FNB Islamic Gold Business Account Review 2021

The FNB Islamic Gold Business Account is a first-tier business cheque account for Islamic banking. The account is Shari’ah compliant and offers similar features, pricing, rewards, and benefits as that of the FNB Gold Business Account.  To make sure that the account is strategically structured to meet acceptable standards based on Islamic banking, FNB has […]

FNB First Business Zero Account Review 2021

The FNB First Business Zero Account was first launched in October 2020 and it is targeted at small businesses. The account is designed for sole proprietorships, therefore, registered businesses do not qualify for this account.  Sole proprietors face numerous hurdles on their way up to become registered companies. Accounting for sole proprietors can be cumbersome, […]

FNB Global Account Review 2021

Being a frequent traveller can somewhat require you to have an account like the FNB Global Account that can accommodate your foreign currency needs. Even those who transact frequently using foreign currency may require an account that accommodates their frequent currency expenditure.  The FNB Global Account is an account that is meant to solve foreign […]

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