1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance Review 2023

1st for women portable possessions insurance is an insurance cover for small items that one carries with when going out of the house. The 1st for women portable possessions insurance provides cover for items that can be individually specified for up to R25,000.00. 

Contents can also be covered collectively under the 1st for women portable possessions insurance. Items that are covered as a pack are those that are deemed to be low in value. These items can include phone covers, low cost jewellery, clothes and other similar items. 

The 1st for women portable possessions insurance is highly customisable. With the product, clients can include or exclude some of their portable possessions. Moreover, the product also allows clients to insure one portable possession or add more to an existing cover. 

The 1st for women portable possessions insurance can include a wide range of portable possessions. Portable Possessions that can be included in the 1st for women portable possessions cover include:

  • Jewellery, 
  • Camera, 
  • Laptop, 
  • Handbag, 
  • Clothing, 
  • Glasses, or 
  • Cellphone.

A comprehensive cover is also available to include other portable possessions not mentioned on the list and cover them against theft, loss or accidental damage. 1st for women portable possessions insurance is discussed further below. 

1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance 

The 1st for Women Portable Possessions is an insurance solution that covers portable assets and wearables. The solution provides standard portable possessions cover for you and your household members for items that you or they use outside your home. 

This solution comes with a number of insurance products that you can make use of. Insurance products available under portable possessions insurance are jewellery insurance, camera insurance, laptop insurance, handbag insurance, clothing insurance, glasses insurance, cellphone insurance, and all risk insurance. 

The insurance covers available under the 1st Women portable possessions insurance are explained below. 

1st for Women Portable Possessions Jewellery Insurance 

Jewellery Insurance is an insurance cover for the jewellery that you wear every day. This insurance product can be added to your 1st for Women portable possessions with a number of other portable possessions insurance products. Moreover, jewellery is covered from unforeseen events such as theft, loss or damage. 

Camera Insurance 

The camera insurance is an insurance product that covers your camera equipment from theft, loss or damage. You get to cover different cameras on this cover and any of the cameras covered will be replaced if they get stolen or lost. 

You need to specify your camera under the cover. Specification of your camera and lenses is important since the insurer will know exactly what is insured. Also, the camera and lens value should be stated and must be correct so that you don’t get over or under-covered. 

Laptop Insurance

Laptop Insurance from 1st for Women is an insurance policy that covers your laptop from unfortunate events. Your laptop will always be covered whether you take it to school or to work with you. On your portable insurance policy, you can specify your laptop. 

The specification of your laptop will require a listing of your laptop on your portable possessions insurance policy. You will also have to include the value of your laptop.

Handbag Insurance 

Handbag Insurance covers your handbag from unforeseen events. The products covers loss, damage or theft of your handbag and replace it after a successful claim with 1st for women. 

The policy covers handbag and contents inside. You get a cover of R5,500.00 for your handbag. However, you can choose to specify your handbag if it is worth more than R5,500.00. Specification of your handbag also help you get the appropriate cover for your handbag. 

Clothing Insurance 

If you have the home contents insurance, your clothes are, therefore, covered by the product. However, if you don’t have such cover you can take the clothing insurance under the portable possessions insurance. It covers the clothes you wear when you go out. 

The product covers clothes against loss, accidental damage, and theft. If you have clothes that are more expensive and exceed the limit cover for unspecified cover, you will have to specify the clothes. 

Glasses Insurance 

Glasses Insurance covers your glasses against theft, loss and damage. You can choose to specify your glasses if your glasses are worth over R5,500.00. Otherwise, you can have them on an unspecified cover that will cover your glasses for R5,500.00 or less. 

Cellphone Insurance 

Cellphone insurance is an insurance product that covers your cell phone from theft, loss and damage. You can choose the specified or unspecified cover depending on the value of your cell phone.

1st for Women Portable Possessions All Risk Insurance 

All Risk Insurance is a comprehensive portable possessions insurance that covers your portables. The product covers portable possessions against accidental damage, theft and loss. This insurance product covers all your portable possessions. 

Advantages of 1st for women portable possessions insurance 

  • The cover is highly optimasable. 
  • Can cover nearly every portable possessions. 
  • There are standalone covers to choose from. 
  • A comprehensive cover is available to cover different portable possessions. 
  • There are benefits that policyholders can enjoy without a need to pay more premiums. 

Disadvantages of 1st for women portable possessions insurance 

  • There is no cash back bonus. 
  • There are no rewards available to policyholders. 


The 1st for women portable possessions insurance is a great insurance product that anyone can subscribe to. The product covers some of the most common portable assets making the insurance product appealing to many customers. 

One other thing that makes the 1st for women portable possessions insurance attractive is its easy application process. You can get a quote from the 1st for women website by simply filling out the online form on the 1st for women website.

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