Netflix’s DVD Delight: Free Discs, Extended Returns Enrich Experience

  • Netflix's customers won't be charged for discs after September 29, signaling the end of DVD service era.
  • Subscribers can apply by August 29 for waived fees and might receive up to 10 extra random discs.
  • Netflix's customer-oriented approach extends return window for unwanted discs until October 27, enhancing subscriber experience.
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In an unexpected turn of events, streaming giant Netflix has announced a heartwarming offer that is set to thrill its loyal customers. This remarkable move comes as part of the company’s strategy to sunset its DVD subscription service and focus its efforts on its widely popular streaming services. The announcement was made from the company’s account on Monday, revealing a dual-pronged initiative that is bound to leave subscribers beaming with delight.

Generous Offer: Discs, Delight, and More

Effective from September 29th, Netflix has made a pledge that speaks volumes about its commitment to customer satisfaction. It has decided not to charge its customers for any discs that remain in their possession beyond the aforementioned date. This unprecedented act of goodwill is an acknowledgment of the subscribers’ loyalty and the company’s desire to ensure a seamless transition as it refocuses its business model.

But that’s not all. Subscribers who thought their queues couldn’t get any more exciting are in for a treat. Netflix has revealed that it might send as many as 10 additional random discs from subscribers’ queues. This unexpected bonus has stirred anticipation among customers who might soon find themselves with a treasure trove of movie discs, all courtesy of the streaming giant.

The Path to Possibilities: Claiming the Offer

For those eager to embrace this generous offer, a special link has been set up on However, time is of the essence, as subscribers must visit this link by August 29th to secure their spot as beneficiaries of the no-charge policy for retained discs. This link not only unlocks the opportunity to have existing discs free of charge but also serves as a gateway to potentially receiving up to 10 extra discs.

The selection of these bonus discs will be tailored to the movies already present in each subscriber’s queue. This personalized touch showcases Netflix’s dedication to enhancing each customer’s experience and providing them with content that aligns with their interests.

Bidding Farewell to an Era

This announcement brings forth a mix of emotions as it signals the end of an era for Netflix. The DVD subscription service, which played a pivotal role in the company’s inception, is being phased out. Launched as a DVD shipping business, this service paved the way for the streaming giant that Netflix has become today. As the final round of disc shipments is scheduled for September 29th, it marks a nostalgic conclusion to this chapter in the company’s history.

Flexible Returns for an Optimal Experience

Recognizing that not every disc received will strike a chord with subscribers, Netflix has demonstrated its customer-centric approach once again. For those who find themselves with unwanted discs, the company has extended the return window until October 27th. This flexibility empowers subscribers to curate their disc collection and align it with their personal preferences.



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