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Budget Insurance Building Insurance Review 2022

Budget Insurance Building Insurance

Building Insurance is not a popular insurance type among South Africans. Insurance preference is on movable assets as many believe that their movable assets will be easily damaged or stolen as compared to immovable assets. However, homes and buildings are the most valuable assets that we own as South Africans, therefore, safeguarding such a valuable asset is necessary. 

There are things that can go wrong with a building that you own and getting the building or property covered can work to your advantage. You will live without having fear of losing your building from events that are beyond your control. 

Budget Insurance offers premier building insurance cover to help you be at ease when it comes to the possibility of losing your building or home. The Budget Insurance Building Insurance comes at a reasonable price and it is affordable. Although South Africa is not a high-risk area when it comes to natural disasters crime is a setback in the country. 

With Budget Insurance’s building insurance you will be covered from a number of things that include but are not limited to earthquakes, floods, storms, damage, etc. Theft is also covered on the Budget building insurance which covers you for losses incurred due to break-in. 

Budget Building Insurance is easy to acquire. You get the insurance policy by visiting the company’s site and start the application process. Claims are also made easy. Policyholders can now make claims online for a faster-claiming process. 

What are building insurance assist benefits? 

Building insurance assist benefits are benefits that you get after accepting the building insurance quote. Budget Insurance automatically gets you great assist benefits to help you out when you’re stuck on the road or have home emergencies. The building insurance assist benefits include the road assist and the home assist. Other assist benefits include trauma assist, medical assist, legal assist, and entertainment assist which are designed to assist you when you need help. 

Road assist benefit is there to assist you when you have roadside emergencies. Roadside emergencies may include running out of gas, locking your car keys inside the car, and more. Budget Insurance will help you during these times of need so that you can get home safe. If your car has broken down, Budget Insurance will cover the cost of towing your car to the nearest repairer or storage yard. 

Home assist benefit helps you in times of emergencies that can damage your building. The benefit will assist you to get help from electricians, plumbers, Glazier, and locksmiths as soon as possible at the time of emergency. 

What does the Budget Insurance Building Insurance Include? 

The Insurance includes:

  1. Cover for loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, earthquakes, the bursting or overflowing of geysers, equipment or pipes, and storm or flood,
  2. Cover for damage caused by animals, vehicles, and falling trees,
  3. The insurance cover has assist benefits that are automatically included when accepting the policy quote,
  4. Cover for malicious or intentional damage,
  5. Cover for break-in or theft,
  6. Comes with the option to increase your Homeowner Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million, or R20 million, and
  7. Cover for rent that you lose, if your tenant has to vacate the buildings as a result of damage by any factor covered by the budget building insurance policy.

Budget Comprehensive Buildings Insurance 

The Budget comprehensive buildings insurance covers policyholders on a wide range of eventualities that may happen to your building. Policyholders get cover against loss and damage caused by a number of natural occurrences such as fire, flood, storms, etc. Policyholders are also covered for damage from malicious actions such as theft and break-in.

The Budget Comprehensive building insurance does not only cover your building but some of your property assets as well. Apart from your private home, the cover also includes:

  1. Outbuildings like lapas, cottages, and garages
  2. Swimming pool
  3. Walls, gates, and fences
  4. Tennis court
  5. Permanent fixtures and fittings. 


The Budget Insurance Building Insurance Cover takes care of your most valuable assets should they get damaged or lost. The insurance cover comes with free benefits that one can enjoy time and again. Assist benefits are such benefits that you can enjoy for free and you can make use of them at any time. 

You can extend your liability cover by taking a comprehensive homeowner’s liability cover. This benefit helps you cover your building after making adjustments to the building.  



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