Quest 3 VR Tracking Woes: A Meta Challenge for Gamers

  • Quest 3 VR headset users in South Africa and worldwide report tracking issues, particularly in fast-paced VR games.
  • These tracking problems impact competitive gamers and have led some users to stick with Quest 2 headsets.
  • Meta acknowledges the issues, plans improvements, but gamers await clarity on the causes and a timeline for fixes.
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The much-anticipated Quest 3 VR headset by Meta is causing waves in the gaming community, but not all of them are positive. Users in South Africa and around the world have reported tracking issues with the Quest 3 controllers, which they claim are significantly worse than its predecessor, the Quest 2.

In this article, we dive into the details of the tracking problems that South African gamers have been facing, the impact on popular VR games, and Meta’s response to the growing concerns.

Tracking Troubles: A South African Perspective

The Quest 3 VR headset was expected to be a major step forward in the world of virtual reality. However, some South African gamers who were early adopters of this technology have voiced their dissatisfaction with the tracking performance, particularly in games that demand fast-paced hand movements.

Gorilla Tag: A Case Study

One of the most notable examples is the popular VR game “Gorilla Tag.” In this game, players are required to run, jump, and climb by moving their arms around. The dynamic and fast hand movements are a key part of the gameplay. South African gamers have reported that the Quest 3 controllers tend to lose tracking during medium-fast to fast hand movements, such as throwing or catching a ball. These tracking problems have made the game significantly less enjoyable and reliable when compared to the Quest 2.

“NotDream,” a South African user on the Meta community forums, emphasized the significance of this issue, stating, “This is a big issue for games/activities involving fast-paced hand movement as it’s not nearly as reliable as the Quest 2 controller tracking performance.”

Widespread Complaints: Beyond South Africa

South African users are not alone in experiencing these tracking issues. Gamers worldwide have been expressing their concerns about the Quest 3’s tracking performance, especially in fast-paced games and activities. Complaints on various online forums and social media platforms have echoed the same sentiment.

Other Problematic VR Titles

In addition to Gorilla Tag, South African and international users have reported tracking issues in other popular VR titles such as Beat Saber, Supernatural, and Tennis Esports. It appears that the tracking problems are not limited to a single game or a specific category of titles but are affecting a broad spectrum of VR experiences.

Even game developers have weighed in on the issue. “Carrotstien,” a developer for Eleven Table Tennis, pointed out that the problems might be linked to the LED arrangement on the Quest 3 controllers. The issue seems to be especially pronounced when gamers utilize controller attachments like batting handles, which enhance gameplay immersion.

Competitive Gamers Hit Hard

The tracking issues with the Quest 3 have had a more significant impact on competitive gamers who rely on precise and responsive tracking for their gaming experience. Many competitive gamers in South Africa and around the world use controller attachments to gain an edge in games like Gorilla Tag and Eleven Table Tennis.

Competitive Players Suffer

These tracking issues have disrupted the gameplay experience for competitive players who rely on controller attachments and accurate tracking for competitive advantage. South African gamers, in particular, have expressed their frustration with the Quest 3’s tracking problems, which hinder their ability to compete effectively in these titles.

Meta’s Response: Investigating and Improving

Meta, the company behind the Quest 3 VR headset, is not turning a blind eye to these tracking concerns. In response to the complaints, the Meta Quest Support team has acknowledged the tracking problems and is actively investigating the issue. They are committed to enhancing tracking performance, especially for competitive players across various titles.

Upcoming Improvements

South African and global gamers who are eagerly awaiting a solution can take heart in knowing that Meta has plans to release updates that address these tracking issues. Some of these improvements are expected to be included in upcoming releases of the Quest 3 headset.

A Ray of Hope for South African Gamers

While the tracking issues with the Quest 3 have been a source of frustration for South African gamers and their global counterparts, the commitment from Meta to address these concerns is a ray of hope. The potential improvements on the horizon could make the Quest 3 a more reliable and enjoyable VR experience for gamers in South Africa and around the world.

In the meantime, some South African users have resorted to sticking with their Quest 2 headsets or returning their Quest 3 headsets due to the tracking problems. The choice to hold onto older technology is a testament to the significance of tracking accuracy in the virtual reality gaming experience.

South African Gamers Await Clarity

While Meta has acknowledged the tracking problems and expressed its commitment to improve the Quest 3’s performance, many South African gamers are eager for more detailed information. Understanding the root causes of the tracking issues and having a clear timeline for when a fix will be released are key concerns.

In South Africa, as in other parts of the world, VR gaming has become an increasingly popular and integral part of the gaming landscape. The Quest 3’s tracking issues are not just a minor inconvenience but a significant challenge for gamers who have invested in this technology.

The Impact on South African VR Enthusiasts

South African VR enthusiasts have been among the first to embrace the Quest 3, driven by their passion for immersive gaming experiences. For many of them, the tracking issues have been an unexpected setback that has affected the enjoyment and functionality of their VR headsets.

Table: South African VR Enthusiasts’ Perspective

Pros of Quest 3Cons of Quest 3
Cutting-edge VR technologyTracking issues affecting gameplay
Improved hardwareCompetitive gamers frustrated
A more immersive experienceAttachment users impacted
High expectationsPotential returns and downgrades


The tracking issues with the Quest 3 VR headset have raised concerns among South African gamers and the global gaming community. While Meta’s acknowledgment and commitment to improving the tracking performance offer hope, the specific causes of the issues and the timeline for a fix remain unknown.

As South African gamers eagerly await clarity and solutions, the importance of precise tracking in the world of virtual reality gaming cannot be understated. The Quest 3’s potential improvements could determine the future of this technology for South African gamers and enthusiasts worldwide.



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