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EcoFlow’s Delta Pro Ultra Promises Uninterrupted Power for South Africans

  • Delta Pro Ultra Power Solution: Scalable battery system seamlessly switches during blackouts, providing days of backup power for homes.
  • Solar Integration for Sustainability: Configurable with up to 16.8kW of solar input, transforming into a reliable solar generator.
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    Lethabo Ntsoane

South Africa has been grappling with power challenges for years, and frequent load shedding has become a part of daily life for many residents. In response to the growing demand for reliable backup power solutions, EcoFlow has introduced the Delta Pro Ultra, a cutting-edge system designed to provide uninterrupted electricity in the face of power outages and extreme weather.

Seamless Backup Power

The Delta Pro Ultra serves as a robust solution for South Africans tired of enduring power cuts. In the event of a blackout, this scalable battery system can seamlessly switch over, providing days of backup power for entire homes or more than a month for essential devices. No more worrying about crucial appliances shutting down during load shedding.

Solar Integration for Sustainable Power

In a country blessed with ample sunlight, the Delta Pro Ultra can be configured with up to 16.8kW of total solar input. This intelligent integration not only offsets daily energy costs but also transforms the system into a solar generator capable of continuously powering homes, cabins, or job sites off the grid. The days of dependence solely on the national grid are numbered.

Modular Design for Custom Solutions

The system’s modular design allows for flexibility. The basic kit includes an inverter box with 7200W AC output and a 6kWh LFP battery pack. South Africans can stack up to five batteries under a single inverter and connect up to three inverters to EcoFlow’s Smart Home Panel 2 subpanel. This modular approach ensures that users can tailor the system to their specific power needs.

Smart Home Panel 2: Empowering South African Homes

EcoFlow’s Smart Home Panel 2 brings intelligence to power management. Installed by certified electricians, it enables users to identify and prioritize circuits for rapid automatic switchover during outages. The system also features an intelligent time-of-use mode, leveraging solar power to offset peak energy rates, potentially reducing energy bills.

The storm alert function ensures that, like Tesla’s Powerwall, the batteries are fully charged when extreme weather is on the horizon. This feature is particularly relevant in a country where the aging electrical infrastructure is susceptible to the impact of severe weather conditions.

A Power Solution for the Whole Home

The Delta Pro Ultra is not just for emergencies. EcoFlow claims that 90kWh is sufficient to keep essential items running for over 30 days during a blackout. While it may not power an entire home, it addresses the immediate needs of South African households, ensuring lights stay on, and refrigerators keep running even when the national grid fails.

Pricing and Considerations

While the benefits are evident, the Delta Pro Ultra comes at a price. The basic kit, consisting of an inverter and one battery, is priced at R111,081 ($5,799). Additional batteries cost R62,831 ($3,299) each, and extra inverters are priced at R53,191 ($2,799). The Smart Home Panel 2, a key component for seamless integration, is an additional R36,081 ($1,899).

It’s essential to note that a fully maxed-out system, along with installation costs and any additional solar panels, can exceed R1 million. While the cost is significant, for those who can afford it, the prospect of uninterrupted power and a degree of energy independence may well be worth the expense.


As South Africa continues to grapple with power challenges, solutions like the Delta Pro Ultra offer a glimmer of hope for households tired of the uncertainties brought about by load shedding. The modular design, solar integration, and intelligent features make it a comprehensive solution for those seeking reliable and continuous power, marking a significant step towards a future where load shedding is a thing of the past.


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