Tinder’s Matchmaker Feature Adds a Twist to Finding Love

  • Tinder introduces Matchmaker feature: Involve friends and family in your dating choices.
  • Users can invite 15 loved ones to suggest potential matches.
  • Final decisions still rest with the user, but this feature adds a new layer of engagement and advice.

Tinder, the popular dating app, is rolling out an innovative feature in South Africa that puts a new spin on finding love. The app, known for its swiping and matching mechanism, is now allowing users to involve their friends and family in the quest for love through the new Matchmaker feature.

Matchmaker Feature Unveiled

Tinder’s Matchmaker feature is set to revolutionize the way South Africans navigate the world of online dating. This feature, already available in 15 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany, has finally made its way to our shores.

The concept is simple yet intriguing – users can invite up to 15 friends and family members to become part of their love-seeking journey, even if they don’t have Tinder profiles themselves. The invited individuals, affectionately called “matchmakers,” are then given 24 hours to browse potential matches for the user who extended the invitation.

Your Trusted Circle Gets Involved

The Matchmaker feature is designed to make the dating experience more interactive and inclusive, allowing friends and family to provide their unique insights and recommendations. It’s no secret that many of us turn to our closest confidants for advice when it comes to dating, and Tinder is capitalizing on this phenomenon.

When the Matchmaker session expires, the Tinder user can review the recommendations made by their loved ones. Profiles that are approved by the matchmakers are marked as “recommendations.” However, the user retains full control and can decide who to officially ‘like’ on the app. In other words, the final say still rests with the person seeking love.

Friendship and Mischief

While the Matchmaker feature is undoubtedly a fresh take on modern dating, it’s important to acknowledge its potential for mischief. Friends and family members, whose tastes might not always align with the user’s preferences, could offer recommendations that lead to playful banter or even light-hearted trolling. After all, humour and bonding are essential components of any relationship, even those formed through an app.

A Valuable Aid in the Dating World

Tinder’s Matchmaker feature aligns with the fact that many people regularly discuss their dating habits with friends and family. It formalizes this process by offering a structured way to seek advice and opinions. According to a study commissioned by Tinder, over 75% of young singles discuss their dating habits with their loved ones multiple times a month. Matchmaker optimizes the dating experience, ensuring that it’s not a solitary journey but one that involves the insights and opinions of your trusted circle.


Tinder’s Matchmaker feature is set to change the way South Africans approach online dating. By involving friends and family, it brings a unique and engaging twist to the process of finding love. While the potential for playful recommendations and light-hearted trolling is evident, the core idea is to harness the wisdom and advice of your inner circle to improve your dating choices. So, whether you’re down on your luck in the dating world or just want to vibe-check your dates, why not let your friends and family play a role in shaping your love life? After all, in the world of modern dating, every bit of advice and support helps.



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