Auto and General Building Insurance Review 2022

Auto and General Building Insurance

Auto and General Building Insurance offers a policy that will protect your home from uncertain events. This comes as a comprehensive cover that covers all aspects of your home. Your domestic employees and visitors (friends, extended family, contractors, and anyone in your home) are protected by this cover. 

Youth and those below the age of 50 get the young @ heart benefit after taking the Auto and General Building Insurance. The benefit allows building insurance policyholders to remove basic excess on claims against some policies. Furthermore, you can also cover your spouse in the same policy.

There are other benefits that you can utilize for free with the building insurance these include Assist benefits which are available upon policy activation and can be used any time. Assit benefits comprise benefits encompassing your home, legalities, vehicle, and more. When using these benefits, no extra premium is required from your end. 

Auto and General Building Insurance subscriptions give you access to the Auto and General app. The app is available on Android and App Store. This app will help you make claims online should your home get wrecked or if something happens to it. Online claims are attended faster and have the highest turnaround time. 

Application to the process is easy. You can get covered for your home the same day. The process is faster when getting the insurance quote online. The company will give you a call back to verify a few things and accept the terms and conditions of the policy. 

Auto and General Building Insurance 

Auto and General Building Insurance gives you a cover that goes beyond replacing or paying for damages that may happen to your home, you get more. You get benefits that are not associated with your premiums. Your rent also gets covered in some cases with this cover. 

The building insurance helps you cover your building structure from loss or damage but that may not be enough. You may also need to take to a home contents insurance. Should your house get destroyed, taking the building and home contents insurance, ensures the replacement and/repair of your home and belongings where necessary. 

The building insurance only comes as a comprehensive cover. With this cover, you are covered for most of your buildings and property. We discuss the comprehensive cover below. 

Comprehensive Buildings Insurance

Auto and General Comprehensive Buildings Insurance is an insurance product that covers the actual structure of your home against loss or damage. The cover replaces and repairs broken parts of your buildings and restores the assets to their original state. 

You are covered for natural occurrences such as fire, lightning, and earthquakes. Subsidence of land and land shifts form part of the cover. Furthermore, explosions are also covered under comprehensive buildings insurance. 

Some water-related occurrences that can cause your building to be damaged are covered by the Comprehensive buildings insurance. Thus, damages to your house caused by burst water pipes, storms, and floods are covered by the policy. Impact on your building caused by animals, vehicles, and falling trees are also included in the policy. 

The policy not only covers your building but also includes your domestic employees and your visitors. The policy comes with homeowners liability insurance that covers you and your employees and includes domestic and public liability. The cover can be increased by up to R20 million at an additional fee. 

As the policy protects your home, some of your possessions are protected inside the property. Your garages, outbuildings, swimming pool, walls, and gates are covered. Break-ins or theft, malicious or intentional damages are included in your policy. 

Should your house get damaged by any of the above-mentioned occurrence(s) and such occurrence(s) affect your tenant and/or force you to evacuate the house and rent, your rent will be repaid in full by Auto and General. 

Auto and General Buildings Insurance Benefits 

Building Insurance comes with assistance benefits. Assist benefits can be accessed 24 hours of the day, every day of the week. To get access to the assist benefits all you need to do is to dial 0860 10 42 10. You will get assistance based on the assist benefit that you want to make use of. 

As a policyholder, you get access to 6 assist benefits that include:

  • Trauma Assist, 
  • Medical Assist, 
  • Legal Assist, 
  • Entertainment Assist, 
  • Home Assist, and 
  • Road Assist. 

Home Assist benefit is there to help with home-related emergencies. You will get help when you need it, for example, if you have a burst pipe you can make a call and you will be referenced to a plumber. 

Road assist is there to help you with your roadside emergencies. You not only get advice on what to do, but Auto and General will also tow your vehicle to the nearest car dealer for free. 

Trauma Assist helps with referral to group therapy, support groups, and provides assistance with courtroom preparation for witnesses/survivors. Medical assist, on the other hand, assists you telephonically and otherwise with emergency needs such as receiving an emergency response by road or air to the scene of an accident, repatriation of mortal remains, and more. 

As a policyholder, you have the opportunity to get a cashback bonus. A cashback bonus gives you some of your premiums back in cash. You can get 25% of your premiums back or 1st year’s premiums back. This is if you did not make any claims for 4 consecutive years and you have paid your premiums on time during the period. 


Auto and General Buildings Insurance offers a lot of benefits that go beyond insurance with cashback benefits and assist benefits. The Comprehensive buildings insurance provides cover to nearly all occurrences that are beyond your control. This makes the insurance product a customer-centric product.



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