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Telegram to Launch Ad Platform, Offering Revenue Sharing for Channel Owners

  • Telegram CEO announces ad platform launch: Channel owners to earn 50% revenue share, paid in Toncoin on TON blockchain.
  • Currently, only 10% of channel views monetized through Telegram Ads; platform expansion aims for wider monetization.
  • TON token surges 40% to $2.92 post-announcement; Telegram joins YouTube, X in offering ad revenue sharing to users.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of Telegram, made a significant announcement today regarding the launch of the company’s ad platform, set to debut next month. The platform will introduce a new revenue-sharing model for channel owners, allowing them to monetize their content through the display of ads.

Monetizing Telegram Channels

Telegram channels, which serve as a platform for broadcasting public messages to large audiences, have long been a cornerstone of the app’s user experience. However, despite the substantial viewership these channels attract, only a fraction of it has been monetized through Telegram Ads. Durov revealed that out of the one trillion views generated by broadcast channels each month, only 10% are currently monetized.

In an effort to change this, Telegram will be rolling out its ad platform in March, opening up revenue opportunities for channel owners in nearly one hundred countries. This move marks a significant shift towards content monetization within the Telegram ecosystem.

Revenue Sharing Model

Under the new ad platform, channel owners will receive 50% of all revenue generated from displaying ads in their channels. This revenue will be distributed using toncoin on the TON blockchain, ensuring fast and secure transactions. Similar to Telegram’s strategy with usernames on Fragment, ads will be sold and revenue will be shared with channel owners in Toncoin.

Durov highlighted the potential benefits of this revenue-sharing model, stating that it will create a “virtuous circle” where content creators can choose to either cash out their Toncoins or reinvest them in promoting and upgrading their channels.

Market Response

Following the announcement, the TON token experienced a significant surge in value, increasing by nearly 40% to over $2.92. As of the current writing, it is valued at $2.65. This positive market response reflects investor optimism towards Telegram’s latest venture into ad monetization.

Industry Landscape

With this move, Telegram joins other major platforms like YouTube and X (formerly Twitter) in offering ad revenue sharing to users. YouTube, for instance, provides a 55% share of ad revenue to creators in the YouTube Partner Program, while X began offering revenue sharing to users in July 2023. Meta has also been experimenting with a new payout model for its Ads on Reels monetization program.


Telegram’s decision to launch its ad platform represents a significant development in the realm of content monetization on messaging platforms. With more than 800 million monthly active users worldwide, the introduction of this new revenue-sharing model has the potential to empower channel owners and drive further growth within the Telegram ecosystem.


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Lethabo Ntsoane

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