6 countries South Africans are planning to immigrate to after COVID-19

COVID-19 or not, South Africans who had resolved to leave South Africa are still bent on leaving the Country.

“When the President announced the lockdown and generally every country locking down, we thought the demand for immigration services would drop. That isn’t the case, the demand for immigration has not dropped not even a little. In-fact, we now spend more time on Zoom and Google Hangouts providing immigration consultancy. I can safely say business has been good for us.” said immigration lawyer Charles Martin

Google search trends in the past 90 days show that Mpumalanga Province has the highest number of people who plan to immigrate to Canada. Whereas Eastern Cape has the highest number of people planning to immigrate to Australia.

People in KwaZulu Natal are thinking about going to the United Kingdom and or New Zealand. Whereas people in the Western Cape are contemplating moving to the United States.

Gauteng seems to be balanced across the 6 countries.

Check Immigration Interactive Map:

Immigration by order of preference in South Africa

  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Panama

“Generally most South Africans prefer Canada because it is the easiest to immigrate to. All you need is a degree, work experience and some money to take care of yourself when you arrive. Unlike other countries, Canada has a simple point-based application process.” said Charles Martins

“The United States is the least preferred on the top 5 because of the incumbent President. With the unpredictable nature of President Trump many do not feel secure going to the United States.”

“Many may be surprised that there is a rising demand for Panama immigration but the thing is that Panama has great residence packages.”

“The biggest myth out there is that most people leaving the country or planning to leave are white South Africans. That is far from the truth. Out of every 10 people who leave South Africa, 2 are white South Africans, 3 are black South Africans, 2 are Zimbabweans on critical skills permit and 3 are other races including South Africans of Asian origin.” added Mr Martins

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