Chinese Auto Giant GAC Motors Revs into South Africa

  • GAC Motor, a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned Guangzhou Automobile Group, has formed a strategic partnership with Salvador Caetano to introduce its diverse range of vehicles in the South African market, aligning with the increasing presence of Chinese car brands.
  • The South African automotive landscape witnesses a surge in popularity of Chinese cars, with notable models from Haval and Chery ranking among the best-sellers. GAC Motor aims to capitalize on this trend by establishing a strong dealership network focused on customer satisfaction.
  • GAC Motor's global vehicle portfolio includes 12 different models, with a focus on introducing SUVs in the South African market. The lineup features diverse models such as the GS3, GS4, GS5, GS8, and Emkoo, offering automatic petrol engines in various sizes and specifications.
GAC Motors

GAC Motor, a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC), has inked a strategic partnership with Salvador Caetano to introduce its diverse range of vehicles into the South African market, according to a report by TopAuto. The move aligns with the increasing presence of Chinese car brands in South Africa, with a notable surge expected in 2024, featuring 11 new models alongside the existing array in the market.

As South Africa witnesses the emergence of various Asian automakers in recent years, GAC Motor joins the trend to tap into the growing demand for quality vehicles. One such example is BYD (Build Your Dreams), a new-energy-vehicle company actively competing with Tesla, signaling a robust competition in the eco-friendly transportation sector.

In a notable achievement, as of January 2024, two Chinese automakers, Haval and Chery, secured spots on Nammsa’s list of best-selling car brands in South Africa, ranking 8th and 9th, with sales figures of 1,463 and 1,425 units, respectively. This attests to the undeniable popularity of Chinese cars in the South African automotive landscape.

GAC Motor, as a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group, stands as the fifth-largest vehicle manufacturer in China, boasting 113,000 employees and shares in reputable brands such as Honda and Toyota. “Dedicated to the automotive industry for years and present on three continents, GAC Motor has accelerated the process of international business. This partnership with Salvador Caetano Auto in South Africa is the startup of the cooperation of both parties,” stated Wang Shunsheng, Deputy General Manager of GAC Motor.

Both GAC Motor and Salvador Caetano Auto aim to leverage their strengths to introduce quality products to South Africa, emphasizing the establishment of a robust dealership network focused on customer satisfaction.

GAC Motor’s Diverse Vehicle Portfolio: What to Expect in South Africa

GAC Motor boasts a global vehicle portfolio comprising 12 different models, including sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. While specific models set to grace South African showrooms remain undisclosed, a focus on introducing SUVs is anticipated, aligning with the trend of other successful Asian brands in the region.

The SUV lineup from GAC Motor includes the GS3, GS4, GS5, GS8, and Emkoo, all equipped with automatic petrol engines and varying in sizes and specifications.


In the Middle East, GAC Motor offers the GS3 and sedan models like GA4, GA6, GA8, and Empow. The entry-level GS3 starts at AED59,900 (approximately R307,000), while the premium GS3 kicks off at AED169,900 (R871,000). Sedan models range from AED59,900 (R307,000) for the GA4 to AED103,513 (R531,000) for the GA8, offering a mix of manual and automatic transmissions.


GAC Motor also presents an MPV named Emkoo, with petrol engines and self-shifting gearboxes. The prices for the MPVs include AED89,900 (R461,000) for GN6 and AED129,900 (R666,000) for GN8. Furthermore, GAC plans to introduce a luxurious M8 to their catalogue.

It is crucial to note that the mentioned prices are not the official domestic pricing for GAC’s vehicles but serve as a comparative base for the South African market.

As GAC Motor embarks on this strategic partnership, South African consumers can anticipate an infusion of quality Chinese vehicles, joining the expanding array of international automotive options. The collaboration between GAC Motor and Salvador Caetano Auto signals a new chapter in the automotive landscape, promising innovation, competition, and an enhanced driving experience for South Africans.



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