online and amended online without any person-to-person contact.

Disadvantages of OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance

The product can be very expensive for companies that require different types of all-risk covers since the product doesn’t give out discounts for businesses with multiple products under OUTsurance.


The OUTsurance Contractors All Risk Insurance provides businesses with cover for the construction site and everyone on it. This insurance helps the business not to be liable for costs related to the cover. The cover is also open to cover many construction-related costs at a reasonable premium without a need to bundle the insurance products for a high cost.

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