Major Investment: Ninety One Acquires 5% of Metair

  • Ninety One SA acquires a 5% stake in Metair, demonstrating confidence in the South African company's growth potential.
  • Metair diligently complies with regulatory requirements, ensuring transparency and corporate governance throughout the acquisition process.
  • The investment reflects South Africa's evolving economic landscape, with key sectors like automotive and energy playing pivotal roles.
Ninety One

In a significant development in the South African corporate landscape, Ninety One SA (Pty) Ltd (hereafter referred to as “Ninety One”) has made a strategic move by acquiring a substantial stake in Metair Investments Limited (JSE: MTA). This acquisition marks an important milestone in the financial landscape and underlines the attractiveness of Metair as an investment opportunity. The announcement, made in accordance with South African regulatory requirements, has captured the attention of both shareholders and industry observers.

Ninety One’s Strategic Investment

Ninety One, a prominent financial institution, has acquired a beneficial interest in Metair Investments Limited, a company deeply rooted in the South African business landscape. This acquisition is in line with Ninety One’s ongoing investment strategy.

According to the notification filed with regulatory authorities, Ninety One now holds a 5.00% stake in the total issued ordinary share capital of Metair. This substantial investment highlights Ninety One’s confidence in Metair’s long-term prospects and its commitment to expanding its presence in the South African market.

Regulatory Compliance and Transparency

This acquisition has been carried out in strict adherence to the Companies Act of 2008 and the JSE Limited Listings Requirements. The Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008, as amended, and the JSE Listings Requirements stipulate the disclosure and reporting requirements for significant acquisitions of beneficial interests in listed companies, ensuring transparency and fairness in the market.

Metair Investments Limited has duly filed the required notification with the Takeover Regulation Panel and the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, as per the provisions of sections 122(3)(a) and 122(3A) of the Companies Act. This compliance underscores the company’s commitment to regulatory transparency.

Metair’s Response

Metair’s board of directors has accepted responsibility for the information contained in this announcement. They have also certified the accuracy of the information provided. In their certification, the board affirms that there are no omissions that would render any statement in the announcement false or misleading. This level of disclosure and transparency is crucial in maintaining trust and confidence in the financial markets.

The company has taken a proactive approach to meet its legal obligations and has ensured that all information required by law and the JSE Listings Requirements is included in the announcement. This comprehensive disclosure serves as a testament to Metair’s commitment to adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Market Reaction and Shareholder Impact

News of Ninety One’s acquisition of a 5.00% stake in Metair has reverberated throughout the financial markets. Shareholders and investors are keenly observing the implications of this strategic investment on Metair’s share price and future prospects.

Share Price Performance: Metair’s share price witnessed initial volatility following the announcement but eventually stabilized. Investors and analysts are closely monitoring the stock’s performance, anticipating potential upward momentum as a result of Ninety One’s vote of confidence in the company.

Shareholder Perspective: Shareholders are evaluating the long-term implications of Ninety One’s involvement. While the immediate impact on Metair’s corporate governance and strategic direction remains to be seen, some shareholders may view this as a positive development that could potentially enhance shareholder value over time.

Ninety One’s Investment Strategy

Ninety One’s strategic investment in Metair aligns with its broader investment strategy, which focuses on identifying opportunities with strong growth potential. As a financial institution with a rich history and extensive experience in managing investments, Ninety One’s decision to acquire a substantial stake in Metair signals its belief in the company’s future growth prospects.

The acquisition reflects the financial institution’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio and expanding its presence in key sectors of the South African economy. By investing in Metair, Ninety One is not only gaining exposure to a well-established player in the automotive and energy sectors but also contributing to the overall development of South Africa’s business landscape.

South African Economic Context

Understanding the broader economic context in South Africa is essential in appreciating the significance of this acquisition. South Africa, a country with a dynamic and evolving economy, has seen its share of challenges and opportunities. The automotive and energy sectors, in particular, play pivotal roles in the nation’s economic development.

The automotive industry is a cornerstone of South Africa’s manufacturing sector, contributing significantly to employment and export revenue. Metair, with its deep roots in the automotive sector, is well-positioned to benefit from the industry’s growth potential.

Moreover, the energy sector is undergoing a transformation with increasing focus on renewable energy sources and sustainability. Metair’s involvement in energy storage solutions positions it strategically in a sector that is expected to play a crucial role in South Africa’s future energy landscape.


Ninety One’s acquisition of a 5.00% stake in Metair Investments Limited is a noteworthy development in South Africa’s financial markets. It reflects the financial institution’s confidence in Metair’s future growth prospects and underscores its commitment to expanding its presence in the South African market.

Metair’s diligent adherence to regulatory requirements and its commitment to transparency and corporate governance have been on full display throughout this process. Shareholders and investors are closely monitoring the impact of this acquisition on Metair’s share price and future strategic direction.



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