Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance Review 2022

We spend time and money buying our home contents so that our houses become homes. The last thing we need is to lose our home contents. Home Contents Insurance safeguards you from such frustrating occurrences. Your home contents are replaced should you lose them because of unfortunate events that happen and are beyond your control. Paying a small premium on a month-to-month basis will help you live with peace of mind.

All or most of your home contents will be covered by the insurance product. You get to choose what to cover, be your fridge, smart TV, and more, it is all up to you. Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance is one insurance product that can replace your home possessions should they get stolen. You also get to benefit from having your groceries replaced if your groceries get spoilt because of load-shedding. 

Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance is flexible, and it allows you to customise your cover. This allows you to choose the premiums that you can afford. You can also add or remove items on your home contents insurance depending on the cover that you have taken. There are a number of insurance covers to choose from. Each cover comes with automatically activated benefits. Benefits are for free and can be used whenever you want to. 

Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance 

Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance covers home valuables from a number of occurrences. The product comes with different cover options to choose from. The comprehensive home contents insurance is the best cover since it provides you with a cover for every household asset that you own. Home contents insurance comes with benefits that you can use at any time.

Benefits to the home contents insurance will be discussed later. Below we discuss the comprehensive home contents insurance and fire and Storm Only Home contents insurance. 

Comprehensive Home Contents Insurance 

Dial Direct Comprehensive home contents insurance is an insurance policy that covers home valuables against theft, fire, flood, explosion, lightning strike, power surge, malicious damage, and geyser burst. This package also covers other occurrences, for example, if your pet gets injured in a road accident, Dial Direct covers some of the medical expenses that will be incurred. 

Further cover is granted to cover the effects of load shedding. The cover will pay a claim against the deterioration of food in your freezer/fridge caused by load shedding. If your home is compromised after an incident, the insurer will pay against any lost items caused by that incident. Furthermore, you are covered for your garden furniture. 

The comprehensive cover not only takes care of your valuable home possessions. The cover also takes care of your security if your home security is compromised by an accident that the policy covers. You will be sent a guard who will be there to guard your home and valuables until things get rectified. 

Fire and Storm Only 

Dial Direct Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Insurance is an insurance cover that only covers against fire and storm. This cover is for those that only want a cover that doesn’t cover every aspect of possible occurrences. Fire and Storm insurance is a downgrade from the comprehensive home contents insurance and comes with way less protection. 

This cover is suitable for those who live in a high fire risk area or a place that gets harsh storms and floods. Moreover, you can take this insurance cover if you have other types of home contents insurance that don’t cover fire and storm. Since the fire and storm insurance doesn’t cover many occurrences, it is more affordable than the comprehensive cover. 


Having the Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance comes with benefits. Benefits are activated immediately after your home contents insurance is approved. You get two types of benefits by having the home contents insurance policy which includes a cashback bonus and assist benefits. The cashback bonus is a benefit that helps you get some of your premiums back in cash after a certain period.

The conditions of the cashback bonus are that you need to stay claim-free for four consecutive years. Furthermore, you need to be insured during the four consecutive years. From the four consecutive years of claim-free years, you will get cashback based on two calculations. You either receive 25% of your premiums back or receive the first year’s 12 months of premiums back.

The amount on two calculations may differ depending on whether or not your premiums will increase during the 4 year period. There are assist benefits that you can take advantage of as a home contents insurance policyholder. Assist benefits are made available to you 24/7 to assist you in emergency situations. Assist benefits including those pertaining to home, legal, medical, roadside and towing, and trauma. 

Home Contents Insurance Conditions 

The home contents insurance has special conditions that policyholders need to adhere to. Failure to adhere to these conditions will lead to unsuccessful claims. Note that investigations are made before any replacement or payout is made. You need to keep the alarm system on when you leave your home. The alarm is there for security purposes so failure to use it effectively may lead to unsuccessful claims.

Keep your alarm system on at all times so that you don’t risk forgetting to switch it on when you leave your house. You need to make sure that you keep the value of your home contents updated. Keeping the record of your home contents updated should be done annually and you must keep receipts and documents that come with your belongings. This will protect you from being under-covered by the policy. 


The Dial Direct home contents insurance is a good insurance product to have for your home’s valuables. The product comes with many benefits that you can take advantage of. You get to choose from two home contents insurance covers instead of one. Know what you are indemnified for by reading the terms and conditions of the product. You will find the information useful and it will help in making successful claims.