1st for Women Home Contents Insurance Review 2023

1st For Women home contents insurance protects your valuables at home. The insurance product covers items in a home, the […]

1st For Women Home Contents Insurance

1st For Women home contents insurance protects your valuables at home. The insurance product covers items in a home, the items that are covered must be listed. Refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, dryers, and other household items are covered by 1st For Women home contents insurance.

Comprehensive 1st For Women home contents insurance protects your belongings against natural disasters, theft, and loss or damage. A fire and storm only home contents insurance policy, which covers natural disasters and acts of nature, is also available.

There is also handbag insurance that covers handbags for loss, damage, and theft. The handbag cover provides R25,000.00 in coverage for any likely occurrence.

The First for Women Home Contents Insurance includes free benefits that you can use whenever you want. Benefits can be accessed as soon as your policy is activated. You will also receive Guardian Angel lifestyle benefits. Guardian angel lifestyle benefits are available to help you in times of need.

The 1st For Women Home Contents insurance offers and benefits are discussed below.

1st for Women Home Contents Insurance 

The first for women home contents insurance is designed specifically for women. This is the only home contents insurance policy that prioritises women in South Africa. This product is available for purchase not only by women, but also by men.

There are 3 different covers to choose from. Handbag insurance, comprehensive home contents insurance, and fire and storm only home contents insurance are all available. The insurance provider’s coverage options are described in detail below.

Comprehensive home contents insurance 

1st for Women comprehensive home contents insurance covers a wide range of household valuables. The cover is there to protect you against any loss that you may suffer over your home contents. Home Contents include your home assets and garden furniture. 

You are covered against acts of nature. These natural occurrences happen every now and then and in some cases may damage your home valuables. The comprehensive cover will insure you against fires, storms, floods, lightning, explosions, falling trees, and earthquakes. 

Theft is also covered on comprehensive home contents insurance. You are covered for assets that you have at home against theft. Should there be a break-in and your belongings get stolen, your belongings will be replaced after a successful claim. The cover also repairs any locks and keys that are damaged during a break-in. 

To be indemnified, you need to always lock and switch the alarm system whenever you leave your home. Failure to do so may result in an unsuccessful claim. Not only are your personal belongings covered for theft but also that of family members, guests, and domestic worker(s). 

You are also covered for loss or damage of your home contents under this cover. The cover includes any loss or damage caused by an aircraft or objects falling from them, animals damaging your valuables, vehicles, and burst pipes that damage your home valuables. 

Loss and damages that are caused by load shedding are also covered. Therefore, if the food in your refrigerator deteriorates due to load shedding, that food will be replaced. Your pets are also covered under comprehensive home contents insurance. Pets are covered against injury caused by road accidents. 

Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Cover

1st for Women Fire and Storm Only Home Contents cover is an insurance cover that only covers your home valuables against fire and storm. The cover is there to ensure that your valuables are replaced should they get damaged or lost because of natural disasters and acts of nature. 

Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Insurance doesn’t have as many advantages as the comprehensive cover since it covers only two occurrences. The cover is way cheaper than the comprehensive cover. This cover is suitable for those that live in a hazardous environment or who have a home contents cover that doesn’t cover either fires or storms or both. 

Handbag Cover

Handbag cover is a complimentary cover for home contents insurance policyholders. The cover is specifically designed to benefit women.  Quotes for the fire and storm only and comprehensive home contents cover come with this cover. Therefore, the cover is provided for free when you activate your home contents insurance. 

Advantages of 1st For Women Home Contents Insurance 

  • The product comes with a handbag cover. 
  • There is Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance. 
  • There are different covers to choose from. 
  • Comprehensive cover also cover food that has gone bad in a fridge due to loadshedding. 

Disadvantages of 1st For Women Home Contents Insurance 

  • There is no cash back when you remain claim free


The First for Women  Home Contents Insurance is a good policy for women to have. When compared to other insurers’ home contents insurance, the policy does not benefit men as much as it does for women. In terms of insurance value, men tend to benefit the same or more from other insurers, such as Budget Home Contents insurance.

Women and men receive the same benefits from first for women, including guardian angel lifestyle benefits. Women, on the other hand, have an advantage because they receive a handbag cover.

It is important to understand what you are getting yourself into when getting home contents insurance cover. We advise that you speak to an advisor and ask them what you are and what you are not indemnified for in the cover before signing up. This will help you have knowledge of what to do or what not to do with your home contents.

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