Oando PLC Faces Court Adjournment in Key Scheme of Arrangement Hearing

  • Oando PLC's court case adjournment affects its Scheme of Arrangement, crucial for restructuring and shareholder interests.
  • Shareholder concerns include transparency, governance, and impact on their interests amid legal challenges.
  • Legal compliance, corporate governance, and effective communication are key amidst the complex regulatory and legal landscape.

Oando PLC has been making headlines recently due to developments in a court case related to its Scheme of Arrangement. The company, listed on both the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), is facing legal challenges that have led to the adjournment of a critical hearing.

Background of the Court Case

The court case, identified as Suit No: FHC/L/CP/494/2021, involves Venus Construction Company Limited and 13 others as petitioners against Ocean and Oil Development Partners Limited and Oando PLC. The petition, filed on March 25, 2021, has significant implications for Oando’s restructuring plans.

Reasons for the Adjournment

The Federal High Court in Lagos has postponed the hearing to June 24, 2024. This adjournment is primarily to address pending applications from shareholders seeking to join the petition and challenging previous court orders related to Oando’s Scheme of Arrangement.

Key Court Orders and Directives

A crucial court order issued on June 7, 2022, directed Oando PLC to submit its Scheme of Arrangement document to regulatory bodies within 30 days. This order has been contested by certain shareholders, leading to additional legal proceedings and the current adjournment.

Implications for Oando PLC

The ongoing court case and adjournment have significant implications for Oando PLC and its stakeholders. The outcome of the hearing will determine the company’s ability to proceed with its proposed Scheme of Arrangement and restructuring plans.

Shareholder Concerns and Challenges

Certain shareholders have raised concerns and challenges regarding Oando’s restructuring efforts. These concerns include transparency, governance issues, and the impact of the Scheme of Arrangement on shareholder interests.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

The role of corporate governance and compliance is crucial in navigating the challenges faced by Oando PLC. As a publicly listed company, Oando must adhere to best practices in governance, transparency, and regulatory compliance.

Investor Sentiment and Market Impact

The uncertainty surrounding the court case and Oando’s restructuring plans has affected investor sentiment and market perception. Stock performance and trading activity on both the NGX and JSE reflect the cautious outlook among investors.

Stakeholder Communication and Transparency

Effective communication and transparency are essential during times of legal challenges and regulatory scrutiny. Oando PLC must maintain open dialogue with shareholders, regulatory authorities, and the public to address concerns and maintain trust.


Oando PLC’s court adjournment regarding its Scheme of Arrangement underscores the complexities and challenges faced by companies in the energy sector. The outcome of the hearing will have far-reaching implications for Oando and its stakeholders, highlighting the importance of legal compliance, governance, and transparent communication in the business environment. Investors and market observers will closely monitor developments leading up to the rescheduled hearing date to gauge the future trajectory of Oando PLC.

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