Debt Rescue Review 2024

Debt Rescue operates as a prominent financial services provider dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming debt burdens. Renowned for its […]

Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue operates as a prominent financial services provider dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming debt burdens. Renowned for its expertise in debt counselling, the company has been a significant player in South Africa, extending its debt management services to numerous South Africans since its inception.

Beyond its acclaimed debt management solutions, Debt Rescue also offers a range of other services, including sequestration and diverse insurance products. Consequently, the company’s scope extends beyond mere debt management; it also functions as an insurer and financial planner.

Debt Rescue Summary 

Debt Rescue, founded in 2008 and based in Kempton Park, South Africa, stands as a prominent financial services provider. It has emerged as a key player in debt counselling within South Africa, boasting a substantial social media presence with over 67,000 followers on Facebook.

The company’s highly acclaimed debt review solution has garnered significant popularity, aiding South Africans in managing their debt through reduced instalments. Beyond debt counselling, Debt Rescue also offers an array of services, including:

Debt Rescue Services 

Debt Rescue provides a number of services in insurance, debt management, and more. These services are discussed below. 

Debt Counselling 

Debt Rescue’s debt counselling service is designed to aid over-indebted South Africans in managing their debts on the path to financial freedom. Through strategic partnerships with credit providers in South Africa, the company helps customers secure reduced interest rates on loans and lower monthly instalments.

Debt Rescue’s debt review process ensures customers achieve debt-free status through a structured approach, which includes the following steps:

Step 1:

The initial phase involves completing a debt assessment, a quick and free process that determines if someone is over-indebted. Feedback on the assessment is provided within minutes, enabling customers to decide whether to proceed with Debt Rescue’s debt review service without any financial or commitment obligations.

Step 2:

Upon confirmation of being over-indebted, customers can initiate an application. This involves filling out an application form with personal and creditor-related information. A debt counselor then evaluates the individual’s financial situation to determine eligibility for debt counselling.

Step 3:

Upon entering debt review, customers benefit from protection against creditor harassment, as Debt Rescue notifies creditors and credit bureaus about the ongoing debt review process. This ensures adjustments to the customer’s credit profile and helps manage interactions with creditors.

Step 4:

Debt Rescue engages in negotiations with creditors to establish a new repayment plan that includes reduced instalments and lower interest rates, aligning the debt with the customer’s income and making payments more manageable.

Step 5:

With the assistance of Debt Rescue’s legal team, the negotiated repayment plan is formalized into a court order, safeguarding the customer’s assets from repossession. Customers then follow the agreed-upon repayment plan, which typically spans 3 to 5 years but can be expedited with lump sum payments or accelerated installments.

Upon successful completion of the repayment plan, customers receive a clearance certificate, signalling their debt-free status and the conclusion of Debt Rescue’s services.


Debt Rescue helps over-indebted individuals that are under Sequestration. The company helps its customers to find the best solutions to their Sequestration or liquidation problems. Debt Rescue is there to ensure that customers can salvage their credit status when facing Sequestration. 

Debt Rescue helps customers with applications for rehabilitation orders which bring an end to their sequestration. This will consequently discharge them of all their debt prior to sequestration. 

Debt Consolidation 

Debt Rescue offers a debt consolidation solution designed to merge multiple debts into a single loan, primarily tailored for clients with good credit scores who are nonetheless over-indebted. This consolidation loan aims to decrease monthly installments, freeing up more funds for customers to allocate towards their families or savings.

Clients with good credit scores can benefit from reduced interest rates on their loans, resulting in lower monthly repayments. However, it’s important to note that while the reduced interest rates lead to decreased installments, the overall debt amount may increase. This increase occurs because Debt Rescue renegotiates the payment period, potentially extending the repayment duration by adding more months or years to the loan term.

Competitive Advantages of Debt Rescue

  • There is product differentiation.
  • The company holds positive reviews on HelloPeter and Google reviews.
  • Debt Rescue has a high online presence with accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google my Business and Facebook.
  • The company has over 14 years of experience in debt management service provision.
  • Short term and long term insurance products are available including credit life insurance to protect those that are under debt counselling from missing payments due to retrenchment or job loss.

Competitive Disadvantages of Debt Rescue

  • Long term insurance products from Debt Rescue are not popular in South Africa.
  • Prioritises Debt management solutions more than the other services provided


Debt Rescue stands out as a reliable and comprehensive financial services provider dedicated to helping individuals navigate and overcome their debt challenges. With a strong track record in debt counselling, debt consolidation, and debt management, Debt Rescue has become a trusted partner for many South Africans seeking a path to financial freedom.

Through its innovative solutions and strategic partnerships with credit providers, Debt Rescue assists clients in reducing monthly instalments, negotiating lower interest rates, and developing manageable repayment plans. The company’s commitment to client protection, evidenced by its legal support and debt review processes, ensures that customers are shielded from creditor harassment and asset repossession.

Overall, Debt Rescue’s holistic approach to debt relief, combined with its emphasis on financial education and empowerment, makes it a valuable ally for individuals striving to regain control of their finances and build a more secure financial future.

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