1st For Women life insurance review 2024

1st for women life insurance

1st for Women Life Insurance offers individuals the opportunity to insure their lives for up to R10,000,000.00. Additionally, you can include a Dread Disease Cover with amounts ranging from R250,000.00 to R1 million in your 1st for Women Life Insurance policy.

1st for Women Life Insurance offers a range of benefits designed to support policyholders in various aspects of life. Through Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance, policyholders can access:

  • Road Assistance
  • Home Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Financial, Tax, and Legal Assistance
  • Concierge Assistance
  • Guardian Angel on Call

These benefits are tailored to help policyholders navigate life’s challenges and provide assistance whenever needed.

Why have life insurance specifically for women?

For over two decades, 1st for Women Insurance has focused on a crucial question that has been central to its mission since its founding in 2004: How can we better serve women in the life insurance industry? Recognizing the underserved status of women in this sector, 1st for Women took a proactive stance to address this gap.

This unique approach has led to the development of a niche market for 1st for Women. Their life insurance not only covers the policyholder but also extends to their children, acknowledging the significant role children play in women’s lives.

By analysing statistics, the company unearthed a notable trend: women tend to live an average of 7 years longer than men. Surprisingly, this longevity factor isn’t typically factored into standard life insurance policies by other companies. As a result, women often find cost savings in premiums by opting for 1st for Women as their insurer.

1st for Women’s life insurance offers an array of excellent benefits. One standout feature is that this coverage remains in effect indefinitely; it doesn’t expire. You also have the option to enhance your policy by adding supplementary benefits, providing added protection for various life-threatening situations. Additionally, you can designate up to 10 beneficiaries on your policy, ranging from immediate family members to more distant relatives.

The coverage encompasses both natural and accidental deaths, with coverage amounts ranging from a minimum of R200,000.00 to a maximum of R10 million. Premiums are determined based on factors such as medical underwriting and age, ensuring customers receive competitive rates.

Another valuable inclusion in your policy is 1st for Women’s Expo-sure feature. This feature grants you and your family access to confidential HIV testing and treatment within a 72-hour window period following accidental exposure, providing peace of mind during challenging situations.

With expo-sure, you will be provided with

  • The morning-after pill.
  • Access to 24 hours, 365 days care centre for HIV/Aids information
  • Life long phone-in advice and counselling
  • STD prevention medication

Add-ons that you can make on your life insurance cover

You can add a number of benefits to your life insurance cover. 1st for women allows you to add other benefits to your life insurance policy to ensure that you get a cover for your other insurance needs.

Add-ons include dread disease cover and disability cover. We will look at both benefits in detail.

Disability cover

1st for women life insurance

Since disability is a risk that each and everyone faces every day, taking a disability cover can help ease the financial burden if you ever find yourself disabled one day. This is because you won’t be able to earn an income during this period.

When you have a disability, your life will likely change in a big way and might take a 360° turn. This disability payout can help with medical bills, doctor consultations, living expenses, or even renovating your house to suit your disability.

1st for women disability cover comes with two options. The first option is a cover for occasional disability insurance that covers you for occupational disabilities. The second cover is an event-based disability cover that covers you immediately for accidental disability.

A claim for a disability cover will be rejected on the following events:

  • Disability as a result of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Self-inflicted injury or illness.
  • Disability while breaking the law.
  • Taking part in criminal activity or any hazardous sport.
  • Disability is a result of hazardous pursuits like participation in war acts, riots, or acts of terrorism.

Dread disease cover

Women have their own critical illnesses and 1st for women takes note of these. 1st for women covers you from a number of dread diseases. This product is a stand-alone product so you can add it to a life insurance cover.

Your life insurance policy will not be affected in any way if you claim for a dread disease benefit. This cover pays out a lump sum which is subject to your coverage amount. When diagnosed with a severe illness, 1st for women will pay a portion of your cover to help through such trying times.

The dread disease cover comes with a number of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Can get cover of up to R10 million.
  • Has no medical checks besides an HIV test.
  • Add up to 10 beneficiaries to your cover.
  • There is no increase in premiums for the first 24 months.
  • There is no waiting period for accidental death and natural death.
  • The payout is tax-free.

Advantages of the 1st for women life insurance 

  • The comprehensive life cover provide cover for up to R10,000,000.00. 
  • There are different types of covers to choose from. 
  • Women get better rates, therefore, as a woman you can save by insuring with 1st for women. 
  • There are assist benefits that can be used at no additional fee. 
  • Dread disease cover is available to a maximum of R10 million. 
  • Payout is tax-free

Disadvantages of the 1st for women life insurance 

  • There are rewards. 
  • Cash back benefit is not available. 


1st for women life insurance is specifically designed for women by taking into consideration their life insurance needs. 1st for women has been working tirelessly to offer the best solutions that cater best for women.

Slowly but surely the company has been moving in the right direction offering life insurance products that are forward-thinking specifically for women. The company’s dread disease and accidental disability cover are a great examples of women’s life insurance covers.

The dread disease and accidental covers provide solutions that are innovative and women-centric. 1st for women’s focus on cervical cancer and pregnancy distinguishes 1st for women’s life insurance from traditional insurers.

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