Dial Direct Portable Possessions Insurance Review 2022

Every day when you go out you carry possessions with you. Most of the possessions that you carry with you are important and hold a sentimental value to you. However, the safety of your possessions is not guaranteed on the streets. Should you lose or accidentally damage them, you stand a chance of losing these possessions forever or you may have to fix them, which might be very expensive. 

Portable Possessions Insurance from Dial Direct is there to insure your portable possessions. Regardless of the cost of your possession, Dial Dial covers each item at an agreed-upon amount. The insurance product covers you against loss, theft, and accidental damage. 

The product comes with additional benefits that you can make use of at no additional cost. Benefits include cashback benefits, assist benefits and more. The benefits are activated immediately after a successful subscription. You can make use of the benefits as soon as they are activated. 

The policy has situations where it doesn’t indemnify you. As a policyholder, you need to familiarise yourself with these situations. This will help you to always keep your portable possessions in a rightful manner. Should something happen to your portable possession(s), this will ensure you make a successful claim. 

As a policyholder of the portable possessions insurance, you will have access to the Dial Direct app. The app will help you in making fast claims, adjust your policy, or make additional subscriptions to other Dial Direct insurance products. 

Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance 

Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance provides insurance cover for assets and personal possessions that you carry or wear when you go out. These include a line of many carriables and wearables that are split into two categories. Categorizing these assets is to ensure your assets are insured based on the value they hold. 

The categories include unspecified and specified portable possessions insurance. You are covered against loss, accidental damage, and theft under these covers. We discuss the two cover categories below. 

Unspecified Portable Possessions Insurance 

Unspecified Portable Possessions insurance is an insurance product that insures your portable possessions against loss, accidental damage, or theft. The policy is automatically available when you open your portable possessions insurance. 

The value of your unspecified items needs to be less than the standard cover amount. If one or more items are over the standard amount, you need to add those items to the specified cover. 

The product covers items such as bags and the contents inside the bag. When making a claim you will have to report the other lost items inside a bag. Some cell phones and portable electronics are covered under this cover. 

Never make the mistake of having a valuable possession under this cover. This is because you will have a problem of being under-covered. You won’t receive the actual value of the possession that you have covered under the unspecified cover if the item gets stolen, lost, or damaged. 

Specified Portable Possessions Insurance 

Dial Direct specified portable possessions insurance is an insurance product that covers your portable possessions against loss, accidental damage, and theft. The cover is meant to protect your most valuable assets. Less valuable assets that are less than the standard amount are covered under the unspecified cover. 

Valuables under the specified cover must be listed. Furthermore, the listed valuables must be quoted with their current value. You must keep valuation certificates of the portable possessions that you list under the cover because they may be needed when you make a claim. 

Items under the portable possessions are covered individually. This gives you the exact value of the item that you insure and the amount that you will receive when you claim. You can add any movable valuables with you and other home contents that you may use on the go.

 Adding many items on the cover means that you will pay higher premiums. Only add items that are hard for you to replace if they get lost and those that hold value to you. This will minimize your premiums as compared to adding every portable item that you own. 

Familiarise yourself with what you are indemnified for under the specified insurance cover. This cover is for your most valuable assets so you need to ensure that you understand how to keep your possessions under this cover. Understanding things such as where to leave your jewelry will be helpful so that you can make successful claims when your jewelry gets lost. 

Portable Possessions Insurance Benefits

Portable Possessions Insurance comes with benefits that you can enjoy at no extra cost and is activated immediately after subscription. You get a cash payout if you go for 4 years without making any claim. You will get 25% of your premiums or 1 year’s worth of your premiums if you are under the cashback bonus benefit. 

The insurer gives you access to its assist benefits that are available 24/7. Assist benefits that you can make use of include roadside and towing, home, legal, trauma, and medical assist. You can use the assist benefits by making a relevant phone call to the assist benefit that you want to make use of. Phone numbers are included in your policy. 

Indemnification under the insurance 

Under Dial Direct Portable Possessions, you are indemnified for:

  1. loss or damage of jewellery, clothing, and personal items that you and your family members, who live with you, wear or carry with them. 
  2. Any items that don’t include jewellery, clothes or personal items but Dial Direct accepted to insure. 
  3. Loss of or damage to precious metals and stones, and watches. 
  4. Bicycles, prescription glasses, contact lenses and cellphones but only if specified. 
  5. A borehole and swimming pool equipment but only if specified. 


The Dial Direct Portable Possessions Insurance provides an opportunity to insure your portable possessions. You need to understand the risk that comes with taking this insurance product. Therefore, understanding what the policy doesn’t indemnify will relieve you from making wrong decisions that will affect your claims.