FNB Funeral Plan Review 2023

FNB Funeral Plan

The FNB funeral plan offers funeral coverage with a minimum amount of R2,000.00 and a maximum amount of R100,000.00. Funeral plan premiums start at R50.00 per month.

The funeral plan provides immediate coverage for accidental death to any life insured on the plan. The primary member and/or spouse are also eligible for a double accidental death benefit of up to R200,000.00.

The FNB funeral plan can cover immediate and extended family members and can accommodate up to 21 family members. The plan can be purchased without insuring the policyholder and only covering their family.

As a result of paying lower premiums, the policyholder can obtain coverage starting at R5,000.00. The policyholder can insure family members for as little as R2,000.00 per family member.

The FNB Funeral Plan includes a cashback benefit that requires no additional premium. After 3 years, the cashback benefit reimburses up to 6 months’ premiums. The cashback benefit is provided whether or not a claim has been made.

Burial repatriation is also available, covering the cost of transporting the mortal remains of the primary member or anyone else covered by the policy. The benefit includes transportation to and from the site of burial within South African borders.

The FNB funeral plan includes a number of benefits that the policyholder can use as needed, discussed further below.

FNB Funeral Plan Benefits

The FNB funeral plan comes with several benefits, including:

Quick Payout

The FNB funeral plan pays out quickly, and those who file a valid claim can receive a payout within 24 hours of approval. The plan has a successful claim record, with 1 out of every 5 claims paid within 30 minutes of approval.

Claims can be submitted entirely online, eliminating the need to visit an FNB branch. All that is required to file a claim is a copy of the claimant’s and the deceased person’s ID or passport. A death notice is also required.


The main life assured and other policy members are eligible for the repatriation benefit. The benefit covers the transportation of the deceased’s remains within South Africa at no extra cost to the policyholder.

When transportation is provided, one family member may accompany the deceased and will be provided with one night’s accommodation if necessary.


The cashback benefit gives the policyholder money back after 3 years of paying premiums on the policy. The plan reimburses the policyholder for up to six months of premiums.

The cashback benefit is provided at no additional cost to the policyholder and is automatically integrated into the FNB funeral plan.

Although the FNB funeral plan includes additional benefits, there are some exclusions. The plan’s exclusions are detailed below.

FNB Funeral Plan Exclusions

There are a few exclusions with the FNB funeral plan that will affect claims on the plan. The plan’s main exclusion is death as a result of active participation in criminal acts. The plan does not cover any claims arising from criminal acts.

The information provided to FNB for the FNB funeral plan must be accurate and not misleading. This is because the information provided has an impact on the underwriting process and may increase or decrease the payable premiums.

Individuals who subscribe to the plan are required not to provide fraudulent, materially incorrect, misrepresented, or omitted information. This also applies when the plan details are updated. Failure to comply will result in an unsuccessful claim.

There are also waiting periods that can affect the FNB funeral plan claim. Suicide has a 12-month waiting period, so death from suicide within the first 12 months will result in no payout.

Another waiting period is that of natural death, which has a 6-month waiting period. You will not have to serve a waiting period for suicide or natural death if you are migrating from a funeral cover from a licensed insurer in South Africa.

Advantages of FNB Funeral Plan

  • There is a cashback benefit that comes at no extra cost to the policyholder.
  • The funeral plan provides up to R100,000.00 cover for the main member.
  • The cover amount on the plan can be adjusted to as low as R2,000.00.
  • Premiums on the plan are very competitive as they start from R50.00.
  • Repatriation service is available anywhere in South Africa.
  • There is a double accidental death payout that is automatically embedded in the plan.
  • The plan can be applied for fully online.
  • Claiming is easy and can be done online by filing a claim and emailing the supporting documents to the relevant email address.
  • Accidental death is covered immediately.
  • Up to 21 family members can be covered on the plan.

Disadvantages of FNB Funeral Plan

  • There is no premium waiver benefit for seniors.
  • There are no optional add-ons to the plan.
  • Only one plan is available.

FNB Funeral Plan Application

To apply for the FNB funeral plan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a valid bank account from any South African Bank.
  • Be 18 years or older at the time of application.
  • Be a South African citizen or permanent resident with a valid ID or be a non-South African citizen with a valid passport/visa banking with FNB. (non-South African citizens can only apply for the FNB funeral plan on the FNB app or website)


The FNB funeral plan is one of the most comprehensive funeral plans available in South Africa, offering benefits at no extra cost. The funeral plan can provide basic funeral benefits as well as advanced funeral benefits at a very low cost. This plan also caters to those who want a funeral plan with a low cover amount and a low premium, which makes it easy to maintain.

The most significant disadvantage of the FNB funeral plan is the lack of add-ons that allow individuals to customize their funeral plan. Some of the add-ons that can make the plan more appealing are premium waiver and paid-up benefit.

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