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2023-11-28 11:48 AM

Volvo Launches Armoured XC90 SUV for Secure Luxury Travel

  • Enhanced Security: Volvo introduces an armoured version of its XC90 SUV in South Africa, offering discreet ballistic protection certified to NIJ-IIIA standards, catering to the rising demand for heightened security measures.
  • Seamless Integration: The armoured XC90 seamlessly integrates protective materials like reinforced laminated glass, high-strength steel plating, and specialized composites, maintaining the SUV's original design while ensuring occupants' safety without drawing attention.
  • Performance and Assurance: Despite the added armouring weight, Volvo engineers optimize the XC90's chassis and braking system, ensuring that the vehicle's fundamental properties remain largely unchanged, backed by Volvo's standard warranty and maintenance plan.
By Miriam Matoma

In a bid to cater to the growing demand for enhanced security measures, Volvo Car South Africa has unveiled a specialized armoured version of its flagship XC90 SUV. This addition to the local lineup, starting at R2.5 million, offers discreet ballistic protection directly from the Swedish luxury manufacturer, catering to select clientele.

Promising a seamless fusion of safety, comfort, and performance, Volvo emphasized that the armoured XC90 adheres to the NIJ-IIIA standard, providing certified 360-degree ballistic protection without compromising the vehicle’s core attributes. The comprehensive ballistic certification involves rigorous testing based on the NIJ-IIIA standard and the VPAM BRV 2009 standard (B4), ensuring resilience against handgun fire.

The integration of armoured materials – including reinforced laminated glass, high-strength steel plating, and specialized aramid composites – discreetly merges with the SUV’s original design. This integration safeguards the vehicle’s occupants without overtly altering its appearance, blending seamlessly with the XC90’s clean Scandinavian aesthetic.

Notably, Volvo engineers have fine-tuned the XC90’s chassis and braking system to accommodate the additional armouring weight of approximately 300 kg. This meticulous optimization ensures that the SUV’s fundamental performance characteristics remain largely unchanged from the standard model.

Greg Maruszewski, Managing Director of Volvo Car South Africa, highlighted the purposeful nature of the armoured XC90, specifically catering to a discerning clientele seeking elevated security levels. Maruszewski stated, “We’ve observed a growing interest in armoured vehicles both globally and within South Africa. Our Volvo Cars Special Vehicles division has received numerous requests for an XC90 equipped with ballistic protection.”

“The introduction of this specialized variant in our local lineup enables us to offer a factory-backed solution to individuals seeking an additional layer of protection,” Maruszewski added.

Moreover, the armoured XC90 maintains Volvo’s standard five-year/100,000 km manufacturer warranty along with a maintenance plan, as it is fully endorsed by the company.

With a starting price of R2.5 million, inclusive of VAT, the locally available armoured XC90 caters to the distinctive needs of security-conscious individuals, marking a strategic response to the evolving security landscape in South Africa.

The launch of the armoured XC90 by Volvo Car South Africa addresses the escalating demand for secure mobility solutions in the region. As security concerns persist, this fortified SUV stands as a testament to Volvo’s commitment to innovative safety measures tailored to meet the needs of a discerning clientele in South Africa.

By combining advanced protective technology with Volvo’s hallmark elegance, the armoured XC90 represents a sophisticated solution for individuals seeking unparalleled security without compromising on luxury or performance. As security challenges evolve, Volvo’s dedication to providing reliable and discrete protection remains unwavering.

The introduction of the armoured XC90 aligns with Volvo’s ethos of prioritizing safety, reflecting the brand’s continuous efforts to redefine automotive security standards while addressing the discerning needs of its clientele in South Africa’s dynamic landscape.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam