Xtra Savings card review 2022

Shoprite and Checkers customers have access to the Xtra Savings Card, which is a promotions card. Swiping the card at […]

Xtra Savings Card

Shoprite and Checkers customers have access to the Xtra Savings Card, which is a promotions card. Swiping the card at any Shoprite and Checkers stores in South Africa entitles customers to discounts.

There are added benefits on a  weekly basis and cardholders get a chance to purchase products at a reduced price. Cardholders can also spin the wheel on the Checkers or Shoprite apps to win exclusive discounts redeemable at Checkers.

Checkers/Shoprite Xtra Savings Account is a must-have card for frequent Checkers/Shoprite customers. Customers who do not have the card will not be able to take advantage of the Xtra savings reductions on certain items.

An Xtra Savings Card is a unique card for Checkers and Shoprite customers. To further understand why it’s unique, we’ll describe what it is and how it works. We will take a closer look at the Spin2Win competition and how it benefits Xtra Savings Card users.

Xtra Savings Card Summary

The Shoprite/Checkers Xtra Savings card gives cardholders access to specially marked down merchandise at Shoprite and Checkers retailers. Xtra Savings Cardholders can get discounted items at any Shoprite store, Checkers Store, or via the Checkers Sixty60 app.

The MoneyMarket account can be linked to the Xtra Savings Card. When the card is linked to a MoneyMarket account, it can be used to make purchases with the money saved in the account. When linked to a MoneyMarket account, the Xtra Savings Card can also be used to make transfers and buy coupons. 

The Xtra Savings Card permits cardholders to buy specially marked-down items at any Shoprite or Checkers store in South Africa. Discounts for Xtra Savings can be found in all Shoprite and Checkers product sections.

The Xtra Savings Account can save you up to 30% on some goods. Checkers app users can see what special offers Checkers has for them. Special offers are made on an individual basis and are likely to include items that a specific customer enjoys purchasing.

With the Spin2Win competition, you may potentially save even more money. On a daily basis, Spin2Win rewards Xtra savings cardholders by distributing vouchers that can be used to shop. Free items are also offered as rewards on the Spin2Win competition. 

How the Xtra Savings works

Shoprite and Checkers both have a promotional card called the Xtra Savings Card. When buying with their Xtra savings card at Shoprite, cardholders can earn discounts of up to 30%. When shopping with the Xtra Savings Card through Checkers, cardholders can save up to 25%.

The Xtra Savings Card can be used in-store or online to take advantage of special offers. Xtra Savings incentives can be earned online by using the Sixty60 app. To use the Sixty60 app, you must first link your Xtra Savings account to your Sixty60 account in order to get rewards.

Customers are encouraged to use their Xtra Savings Card at Shoprite and Checkers for all purchases. This is to help Shoprite/Checkers get to know your spending behaviour so that you get personal offers that are relevant to you. Holders of the Xtra Savings Card receive additional discounts that are unique to them and can be found on their app.

The Xtra Savings Card can be linked to a MoneyMarket account, allowing the account holder to utilize the card to make purchases. The Xtra Savings Card can be used to make purchases at Shoprite/Checkers with the money that is saved in the MoneyMarket account, as well as to make transfers and produce vouchers.

If you want to buy at Shoprite and/or Checkers, the Xtra Savings account is a great card to have. Checkers/Shoprite has created a Spin2Win competition that rewards Xtra Savings cardholders even more.

Spin2Win is discussed in detail below. 

Xtra Savings Spin2Win Competition 

The Xtra Savings Spin2Win competition allows Xtra Savings cardholders to earn additional discounts and rewards. This feature is only available to Checkers app users, therefore to get extra prizes, you must download and register for the Checkers app.

Spin2Win offers daily free spins to individuals who swipe their Xtra savings card in exchange for a chance to win a prize. Cardholders can accumulate up to 50 spins, which they can use whenever they choose. Cardholders can win up to R500 off their grocery bill at a go.

If someone wins after spinning, they must save their voucher number and go to the store to claim their prize. When checking out in-store, provide the cashier with the voucher number to get the prize. In order to claim the voucher, one must make a relevant purchase.

Won vouchers have an expiration date and must be redeemed before that date. The coupon will become unclaimable if it is not redeemed within the set time limit. 

Advantages of the Xtra Savings card 

  • By swiping the card in Shoprite stores, cardholders can save up to 30%.
  • It also comes with a Spin2Win competition that rewards cardholders with additional prizes.
  • The card can be linked to a MoneyMarket account and used to make in-store debit purchases.
  • The Checkers card can be linked to the Checkers app, allowing cardholders to get customised benefits.
  • When purchasing reusable shopping bags, cardholders receive double green points.
  • On a till slip or in the mobile app, you can see your total savings.

Disadvantages of the Xtra Savings card

  • The card doesn’t use a point system but only gives discounts on selected items. 
  • Maximum savings percentages are not the same at Shoprite and Checkers. Checkers offers up to 25% savings whereas Shoprite offers up to 30% savings. 

How to get the Xtra Savings Card

  • Get the card at a Checkers or Shoprite store. 
  • Register the card using a USSD code provided on the card to activate the card, or
  • Register the Xtra Savings card online using the Checkers app. 


The Xtra Savings Card is a great method for Shoprite and/or Checkers customers to save money on their purchases. Cardholders that participate in the Spin2Win competition can earn more rewards when they spend. Those who shop at Shoprite and/or Checkers are disadvantaged if they do not have an Xtra Savings Card since they won’t get discounts on Xtra savings purchases.