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Humane’s Ai Pin Faces Delay, Preorder Incentives Offered

  • Ai Pin Delayed: Humane's Ai Pin, a highly anticipated wearable device, faces a delay, shifting its release from March to mid-April.
  • Shipping Schedule: The first units are set to leave the factory by end of March, reaching priority access customers mid-April.
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    Lethabo Ntsoane

Humane’s highly anticipated wearable device, the Ai Pin, has encountered a setback, pushing its release date from March to mid-April. The delay comes as the company navigates the challenges of hardware development, despite its substantial funding and prelaunch hype.

Delay and Shipping Schedule: According to a recent video from Humane’s Head of Media, Sam Sheffer, the first units of the Ai Pin are scheduled to leave the factory by the end of March. Priority access customers can expect to receive their devices in mid-April, with the remaining preorders arriving shortly thereafter.

Shipping Schedule
First units leave factory: End of March
Priority access customers: Mid-April
Remaining preorders: Shortly after

Product Overview: The Ai Pin represents a departure from traditional consumer hardware, leveraging generative AI for innovative form factors. Priced at ZAR 13,281 (USD 699), the device is available for preorder, with incentives for early adopters.

Incentives for Preorders: Customers who preorder the Ai Pin before March 31 will receive three months of the device’s subscription service for free. This offer aims to incentivize early purchases and mitigate any disappointment caused by the delay.

Industry Trends: Humane’s Ai Pin launch reflects broader trends in consumer hardware, with startups exploring the integration of generative AI into wearable devices. This shift away from the smartphone-centric paradigm signals a new era of innovation in the tech industry.

Competitive Landscape: While Humane faces challenges with its delayed launch, other companies are also entering the AI-driven consumer device market. The emergence of AI smartphones and unique offerings from startups like rabbit underscore the competitive nature of the industry.

Financial Implications: Despite Humane’s substantial funding of ZAR 4.37 billion (USD 230 million), including a recent ZAR 1.9 billion (USD 100 million) Series C round, the company’s recent layoff of 10 employees (10% of its workforce) raises concerns about its stability and investor confidence.


Humane’s Ai Pin delay highlights the complexities of hardware development for startups, but the company remains optimistic about delivering a consumer-ready product. With preorder incentives in place, Humane aims to maintain interest and engagement as it works towards its revised launch date in mid-April.


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Lethabo Ntsoane

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