Astoria Investments Ltd Unveils Q1 2024 Financial Results: Fluctuations and Strategic Focus Emerge

Astoria Investments Ltd recently released its unaudited results for the quarter ended 31 March 2024. The results provide insights into the company’s financial performance and strategic direction.

Key Financial Metrics

Let’s look into the key financial metrics presented in Astoria’s Q1 2024 results:

Metric31 March 2023 (ZAR cents / US cents)31 December 2023 (ZAR cents / US cents)31 March 2024 (ZAR cents / US cents)
Net Asset Value per Share1,340.75 / 73.391,454.38 / 79.471,385.02 / 75.60
Income70,620,000 ZAR / $2,615,00021,963,917 ZAR / $1,190,00049,373,000 ZAR / $876,000
Loss per Share(125.31) / (6.10)(58.77) / (3.19)(115.26) / (7.06)
Headline Loss per Share(125.31) / (6.10)(58.77) / (3.19)(115.26) / (7.06)

Analysis of Net Asset Value per Share

The Net Asset Value (NAV) per share reflects the company’s underlying asset value. Despite a slight decrease from the audited December 2023 figure of 1,454.38 ZAR cents (79.47 US cents) to 1,385.02 ZAR cents (75.60 US cents) in Q1 2024, Astoria’s NAV remains robust. This decrease could be attributed to market fluctuations or adjustments in asset valuations.

Income Performance

Astoria’s income for Q1 2024 surged to 49,373,000 ZAR (approximately $876,000), a significant increase compared to the previous quarter’s 21,963,917 ZAR ($1,190,000). This uptick indicates improved revenue generation strategies or successful investment activities during the quarter.

Loss and Headline Loss per Share

The company reported a loss per share of (115.26) ZAR cents / (7.06) US cents and a headline loss per share of (115.26) ZAR cents / (7.06) US cents for Q1 2024. Although these figures represent a loss, it’s essential to note any underlying factors or exceptional items contributing to these losses, such as market conditions or strategic decisions.

Valuation Policy and Investment Strategy

Astoria’s valuation policy emphasizes detailed valuations of unlisted investments during interim and year-end reporting periods. This approach ensures transparency and accuracy in assessing the true value of the company’s assets. Additionally, the company’s investment strategy aims to grow its NAV per share at a high real rate over time, reflecting a long-term wealth creation objective.

Dividend Policy and Shareholder Communication

Notably, Astoria did not declare or pay any dividends for Q1 2024. This decision could be strategic, focusing on reinvesting profits for future growth or addressing specific financial priorities. Effective communication with shareholders, as evidenced by the release of comprehensive reports and announcements, fosters transparency and investor confidence.


Astoria Investments Ltd’s Q1 2024 results showcase a mix of financial performance indicators. While there are fluctuations in metrics like NAV per share and losses, the company’s strategic valuation policy, investment approach, and transparent communication with shareholders remain pivotal. Investors should consider these factors along with market dynamics when evaluating Astoria’s investment potential.