Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card Review 2022

Diners Club International in collaboration with Standard Bank, have made it possible to bring the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card […]

Diners club platinum credit card

Diners Club International in collaboration with Standard Bank, have made it possible to bring the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card to South Africa. The Diners Club Platinum Credit card is mainly designed for individuals that like to travel around the world and have an exotic taste in entertainment. 

The credit card offers benefits that are world-class with complimentary services that go beyond banking. Benefits include lifestyle benefits, insurance benefits and travel benefits. 

Diners Club Platinum Credit Card Summary 

The Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card is a credit card that carries a monthly maintenance fee of R80.00. To be eligible for the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card, you must earn at least R500,000.00 each year. As a Diners Club Platinum credit cardholder, you are required to repay at least 3% of your total credit/debt balance each month. Diners Club Platinum accounts get a fixed rate of interest. On the Diners Club Platinum credit card, the maximum interest rate available is prime plus 7.25 percent.

The credit card comes with a 2% international transaction fee. As a Diners Club credit cardholder, you can take advantage of complimentary services such as complimentary card additions, complimentary concierge service, complimentary first statement request per month, complimentary first card replacement, and complimentary first deposit per month.

To begin using your Diners Club credit card, a one-time initiation charge of R180.00 is required. The credit card comes with a 24-hour customer support line to assist you in the event of an emergency. Additionally, you’ll receive real-time transaction updates and notifications about transactions made with your Diners Club Platinum credit card.

Benefits of the Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card

Diners club platinum credit card
  1. Access to over 1000 airport lounges around the world in over 131 countries and 501 cities. 
  2. You get complimentary express spa treatments at OR Tambo International departures or Letsema manicures at Cape Town at domestic departures. 
  3. Emirates flight discounts of up to 30% off first class, 35% off business class, and 30% off economy flights when you use your Diners Club Platinum Credit Card. 
  4. You get automatic insurance and get an immediate replacement of lost or stolen Diners Club credit cards. 
  5. For every public conveyance ticket that you purchase with your Diners Club Platinum Credit card, you get complimentary phase 1 travel insurance. 
  6. Invitations to lifestyle experiences
  7. Complimentary lifestyle concierge service. 
  8. Invitations to connoisseur events such as wine, whiskey and coffee. 
  9. Access to pre-arranged Airport transfers and Meet & Greet. Members get exclusively negotiated rates for transport to the airport and fast track airport check-ins and arrivals for international flights. 
  10. You get special offers through the Diners Club international network.
  11. You get global complimentary access to over 65 million WiFi hotspots accessed through Diners Club Travel Tools App. 
  12. There is an optional credit protection plan that provides cover for your credit should something unfortunate happens to your credit. 
  13. You get to be part of a rewards program that allows you to earn and redeem miles on flights and accommodation with either ClubMiles, BA Avios or SAA Voyager. 
  14. You get easy access to Forex via a concierge. This is done through Travelex and delivery is anywhere around the country. 

Standard Bank Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card Fees 2022

Fee description Amount
Monthly fee R80.00
Initiation feeR180.00
Foreign charge handling fee2%
Diners Club credit card interest ratePrime rate + 7,25%
ClubMiles rewards monthly feeR22.42
SAA Voyager rewards monthly feeR32.50
BA Exec Club rewards monthly feeR32.50
ATM cash deposit feeR2.35 per R100.00
Branch cash deposit feeR10.00 + R2.35 per R100.00 
ATM cash withdrawals at Standard Bank R2.35 per R100.00
Branch cash withdrawal fee at Standard bankR55.00 + R2.35 per R100.00
Cash withdrawals at other banks ATMsR10.00 + R2.35 per R100.00 
International cash withdrawal feeR50.00 + R2.35 per R100.00 
Manual funds transfer R40.00
Late payment feeR170.00
An additional copy of a monthly statement R30.00
Balance enquiry at a Standard Bank ATMR1.60
Lost card replacement fee: LocalR200.00
Lost card replacement fee: international R310.00
Diners Club Platinum Credit Card Fees 2022

Competitive Advantages of the Standard bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card 

  • Comes with a whole lot of complimentary benefits such as concierge service, phase 1 travel insurance, and global access to over 65 million WiFi hotspots. 
  • You get 55 days interest-free credit if you pay your outstanding debt on your Platinum account every month. 
  • You get free secondary cards. 
  • Comes with 24/7 customer service at no additional costs
  • There is no initiation fee charged on a new card and loyalty program. 
  • The Diners Club credit card is accepted at Point of Sale, ATMs, Online and other various digital platforms. 
  • Diners Club Platinum Credit Cardholders get to enjoy local and international lounge access. 
  • You get discounted flights, accommodation, Airport VIP fast track, restaurant bookings, and entertainment. 

Competitive Disadvantages of the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card 

  • The rewards consist of travel rewards and expensive entertainment rewards. 
  • It’s hard to earn rewards if you don’t travel much or live a glamorous life. 

How to qualify for the Credit Card 

  1. You must earn an annual income of R500,000.00 or more. 
  2. Have a certified copy of your ID copy or a valid passport if you are not a South African citizen. 
  3. Have a proof of residence (utility bill) that is not older than 3 months at the time of application. If you live with another person you can present an Affidavit from the person you live with confirming that the applicant resides with them and the nature of the relationship. 
  4. The latest copy of your income tax return (IRP5) or a 3 months original bank statement. 


The Diners Club credit card comes with multiple travel and lifestyle benefits that a regular traveler would enjoy. The credit card is by far the best travel credit card from Standard Bank when you match the travel and lifestyle benefits with all Standard Bank credit cards.

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