Mario Mania: Nintendo’s South African Gaming Sensation

  • Nintendo unveiled a special edition Mario Red OLED Switch, celebrating Mario's iconic look, available from October 6th.
  • "Super Mario Bros. Wonder," a highly anticipated platformer, will be released on October 20th, promising classic Mario fun.
  • Nintendo continues its tradition of special edition consoles, creating excitement and collectible items for South African gamers.

Nintendo, the beloved gaming company, has set the gaming world abuzz with its recent announcements during a Nintendo Direct event. The gaming giant showcased exciting updates, including a special edition Nintendo Switch OLED model and a sneak peek into the highly anticipated platformer, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.” South African gamers are in for a treat as they gear up for the release of these Mario-themed goodies.

A Vibrant Red Delight: Nintendo Switch OLED Model Mario Red Edition

Nintendo has a history of delighting fans with special edition consoles, and this time, it’s all about Mario. The star of the show is the Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Mario Red Edition, which is designed to celebrate the iconic plumber’s adventures. This unique console will be available for eager South African fans on October 6th, just ahead of the game’s launch on October 20th.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Mario Red Edition Highlights:

Color SchemeA slick red color scheme reminiscent of Mario’s signature attire.
Dock DesignThe dock features a striking silhouette of Mario on the back, adding a touch of nostalgia.
Joy-Con ControllersThe Joy-Con controllers also sport the iconic Mario Red color, completing the ensemble.
Exclusive DesignHidden beneath the back panel are subtle coin designs, a nod to the classic Mario games.

South African gamers can already secure their Mario Red Edition Nintendo Switch by preordering through Nintendo’s official website and Best Buy. This limited-edition console promises an immersive Mario experience and is sure to become a collector’s item for fans of the franchise.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Platforming Adventure Awaits

The Nintendo Direct event also provided a sneak peek into “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” an upcoming platformer that is set to captivate gamers with its delightful gameplay and nostalgic elements. The game is slated for release on October 20th, perfectly timed to coincide with the Mario Red Edition Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Highlights:

Release DateThe game is set to launch on October 20th, providing hours of Mario-themed entertainment.
Platforming Fun“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” promises classic Mario platforming action with new and exciting twists.
Collector’s JoyThe game complements the Mario Red Edition Nintendo Switch, creating a must-have gaming combo.

As Mario enthusiasts eagerly await the release of “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” it’s clear that Nintendo is dedicated to making 2023 a memorable year for the iconic character. This platformer is expected to offer the classic Mario experience, combined with innovative gameplay elements to keep both new and veteran players engaged.

Special Edition Consoles: A Nintendo Tradition

Nintendo’s tradition of releasing special edition consoles to coincide with popular game releases is nothing new. South African gamers have witnessed this phenomenon with previous releases, including a Mario-themed Switch for “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury” and an elaborate Zelda-style Switch for “Tears of the Kingdom.” These special editions add a unique touch to gaming experiences and often become cherished collectibles.

Special Edition ConsoleGame TitleRelease Date
Mario Red Edition OLED SwitchSuper Mario Bros. WonderOctober 6th, 2023
Mario-themed SwitchSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser’s FuryFebruary 12, 2021
Zelda-themed SwitchTears of the KingdomJuly 16, 2023

Nintendo’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience through hardware innovation and exclusive designs has solidified its position as a leading gaming company.

Mario’s Spectacular Year

Mario fans in South Africa have much to look forward to in 2023. In addition to the launch of “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” and the Mario Red Edition Nintendo Switch OLED, there are other exciting events on the horizon. These include a Mario-themed theme park and an upcoming Mario movie, creating a year-long celebration of everyone’s favorite Italian plumber.

Mario’s 2023 Extravaganza:

  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The highly anticipated platformer arrives on October 20th, promising a nostalgic yet fresh Mario experience.
  • Mario Red Edition OLED Switch: Gamers can get their hands on this limited-edition console starting October 6th, just in time to dive into Mario’s adventures.
  • Mario-Themed Theme Park: The Mario-themed theme park offers an immersive real-world experience, allowing fans to step into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Mario Movie: An animated Mario movie is in the works, bringing the beloved character to the big screen once again.

South African fans of Mario are in for a remarkable year filled with gaming excitement and immersive experiences that pay tribute to the iconic plumber’s enduring legacy.



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