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Gauteng Singing Talent Invited to Audition for Lion King Theatre Production

  • Auditions for The Lion King theatre production in Gauteng now span three days, providing increased chances for local talent.
  • Additional regions and venues have been included to accommodate the aspiring singers aged 18-50.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

The Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture, and Recreation is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for South African singing talent to audition for the renowned Lion King theatre production in collaboration with Word of Mouth Pictures, a casting agency for Walt Disney.

Extended Audition Opportunities

The Lion King theatre talent search programme, in partnership with Word of Mouth Pictures, is set to kick off this weekend, and aspiring performers now have an extended chance to showcase their vocal prowess. Originally planned for a one-day event, auditions will now span three days, offering increased opportunities for talented individuals across different regions.

Audition DatesVenue
January 27Market Theatre
January 29South African State Theatre, Pretoria
January 31Dumisani Masilela Theatre, Germiston

Eligibility Criteria

The search is specifically aimed at South African singing talent between the ages of 18 and 50. The decision to extend auditions and include additional regions underscores the commitment to identifying the best voices for this iconic production.

Cultural Commitment

MEC Morakane Mosupyoe, Gauteng MEC for Sports, Arts, Culture, and Recreation, expressed enthusiasm for the dedication to incorporating South African talent into The Lion King production. “The Lion King continues to be one of the iconic productions by South Africans for the world,” she stated, highlighting the commitment to preserving the genuine South African flavor in the storytelling even after more than two decades.

Legendary Leadership in Auditions

Leading the auditions will be the legendary talent scout and TV producer, Mr. Duma Ndlovu. His expertise and experience bring a valuable touch to the search for exceptional vocal talent.

Global Opportunities for South African Voices

The Lion King, a South African-conceived production under the umbrella of Word of Mouth Pictures, has been a global phenomenon since its Broadway debut in 1997. Having graced stages in more than 25 countries and currently running in approximately 10, the production continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

MEC Morakane Mosupyoe reiterated, “South African voices can authenticate the telling of the story in the production through sounds and song.” The initiative aims not only to provide a platform for local talent but also to contribute to the authenticity of The Lion King’s narrative.

Next Steps for Shortlisted Candidates

Shortlisted candidates from the initial auditions will have the unique opportunity to further audition in front of the Walt Disney team in South Africa later this year. Successful candidates will then be considered for placements in various productions across the globe.

Iconic Legacy

As one of the longest-running Broadway musicals, The Lion King has become a cultural cornerstone, and its impact continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. The dedication to involving South African talent ensures that the production maintains its authentic charm, promising to enthuse generations for decades to come.

In the spirit of unity and celebration of South African creativity, the extended auditions mark a significant step in furthering the cultural footprint of The Lion King on the global stage. Aspiring singers are encouraged to seize this unique opportunity to be part of a production that has left an indelible mark on the world of theatre.


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