Metropolitan Investment Income Plans Review 2022

Getting an income other than a salary can be ideal especially if the income is guaranteed. Metropolitan offers investment plans […]

Metropolitan Investment Income plans

Getting an income other than a salary can be ideal especially if the income is guaranteed. Metropolitan offers investment plans that provide regular income packages and that payout according to your specifications. 

With the Metropolitan Investment Income Plans, you get to save money for different purposes, whether it is for your monthly groceries, bond payment, etc. The plans are affordable and start from R15,000.00. Plans are flexible and allow you to choose the desired duration of income. 

Some plans allow for additions of beneficiaries to the plan. This allows beneficiaries to continue earning an income should something happen to you as the main member. Withdrawals to the plans can be done monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly. 

Withdrawals need to be minimised and done annually to take advantage of time. This will ensure that you have enough money for withdrawals in the future and that your interest will compound monthly thus leading to higher interest rates. 

Metropolitan Investment Income Plans

Metropolitan has 3 income plans for investors to choose from. Plans are available for different investors and are there to help investors make extra cash. Below are the Metropolitan Investment Income Plans explained in greater detail. 

Life Annuity Plan

The Life Annuity Plan is an income-guaranteed plan that guarantees an income for life for the main member and the members’ loved ones. This plan pays a regular income to the plan holder for life. 

The Life Annuity Plan allows investors to choose how often they receive income. This could be yearly, quarterly, monthly, or bi-annually. Frequent withdrawals on the life annuity plan result in you receiving lesser quoted income. 

Metropolitan guarantees income on your life annuity plan. This is one plan that you can count on since you will be receiving income that cannot be compromised regardless of market conditions at the time. 

Income that is received from the life annuity plan stays the same over time. As mentioned above, the plan also allows investors to select beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will receive the amount you chose for your life annuity plan, this money is paid out to them when you pass on. 

The minimum investment amount of R15,000.00 is required to invest in the life annuity plan. However, investors cannot opt to boost their income at any point during the life annuity plan cycle. This limits your future income earning ability since you cannot add more money to your plan to receive higher annuities in the future. 

Capital Preservation Plan

Capital Preservation plan is a guaranteed regular income that pays members a specified amount of money for life. The Capital Preservation plan has the ability to pay investors all of their money back or some of their money back. 

Investors can choose to receive income as often as they want. Income can be received monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly. The choice is done before you make your initial deposit into the plan and a figure is quoted to you which you will receive based on the period you have chosen. 

The income that you receive is guaranteed for life. This means that you will receive this money until death. That’s not all, the plan has an option for subscribers to boost their income. This function allows investors to boost their income by making further deposits into their plan in the future. 

Note that quoted income will remain the same until a boost to the plan has been made. Therefore, if no boost is made you will receive the same amount for a lifetime. As a plan holder, you get to select beneficiaries of your plan. Beneficiaries get paid when you die. 

The minimum investment amount that is allowable to join the capital Preservation is R50,000.00. There is no maximum amount allowable, therefore, you can invest as much money as you want. 

Term Certain Annuity Plan

Term Certain Annuity Plan is a guaranteed income annuity that pays out a specific amount of income for a specific amount of time. The plan excludes any payments that have to be done at the end of the term. 

The plan comes with an option to choose how often you want to receive income as an investor. Periods of income receipts can be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly with yearly payouts being more than any other payment option. 

After choosing a payment option, you will be quoted a figure that you will receive at equal intervals that you’ve chosen. The quoted amount is guaranteed and it is paid to you for life. It also doesn’t change regardless of the market conditions at the time. 

If you want higher income payments you can boost your income payments by making a further deposit anytime in the future. By making a further lump sum payment to the term certain annuity, you will receive a new income quote that is greater than the current income. 

The term certain annuity requires a minimum lump sum deposit of R15,000.00. There is no maximum amount threshold, therefore, investors can deposit any amount greater than R15,000.00. 


The Metropolitan Investment Income Plans are a great way to secure your money and earn a regular income. The plans available come with a guarantee on your receivable income payment, therefore, you get to be worry-free during the investment period. 

Plan holders can choose to nominate beneficiaries should something happen to them. This gives a further guarantee to your money as your money will be paid to your loved ones even if you are no longer around. 

It is advisable to familiarise yourself with the Metropolitan Investment Income Plans before jumping into taking one. You may realise that you need one or more plans for you and/or your family to become financially stable.

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