Dial Direct Vehicle Insurance Review 2022

Dial Direct is known for giving back bonuses to those that drive well since its formation. The company has never lost its way of rewarding customers for making the right decisions when it comes to their motor vehicles. 

Today, thousands of South Africans are enjoying cashback on their premiums for driving well. By joining Dial Direct, you stand a chance of getting up to 75% cashback for making great driving decisions. 

The vehicle insurance from the company is easy to get. You can use the company’s online platforms to start your application. Turnaround time for a subscription request is less than a day. 

Dial Direct Vehicle Insurance

Dial Direct Vehicle Insurance offers South African products that come with lots of benefits. The products offered are not only meant to help you protect your car but also protect you from third-party liabilities that you may incur from accidental damage to third party property or vehicle. 

There are four products that Dial Direct offers for its motor vehicle insurance. Products available include comprehensive car insurance, third party, fire, and theft insurance, comprehensive off-road insurance, and third-party only car insurance. All four products are explained below in detail. 

Dial Direct Vehicle Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance 

Dial Direct comprehensive car insurance is a car insurance policy that covers motor vehicles against theft, accident, third party liability, windscreen, flood, and fire damage. The policy comes with the option of choosing a hail cover for your car, which covers your car against car damage caused by hail storms. 

Dial Direct guarantees top quality on the replacement of vehicle parts after a successful claim. You get a lifetime guarantee on vehicle repairs provided for by Dial Direct. Should a repaired part get broken, Dial Direct will repair your vehicle for free. 

The comprehensive car insurance also gives you direct access to emergency assistance that will be there to help you change a tyre or help you if your battery is low. Emergency assistance is available 24/7 across South Africa. 

The cover also provides you with direct access to a tow truck when you have a breakdown. You will be towed to the nearest garage or safe place where you will get help. This service is available 24/7 across South Africa. 

By downloading the Dial Direct mobile app, you stand a chance to benefit from monthly payback. You can earn a monthly cashback of up to 75%. Furthermore, you automatically qualify for a payback bonus after four years of uninterrupted cover even if you make certain claims. 

Dial Direct Vehicle Insurance Comprehensive off-road car insurance 

Dial Direct comprehensive off-road car insurance is a fully inclusive car insurance product for off-road vehicles that covers policyholders for theft, accident, third-party liability, windscreen, flood, and fire damage. This option is mainly for motorists who are adventurous and like travelling. 

The comprehensive off-road car insurance is particularly designed for 4 x 4 owners. As a 4×4 owner, you can embark on different journeys across South Africa knowing that you are covered. 

For driving responsibly, you can earn cashback of up to 75% of your premium. You can get this benefit by registering on the Dial Direct mobile app as a policyholder. The benefit comes free of charge and has no administration fees. 

Third-Party, Fire, and Theft Insurance

Dial Direct third-party, fire, and theft insurance is vehicle insurance that covers you for vehicle theft, third-party damage, and towing and storage. You can choose to be covered for windscreen damage, canopy theft and damage, and sound system theft to your policy. 

The third-party, fire, and theft insurance is a downgrade of the comprehensive car insurance and doesn’t include cover for natural occurrences damaging your motor vehicle. However, the third-party, fire, and theft insurance is still a good insurance policy as it still protects the policyholder from other events that are beyond his/her control. 

The product comes with lower premiums than comprehensive car insurance or off-road car insurance. This is because the cover doesn’t offer as many perks as the other car insurance products. 

Third-Party only Insurance 

Dial Direct third-party only car insurance covers you should you damage someone’s property. This cover only covers you if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. Your car is not covered by the insurance option, therefore, you will need to take the third-party, fire, and theft or comprehensive car insurance for your own vehicle cover. 

You can make some add ons to your third party only insurance policy as they are permissible. You can cover your sound system should it get stolen. Dial Direct will replace the sound system. Third-party only insurance comes with a cashback benefit. By accepting the quote you will start receiving the cashback benefit that will allow you to earn up to 75% cashback. 

Side Benefits of the Dial Direct Car Insurance 

After accepting the insurance quote from Dial Direct, many benefits become available to you. You will receive assistance benefits that are there to help you 24/7 in cases of emergency. 

Assist benefits include:

  1. Medical assist – you get assistance when it comes to medical advice, counselling and advice on domestic and child abuse, sexual assault, depression,  and funeral arrangements. 
  2. Roadside and Towing assist – assist when you have a breakdown or roadside emergency. The benefits assist in charging a flat battery, changing a flat tyre, fuel delivery, and storage of your vehicle. 
  3. Home Assist – covers callouts plus free one hour service for services of plumbers, electricians, Glazier and locksmiths. 
  4. Trauma Assist – is there to help you and your family deal with trauma. Can access over 110 recognized trauma centres around South Africa. 
  5. Legal assist – helps you see through your personal legal matters. 


Dial Direct Car Insurance is an insurance product to try out. Partnering with an excellent service provider that puts its clients’ needs ahead of everything can help you tremendously. The fact that you have access to a mobile app that you can use to make claims is advantageous. The app gives you an opportunity to configure your policy without any help making it convenient to use.

Dial Direct Vehicle Insurance Review 2022

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