South Africa’s Stylish and Smart 5G Router

  • "the101" is a revolutionary 5G router by Rain that combines powerful connectivity with stylish design, offering a range of colors to match various decor styles, including options inspired by South Africa's vibrant culture.
  • The router features a user-friendly touch screen display with smart functions like easy network setup, direct messaging for rain information, built-in speed testing, signal strength indicators, and quick access to support, making it a convenient choice for users.
  • Under the hood, the101 boasts advanced hardware, including robust 4×4 MIMO AX3600 wifi, a MediaTek T750 platform, internal SIM support, and high-gain antennas, ensuring superior 5G signal strength and quality. This router is exclusively available to new rainone customers and comes free with a rainone subscription, offering unlimited 5G home wifi and free mobile services for two phones at an affordable monthly price with no contracts.
The101 by Rain

In today’s hyper-connected world, the wifi router has evolved from being just a humble appliance into one of the most critical elements in our homes, shaping the way we live and work. However, amidst this technological revolution, routers have largely remained utilitarian in design and function. But that’s all about to change with the introduction of the101, a game-changing 5G router that is set to redefine the South African home connectivity experience.

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While every other aspect of our home environment has evolved to offer a wide range of designs catering to our individual tastes, routers have been somewhat left behind. The arrival of the101 marks a significant shift. This innovative router is not only about powerful connectivity but also about aesthetics and smart features. It’s designed to take pride of place in your home, whether on your kitchen counter, a window sill, or mounted elegantly on a wall.

And with its powerful AX3600 wifi capabilities and a user-friendly touch screen display, your router has never been smarter. In a world where staying connected is crucial, the101 steps up to meet your demands and expectations.

Connecting with Color the101 is more than just a router; it’s the world’s best-dressed router. When you order rainone, you get to choose from a selection of two 101 skins. With a palette of 10 vibrant colors, there’s a set to match every decor style, ensuring your router seamlessly blends into your living space. What makes it even more unique is that these skins are inspired by the vibrant culture of South Africa, crafted from modern materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to apply and remove, giving you the freedom to change the look of your router to suit any occasion or season.

Features at Your Fingertips The101 5G router’s touch screen display introduces a range of smart new features, making it more convenient and user-friendly than ever before. These features include:

Scan to Connect: No more hassle with long, complicated passwords. With the101, you can simply scan to join your 5G home wifi network, making the setup process quick and painless.

Direct Messaging: Stay informed with the latest rain information delivered directly to your router, keeping you updated and connected.

Built-in Speed Test: Check your network’s performance at the touch of a button, ensuring that you always have a fast and reliable connection.

Signal Strength Indicator: Easily find the optimal position for your 5G smart router with the signal strength indicator displayed on the touchscreen.

Tap for Support: Should you ever require assistance, a quick tap on your router will allow you to log a support call, ensuring that help is always within reach.

Under the Hood The101 5G smart router boasts cutting-edge hardware and performance features:

Performance: With robust 4×4 MIMO AX3600 wifi, it offers wider coverage and increased throughput for multiple users. It’s powered by the advanced MediaTek T750 platform, which includes a 4-core ARM CA55 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of NAND storage. The high-gain 4×4 antennas with an expanded surface area deliver superior 5G signal strength and quality.

SIM Built-in: Say goodbye to the hassle of physical SIM cards. The101 features an internal SIM, simplifying your connectivity experience.

Only on Rainone The101 5G smart router is an exclusive offering available only to new rainone customers, and the best part is that it’s free to use. Rainone provides you with unlimited 5G home wifi, along with free mobile services every month for two phones and a router that you don’t need to pay extra for. All of this is available at an incredibly affordable price of only R595 per month, with no binding contracts.

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In conclusion, the101 is set to revolutionize the way South Africans experience home connectivity. It’s not just a router; it’s a statement of style and innovation, catering to the needs and preferences of modern households. With its powerful features, appealing design, and exclusive availability, the101 by Rain is a step forward in the evolution of home connectivity. Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your home’s wifi experience with the101. Order yours today at and embrace the future of connectivity in style.



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