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SEAM Boosts Transparency and Growth Strategy with New Auditors

  • SEAM appoints CM and Associates Inc. as new auditors, signaling a strategic shift for growth and transparency.
  • Change initiated by SEAM's growth strategy, emphasizing the importance of aligning with auditing expertise and capabilities.
  • Transition to CM and Associates Inc. expected to enhance transparency, regulatory compliance, and investor confidence.

Sable Exploration and Mining Limited (SEAM), a prominent entity incorporated in the Republic of South Africa, has recently made a significant decision regarding its auditing process. This decision, involving the appointment of a new auditor, reflects the company’s strategic outlook and growth ambitions. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this change and its potential implications.

Reasons for Change:

The decision to change auditors stems from SEAM’s growth strategy, which necessitates aligning with auditing firms that can better support its evolving needs. As companies expand and diversify, they often seek auditors with specific expertise and resources to navigate complex financial landscapes effectively.

Appointment of CM and Associates Inc.:

In line with this strategy, SEAM has appointed CM and Associates Inc. as its new auditors, effective from April 10, 2024. This move signifies a strategic shift aimed at enhancing the company’s auditing processes, ensuring transparency, and bolstering investor confidence.

Expertise and Capabilities of CM and Associates Inc.:

CM and Associates Inc. brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. As a reputable auditing firm, they are well-equipped to handle SEAM’s audit requirements and provide valuable insights into financial performance, risk management, and compliance matters.

Implications for Shareholders:

Shareholders of SEAM can expect a seamless transition with the new auditors. CM and Associates Inc.’s involvement is likely to instill greater trust and credibility in SEAM’s financial reporting, benefiting shareholders and stakeholders alike. Clear and accurate financial statements are crucial for investors to make informed decisions and assess the company’s performance accurately.

Regulatory Compliance and Governance:

The change in auditors underscores SEAM’s commitment to regulatory compliance and robust governance practices. By engaging with a reputable auditing firm like CM and Associates Inc., SEAM demonstrates its adherence to industry standards and best practices, reassuring regulators and investors alike.

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability:

One of the key benefits of this change is enhanced transparency and accountability. With a fresh perspective and rigorous audit processes, SEAM can strengthen its internal controls, identify areas for improvement, and maintain high standards of financial integrity.


SEAM’s announcement regarding the change in auditors signifies a strategic move aligned with its growth trajectory. The appointment of CM and Associates Inc. reflects SEAM’s commitment to transparency, regulatory compliance, and sound governance practices. This transition is expected to benefit shareholders, enhance financial reporting standards, and contribute to SEAM’s long-term success in the exploration and mining sector.



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