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Tragic Dog Mauling Sparks Demand for Justice in Rustenburg

  • Moeletsi Sedi, a 40-year-old man in Rustenburg, was tragically mauled to death by dogs at his workplace, sparking outcry and demands for justice from his grieving family.
  • Family members allege that the dogs were intentionally released to harm Moeletsi by his employer, whom they hold responsible for his death.
  • Local citizen groups are calling for the dogs' owner to be charged with murder, while police investigations are ongoing and the dogs have been seized by the SPCA.
Tragic Dog Mauling

The Sedi family in Rustenburg is demanding justice following the tragic death of 40-year-old Moeletsi Sedi, who was fatally attacked by dogs while at work on Saturday.

According to his family, this was not the first time Moeletsi had been attacked by these dogs. Last year, he had been similarly targeted, and he had voiced his concerns, alleging that his employer intentionally allowed the dogs to harm him.

In a distressing voice message sent to his family in October, Moeletsi expressed his distress, stating, “This guy is the one who made sure that the dog bites me. He’s the one who releases the dogs to us. I heard him on Saturday saying this dog starts with me, it must go to Thabang and then Freddy. He said myself, Freddy and Thabang are giving him a hard time.”

The anguish of the family was palpable. Moeletsi’s aunt, Motshidisi Sedi, expressed her grief, saying, “I’m hurt. This was my child. Even when I was going home, I knew he’d stay behind with my children and keep my yard clean. Mahlaula, I’m going to fight for you. Please help me. I’m heartbroken. He died like a dog.”

The family firmly believes that Moeletsi’s employer failed to ensure his safety. Moeletsi’s uncle, Sello Sedi, asserted, “He’s the owner of the company, he knows there are people working for him. So, he must keep the dogs away when he knows that he’s coming yet he doesn’t do that. So, this means he killed him. It was his intention. We are hurt. He worked there for 20 years. This is how he thanks him, by releasing the dogs to kill him. After 20 years working for him, he’s now dead.”

Local citizen groups are also demanding justice, with calls for the dogs’ owner to be charged with murder. Tumisang Gaba, Secretary of the Greater Rustenburg Citizen Forum, emphasized the need for legal action, stating, “We’d gladly appreciate the extent of the law to be applied because we got standards such as video footage on the premises that have taken place. We’ve got a similar incident that took place of a very same person who has now recently been killed by the very same dogs. I think six months ago, we look at the dates. He was bitten by dogs, the same dogs, same premises, same owner. So, we can’t just allow the process to just leave it at an inquest docket, we need to level it up to a schedule 6 offence that he must face the full might of the law, or face charges of murder.”

The police have confirmed that investigations are underway. Colonel Adéle Myburgh, spokesperson for the NW Police, stated, “We can confirm that police are investigating an inquest case, also called a judicial inquiry, after an incident was reported on Saturday at a small holding Waterkloof outside Rustenburg. Police were called to a scene where a body of Moeletsi Moses Sedi, aged 40, was found lying on the ground. He had visible bite marks on his body, and he was declared dead by paramedics on the scene. The owner of the two pit bulls was not home during the incident.”

The dogs involved in the attack have been taken into custody by the SPCA. However, the owner of the dogs has deferred all inquiries from SABC to his legal representative.



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