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Nedbank Business Garage Card Review 2023 | Rateweb
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Nedbank Business Garage Card Review 2023

The Nedbank Business Garage Card is designed for companies that want to keep their daily vehicle expenses separate. The card charges an annual fee of R420.00, with an initiation fee of R540.00.

The card can be linked to an existing garage credit card with up to R360,000.00 in credit. A garage cheque card with a credit limit of up to R150,000.00 can also be linked to the card.

Benefits of the Nedbank Business Garage Card

The Nedbank Business Garage Card offers a number of benefits that can be used to help businesses thrive. These benefits are categorized and discussed below:

Business vehicle services and Rewards

The Nedbank Business Garage Card is accepted at all South African gas stations, including major brands such as Total, Shell, Caltex, and BP. The card can be used to purchase diesel, gasoline, and other lubricants that a company may require to service its vehicles.

In addition to purchasing fuel, the card can also be used to pay for business vehicle repairs, maintenance, accessory purchases, and tollgate charges anywhere in South Africa. This helps companies consolidate their spending on vehicle maintenance expenses and ensure that vehicle costs are cleared using a single account.

Companies with a Nedbank cheque account can link their Business card to it and save R420.00 on their annual service fee. Small Business cardholders can link their accounts to the business garage card as well and pay only an R45.00 monthly fee.

Access to Digital Facilities

The Business Garage Card gives cardholders access to Nedbank’s digital platforms. Through these platforms, cardholders can manage their garage card and make transactions online.

The digital platform also gives account holders access to the Nedbank accounts portal where they can manage their business and personal accounts. Inter-account transactions can be made easily through the Nedbank money app by transferring money from one account to another.

The Nedbank online profile allows for multiple users, with the account holder having the ability to add secondary users to the profile. Secondary users can access the Nedbank Business Garage Card and will have limited access to the business profile.

The Money Tracker feature is also available for Nedbank Business Garage Card holders. This helps businesses with their finances and allows them to send invoices using the facility.

In summary, the Nedbank Business Garage Card is a valuable asset for companies looking to manage their vehicle expenses more efficiently. With its many benefits and features, the card can help businesses save time and money, as well as improve their financial management capabilities.

Access to Added Benefits

The Nedbank Business Garage Account provides users with additional benefits that are free of charge.

Businesses gain access to SwiftReg functionality, which allows them to convert their business from a sole proprietorship, Close Corporation, or partnership to a company. SwiftReg gives Business Garage cardholders access to the CIPC’s BizPortal platform, where they can register and update their company information.

Nedbank provides business advice to small businesses through Nedbank’s Essential Guide For Small Business Owners. Any Nedbank Business Garage Card holder can download The Essential Guide for Small Business Owners to learn how to run a successful business and more.

Avo services are an additional service that comes with the Nedbank Business Garage Card. Businesses can sell to over 1 million registered users on the Avo app for free through Avo. This assists businesses in expanding their reach, particularly those that sell goods.

SimplyBiz is also available to Nedbank Garage cardholders, who have free access to the platform. SimplyBiz is a free networking and resource platform for entrepreneurs and business owners that makes networking much easier.

Advantages of Nedbank Business Garage Card

  • The card can be linked to an existing Nedbank credit or debit account.
  • Comes with access to the Avo app store where businesses can list products they want to sell and get exposure to over 1 million registered customers.
  • The card can also pay for the cost of repairs, vehicle maintenance, purchase of accessories, and tollgate charges.
  • Provides access to the MoneyTracker functionality.
  • Yearly fees are reduced to R185.00 if the Business Garage Card is linked to a business cheque account.
  • The garage card is accepted at all fuel stations in South Africa.
  • Comes with free access to the Nedbank digital platforms.
  • Provides an easy way for businesses to track their spending on business vehicles.

Disadvantages of Nedbank Business Garage Card

  • There are no Greenbacks rewards when spending using the garage card.
  • The card has a high initiation fee, which is a once-off fee of R540.00.


The Nedbank Business Garage Card comes with a number of benefits that are automatically applied. Benefits can be used to improve the performance of any company or to assist a business in transitioning from an unregistered to a formally registered business.

The card does not come with any Greenbacks rewards, which is the biggest disadvantage of the card, especially for businesses that use it daily. However, the card has a lot to offer for a low fee, and its benefits make it an excellent choice for any business that wants to track its vehicle expenses easily.